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MSU or D2L MNSU is a well-known public research university in Mankato D2L, Minnesota. When Minnesota State University was founded in 1858 as a different university, it was known as the Second State Normal College. MNSU D2L was established as a recognized educational institute in 1866, and it commenced operations in the subsequent term. It is presently the second-largest public university in the state after the University of California in Los Angeles.

There are about 123,000 living graduates spread over the globe. According to professional educators of the state’s seven schools and colleges, this is the most comprehensive learning experience accessible. The UOM is the “premier institution of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system” under this title.

As a result, by the highest current data available, the university’s annual economic contributions to the state’s economy exceed over 781 Million US dollars.

Minnesota State University’s Academic Programs

The following are the academic degrees that Minnesota State University D2L offers:

Students at Minnesota State University MNSU D2L have an extensive educational system. Students have a total of 130 undergraduate academic programs from which to choose. There are 75 graduate programs and 4 Ph.D. programs offered. It also provokes people interested in pursuing a future in aviation through its Minnesota-approved aviation program. The teacher-student ratio is 21:1. That means one teacher is engaging with 21 students of a class.

Seven hundred fifty highly educated academics are engaged around the clock to communicate information to people interested in learning. Furthermore, the main campus has two satellite campuses. The first one is in Edina and the second in Owatonna.

Besides this, the Normandale Partnership Center in Bloomington houses the university’s offline learning center, offering bachelor’s degrees and other programs.

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How MNSU D2L Brightspace Learning

Minnesota State university develop an online learning platform. MNSU D2L is the familiar name of it. There is a different range of courses available for Students with a single click on their computers. More or less, each institution is going online to keep students and faculty connected during a pandemic; Minnesota University holds its online presence to guarantee that instructional activities are suitable for students.

What Makes D2L Brightspace Learning at MNSU Different?

D2L at Minnesota State University offers a safe and secure online learning environment. It runs smoothly on various systems and platforms, including the latest gadgets, with no issues. They make the system up to the mark and very versatile, allowing them to take on any academic challenge easily. Meanwhile, the system is well equipped with all the latest techniques and software. This online learning experience can be convenient when pre-installed mechanisms use for the participants. The efficient open platform helps Participants to access the source code.

The users can share their views add comments on the learning experience. The administration also welcomes the recommendations on the platform. The resource persons and participants can also use technology to communicate with each other. MNSU D2L can assist you in making a video-game-based learning environment if you are wary of the traditional approach to learning. The platform is valuable for the professors as well as for the students and for the management also to keep a close eye on the students’ academic performance growth.

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Using the D2L system at MNSUL: Login to your MNSU D2L Brightspace account online:

Students and teachers at Minnesota State University Mankato can use D2L Brightspace, a Desire2Learn site, to access the university’s online classes at any time and from anywhere. Learners can use this helpful learning tool to browse course materials, participate in discussions and quizzes, submit assignments, view grades, and communicate with teachers and classmates, among other things.

How to Access Your D2L MNSU Account Online:

Once your StarID has been activated. You can use it to log into your MNSU D2L Brightspace Online Account at any time by following the steps outlined below.

  1. D2L Brightspace, the official online website of Minnesota State University Mankato, can be found at
  2. Click the blue “Sign on with StarID” button in the left middle of the page.
  3. Fill in your StarID and Password fields, then click the green “Sign On” button.

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StarID: D2L MNSU Online Account Login

To access the MNSU D2L Brightspace online portal, current students and educators at Minnesota State University Mankato must have their StarID. The StarID is an MNSU-assigned username that can use to log into a variety of MNSU services, including D2L Brightspace and email. It substitutes many login IDs with a single central ID and a single password that users use everywhere.


If you don’t know your StarID number or need to activate it, go to the Minnesota State StarID Self Service website.

  • Go to to access the MNSU StarID Self Service site.
  • Select the “Activate my StarID” or “What is my StarID” option on the right, depending on your needs.
  • Choose from Tech ID, email address, verification code, library card, or state employee number as your option.
  • To find or activate your StarID, click the “Continue” button.

Non-StarID Login for MNSU D2L Brightspace:

You can log in to your MNSU D2L Brightspace Online Account even if you don’t have a StarID to virtually access your course and classes.

Follow the given below instructions:

  • Go to to access the same D2L Brightspace website.
  • At the bottom of the left-hand side’s sign-in box, click the “Non-StarID Login” link.
  • Fill in the boxes with your MNSU Login Username and Password, then click the “Log In” button.

Non StarID: D2L MNSU

You may check your Minnesota State University Mankato course details under the ‘My Course Widget’ once you’ve logged in. Also, make use of all of the MNSU D2L Brightspace self-paced materials, drop-in sessions, individualized assistance, and much more.

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Password Reset Of User Account:

Users of MNSU D2L Brightspace can reset or change their passwords. To do so, go to, which is the official online portal for Minnesota State University Mankato’s D2L Brightspace course management system.

Alternatively, go to to use the MNSU StarID Self Service portal. Choose one of the following alternatives and submit details to authenticate your identity by selecting the first box, “Reset my Password.”

  1. Tech ID or the 8-digit Student ID
  2. Email Address associated with your StarID account
  3. Verification Code and Last Name or Email Address. The code was sent in Barcode from your MNSU library card
  4. Unique 8 digit code of State Employees

If you already know your D2L Brightspace password and want to change it, go to your profile and sign in using your StarID account credentials. Replace the old password with a new one.


  1. Your StarID password will expire after a set period of time. The password must change within 6months at the very least. If your password expires, the StarID system will send you an email 21 days, a week, or a day before it expires.
  2. Non-StarID Login members who have forgotten their passwords should go to their individual Login page and click the link below the login button. Submit the username to receive an email with a password reset link to the user’s email address.

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