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Tesla Phone

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Who is not aware of Tesla?. The world’s largest automaker industry and the giant of cryptocurrency. The news and rumors are in the market that Tesla will launch its smartphone range soon. The company’s product detail and plan have not yet been unveiled on the official Twitter account, for which Tesla is famous, but it assumes that it will launch the first Teslaphone in later 2024. Now everyone is keen to know what would a tesla phone look like? And what would be the price offered by the world’s largest automaker company?

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What Feature Would the Tesla Phone Have?

Elon Musk, the owner of tesla company, is famous to introduced new technologies worldwide. Many exciting innovations are on the tesla panel. Whether we discuss electric cars, Logo printed automatic Umbrella, a visit to Mars, innovation of implantable chips for the human brain, and much more are innovated by Tesla company. Here, the question arises of the company famous for the latest technologies, why would come in outdated technology? Even when the company owner also said that smartphone is past technology in a tweet.

  1. These rumors come from unauthentic resources like some YouTubers in early 2021 but not the official statement announced by Tesla. So, it is hard to believe a company sharing upcoming plans on social media would not share this.
  2. Some features such as neuralink link support and connectivity on other planets are out possible this time but maybe possible in the coming time.
  3. We think it is pre-thinking about the tesla phone features. So, it might be possible that phones are still under-developing procedure and quite hard to believe it. 
  4. It will be counterintuitive to put effort into a phone if one of the long-term side effects, or even plans, of brain-connected technologies like Neuralink is to phase out phones entirely.

Tesla Phone Pre-Order Details

Pre-orders may begin as soon as today, with an announcement expected many months before the actual release date. We don’t have a release date for the Tesla phone; thus, we don’t know when pre-orders will start. If we find solid information on a release, we’ll provide any relevant links for pre-ordering. 

Tesla Phone Price

A phone with the advanced features stated above will cost you more than a few thousand dollars. Following generations may become more economical as more people utilize the technology, but we don’t expect the first iteration to be affordable for most people.

If the phone is real (which we doubt) and starts out simple with only a few of the reported features, it will probably cost between $800 and $1200. 

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Tesla Phone Features

The above-mentioned given features of tesla phones are existing goods. The Cybertruck’s almost impenetrable exoskeleton and the bioweapon defensive mode of their other vehicles.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far.


Starlink, SpaceX’s space-based internet service are collaboration partner, and both the company owned by Elon Musk. The Tesla phone might help fund Mars colonization, which has been a company goal since the company’s beginnings.

However, they would have to find a way to conceal the satellite phone’s huge antenna while yet ensuring enough service from such a small device.

One option is that it would work in places where a Starlink base already exists, such as a building or if it ever happens, a Tesla car equipped with the requisite antenna. 

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Charging Through Solar

Tesla is the innovator of the electric card and solar panels as well, so this isn’t a far-fetched concept. It’s unlikely that the phone will run entirely on solar power, but it might come with some solar charging facility.

Vehicle control through Tesla Phone:

A Tesla phone app already exists to perform essential car functions such as locking and unlocking the vehicle, controlling media playback, and summoning the vehicle. This app would probably be preinstalled on the phone if it wasn’t already embedded into the operating system for rapid access from the lock screen or via external buttons.

It’s also likely that only Tesla phone owners will be able to use the app. 


The current generation phones already use AI and sophisticated cameras to assist when capturing the night sky. When you incorporate that feature with SpaceX’s interplanetary focus, which would eventually seep into this phone, you’ve got a device capable of taking fantastic images of astronomical objects.

Support for Neuralink:

The concept of interconnection between the human brain and computers is still underprocessed. Neuralink is the firm that is working on it. They claim to be “developing the first neural implant that will allow you to control a computer or mobile device from anywhere.” simply by thinking about it, using the activity of your brain. Is it possible that the first phone features of such a feat will come from Tesla? Because Musk owns Neuralink, an early version might run on any phone with the Neuralink app. But it’d also make sense to see it here. It’s far more likely that the basic four or five features connected to a Tesla-branded version of Android—become accessible initially. We’ll have to wait several more years if this phone is accurate, and Tesla holds off on releasing it until implantable brain-machine interfaces are available.

While it’s true that Musk wants this technology to be deployed in humans by 2022, it won’t be available to everyone right away because the technology’s initial purpose is to aid people who are paralyzed.

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Specs and Hardware for the Tesla Phone

With no reputable sources, It’s difficult to know what this phone would look like on the inside without a reliable source. The expected characteristics would be present including

  1. Storage: 1–2 TB of storage
  2. Ram: 6 GB or more
  3. An AMOLED 6.5″ display screen.
  4. Regarding the exterior, most of these reports are based on ADR Studio’s Tesla Model P concept drawings
  5. Apart from the ones featured in this article, you can go through other high-quality renderings. 

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