Twitter Search Update: Easy To Search Other People Tweets

Twitter Search

Society will no longer be subjected to the agony of mindlessly scrolling through Twitter in search of that ideal old tweet written by a politician or celebrity. According to XDA Developers, Twitter has implemented a new search bar that allows you to quickly browse through a user’s tweets. This Twitter Search had been in beta for a while, but it was only just made available to all iOS users.

Twitter Search
Twitter Search

To use the search bar, you must have the most recent version of Twitter’s iOS app installed. There’s no news on when or if this feature will be available for Android users or those who prefer Twitter’s web-based client. These manners have always been allowed on Twitter, but it required users to go through some hoops in order to do so. Previously, you had to operate from the Username Term modifier in Twitter searches or get creative with Google.

The social media titans have been active lately, launching Blue, a subscription service for users in Australia and Canada, in June and testing new features with those subscribers. Undo tweets, add custom color schemes, and more with Twitter Blue. Follow us on @guidebits

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