What’s New in iOS 16 That User Can’t Skip

The rivalry competition among the soft giants never ends. IOS, Android, and Google are also engaged in a never-ending competition to explore whose mobile operating system is better

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Being an iOS user and lover, you would have desperately waited to know what’s new in iOS 16. These days, what iOS 16 will release is a highly searched question on the internet. But the wait is over; Before the official launch of iOS 16 on the 23rd of January; Apple unofficially launched iOS 16 at WWDC Conference at the time of launching iOS 14 in spring. The iOS16 launched with exciting and improved features, including fantastic display screen wallpaper options and essential security features for iCloud. Let’s check out what’s new in iOS 16.

What’s new in iOS 16

As you download iOS 16, you will get fantastic customizable lock screen options. You can edit your sent message, some exciting image editing tools, new settings, and some previous settings like the battery percentage shows are back on iOS. Furthermore, you can read our exciting article on the top 10 new features of IOS 16.3. Let’s discuss what’s new in iOS 16 in detail.

What’s New in IOS 16 Siri

The rivalry competition among the soft giants never ends. IOS, Android, and Google are also engaged in a never-ending competition to explore whose mobile operating system can be made more intelligent. It makes sense then that iOS 16 has improved on-device dictation, one of the most excellent features to arrive on the Pixel 6 last fall.

The feature that lets you ask Siri what you can do in a particular app and get advice on app-specific commands is my favorite Siri update in iOS 16. I’ve long complained that the most challenging part of using Siri is remembering everything it can do, so I like that Apple is removing one of the barriers to discovery. It’s not wrong to say Apple implemented this quote in reality for every significant iOS update: “Siri is a little wiser with iOS 16.”

This time, however, there is some truth to that statement because Siri is capable of both the dictated emoji trick and automatically hanging up your phone calls. While telling Siri to end the call will be heard by the person on the other end of the line, it may not be the best way to end some discussions, but I still find it useful on automated calls with my daughter’s school or my bank.)

As mentioned, anyone who owns an iPhone 6 already benefits from these capabilities. However, It’s lookalike that iPhone consumers will care who delivered more sophisticated dictation first; instead, they’ll just be delighted that it’s accessible on their phone (provided that device has an A12 Bionic processor or later, that is).

Lock Screen Customization

If we talk about what’s new in iOS 16, the first thing came to mind is its lock screen. Everyone loves to make mobile screens attractive as per choice. This customization was not possible in prior iOS versions, and it’s an overhaul feature in iOS 16. To check the different screen looks, swipe and press the down button to change the lock screen. Each design modifies the typography and color filter for the lock screen backdrop photo to make everything blend. Similar to Google’s Material You, that introduced in Android 12.

Moreover, you can also alter your font size, time, and date widgets. Besides this, in iOS 16, apple introduced the option to add different widgets like calender, activity, weather update, and many others on your lock screen that looks similar to the apple watch. Even you can customize widgets for your lock screen. Additionally, photo shuffles can change your lock screen’s images automatically.

Apple Wallet Feature

One thing that is on the tip of everyone is the digital wallet. Instead of using hard cash, many of us prefer to use online applications or digital wallets. Security and privacy is the main thing that requires much more attention. For the sake of more security and privacy, apple introduced the features of the Wallet app that will also support ID cards from more states. Additionally, you can protect or hide your identity and age. The wallet will not show your name and age if you’re 21+ using iOS 16.

In iOS 16, the different app keys keep simple and easy. It’s simple and user-friendly; even if your friend wants to add a key to your iPhone’s Wallet app, they can do it after they receive it. Apple is striving to establish shared keys as a free industry standard.

Moreover, through Apple Pay Later, you can pay the amount in four equal installments: interest and penalty-free for six weeks. Apple Pay will support this new payment feature. Further, The Wallet app helps you to schedule your payment future payments.

Apple moves one step forward than that now. You can track Apple Pay orders. Being a retailer, you must be thankful for this new feature that enables you to send the proper receipts and also help you to track the payments.

Private Access Token Feature

Nowadays, everyone has experienced CAPTCHA. Although CAPTCHA’s used to identify and ensure that the user is human, not a robot anyhow, it isn’t delightful. Apple introduced Private Access Tokens features in replace of CAPTCHA. Websites that support Private Access Tokens will essentially log-in you in and verify that you are an authentic human, not a robot.

Although At the initial stage, the CAPTCHA will not be obsolete once iOS 16 is released to the general public, Apple claims they are partnering with other businesses to expand support for this functionality. But if the idea is implemented, it could be fantastic and eliminate the CAPTCHA game.

Editable Sent Messages Option

Now that iOS 16 is available, you may dictate texts in Messages and emails in Mail. The dictation feature is intelligent enough to insert the proper punctuation and detect emojis. The appropriate symbol shows when you say “love emoji” or “laughing emoji.”

This dictation transcription is done entirely on your smartphone. It has proven accurate enough for the user to think more often than in the past about dictation to compose messages aloud. And if there are mistakes, you can still dictate while using the keyboard to fix them.

The latest feature in IOS 16 enables editing sent messages. Therefore a sender can amend a message after it has been sent wrong. However, it is shown as “edit” Under the message. Furthermore, the impressive new feature introduced is, you can immediately reminisce a message that has already been sent.

If you mistakenly send an incomplete message, you can use the Undo Send feature to stop it from being read and, ideally, make things appear less disorganized to your loved ones. For instance, if you do not have enough time to read the messages, then Flag the unread messages and threats and see this later. This great tool helps you to remember you’re important messages. Moreover you can also see how to recover deleted text messages.

Modification in Notification Settings

Sometimes alerts can irritate and obscure the phone screen. To address this issue in iOS 16, the notifications have been kept at the bottom of your display screen. As per the new setting, the notification will be shown in the vertical carousel. This would make using your iPhone with a single hand convenient and more effortless and improve its appearance.

Additionally, iOS 16 tries to fix several notification bugs. Sometimes the app will send you a string of notifications. Live activities tools are mentioned on your lock screen, so streamless calls and other activities can be performed easily. 

Thanks to Live Activities, tracking, events covering, even the progress of an Uber ride should be more precise.

What’s New in Share Play

In the previous iOS version, SharePlay was introduced by which you may share an experience with a friend over FaceTime. But In iOS 16, you can use Facetime and watch TV or listen to music simultaneously. You can find out more apps that support share play. However, the fact that Apple did SharePlay work in the Messages app was arguably one of the most incredible things they did for SharePlay. According to Apple, this was one of the most highly liked by app developers.

You can now start SharePlay with a friend while conversing in Messages when you wish to watch a Disney Plus movie together.


iCloud now has several new features. The possibility of swiftly setting up a new device for your youngster is one of the most intriguing. You can choose a user for the new device, activate all of the parental controls you’ve previously chosen, and set up when Quick Start appears. But many of us still desire to create multiple users for a single device, not this.

A new family checklist offers advice on updating your children’s settings as they age, such as a reminder to check location-sharing options or share your iCloud Plus subscriptions.

Mapping And Navigation

iOS 16 brings several updates to Apple’s navigation app, including more comprehensive city views in more locations and the price of bus and subway fares displayed when you look up a route utilizing public transportation. If your transportation card is stored in the Wallet app, you can top it off using that option.
Although a darker font might make that information more noticeable at a look, I do love having the cost of journeys right there in the directions as someone who frequently uses public transportation.

The addition of the ability to switch between transit cards and cash fares in iOS 16 Maps is a good feature that helps you get a more accurate image of your route. But the capability to create multi-stop itineraries in Maps is one of my favorite iOS 16 updates. In iOS 15, you can spontaneously add a stop to a route, but iOS 16 adds the capability for up to 15 stops in a single route.

Personal Health And Fitness App

Your entire health has dramatically improved through fitness, And iOS 16 can contribute to it positively. You can now keep track of the cures you need to take in the Health app. You may set up different times and days for each medicine, and you’ll receive a helpful message when it’s time to take your medication.

That strategy works incredibly well. I had only missed one or two days during the iOS 16 beta process, generally when my phone was not nearby. Given how hectic days may be, it’s simple to forget to take my medications at the appropriate times. Fortunately, the Health app in iOS 16 has been a massive help in keeping me on schedule.
Well, you must think, “Anyone can do it by just setting reminders to do the same thing?” It’s a valid point, but the health and fitness apps performed far above it. It includes that option so you can share it with family members and medical specialists. Even better, the Health app can alert you when taking any harmful drug with substantial side effects or other negative drug interactions with your different prescriptions.

With iOS 16.2, the use of medications has increased because Apple has added a lock screen widget for quick medication tracking. A new sleep-tracking widget is now available, demonstrating Apple’s commitment to providing health-related features for its products.

Concluding Remarks

Once you upgrade your phone to iOS 16, I bet, you never want to return. Even after the iOS 16.2 update, I expect a few glitches here and there. Having iOS 16 on your iPhone outweighs the drawbacks of a fresh software update now more than ever. You’ll experience the same after you upgrade.
Instead of a radical redesign of Apple’s iPhone software, iOS 16 is a logical expansion of the already available features. Your favorite apps have improved, newer features have been polished, and recent improvements work seamlessly with the existing functionality. A more comprehensive iOS update is not possible.

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