Top 10 Best Disboard Alternatives In 2022

Users can create their own server in Discord with the help of Disboard, a multipurpose bot.

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Users can create their own server in Discord with the help of Disboard, a multipurpose bot. You can set up your own community and moderating team with the help of the many commands included. Users are assigned roles automatically when they join the server and are removed when they leave, thanks to an automated role management system.

The opportunity to set up your very own server in Discord is the primary benefit offered by Disboard. Having said that, this feature does not come without its share of negatives. Without first establishing a position, you won’t be able to add channels or invite users (unless you are the owner of the server).

There is no way to delete all of a user’s communications (unless that user was specifically addressed by name), nor is there an option to erase all of the messages that have been sent in a channel. You are in luck since there are viable options that you can think about using instead. The alternatives to Disboard are discussed in the next section.

What Is Disboard?

In order to facilitate communication between Discord servers and users, Disboard, a non-profit organization, has been set up. An open directory of other Discord servers may be found here. Among the many Discord servers mentioned on this website are those for games, anime, music, techs, and more. Over 1,200,000 servers have been identified as of June 2022. In addition to English, this site is available in Portuguese, French, Spanish, Turkish, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Vietnamese, Hindi, Arabic, and Korean.

Top 10 Best Disboard Alternatives In 2022

1. is a leaderboard website that gives users the ability to score and review the Discord bots that they enjoy using on the website. It makes it easier for you to receive additional votes for your Discord bot. That has been increasingly challenging for developers of Discord bots to promote their bots, particularly given the fact that the ecosystem for Discord bots has become more crowded over the course of time.

This site offers users a system that includes several benefits, such as server boosts, roles, and other rewards, in exchange for voting for your bot. This system is designed to encourage users to vote for your bot. In addition to that, users get paid for voting frequently and for referring their friends to vote. This contributes to encouraging the natural growth of your server as well as engagement from the members of your community on

In contrast to Disboard, does not charge users anything to utilize its services and enables users to directly market their bots. was developed to be as user-friendly as is humanly possible. It features rank scores and menus that are based on searches, allowing users to locate what they are looking for as soon as humanly possible.

Now much simpler for everyone to locate new bots in a variety of categories thanks to’s API enables developers to upload their bots to the database so that everyone else can utilize them. It also displays the Discord servers that you have joined as well as the amount of time that you have spent on each server. You also have the option of adding bots to the server.

2. Discord.Me

Thousands of Discord users can find your server on Discord. me, a web-based list of Discord servers. It establishes connections between individuals by way of groups known as servers. In a sense, it’s like a virtual house where people can express themselves and connect with others.

There are thousands of public Discord groups that anybody can join, so selecting the ideal one for you might be a bit of a challenge at times. They came up with a solution to this problem by creating a program that lets you discover new communities depending on your interests.

Using, you may find gaming groups to join and talk to other players. If you’re looking for a long-term solution for your server, Disboard is a fantastic option. While Discord is ideal for those who want to set up a temporary server, such as for a game or event, and Discord is ideal for those who want to set up a permanent server, such as for a game or event.

You may list your Discord server on with hundreds of others and take advantage of its premium features to help it grow. With this, users can get up and running in a matter of seconds! It’s easy to search through thousands of servers with Discord. me, and pick one that meets your needs. It’s open to everyone, unlike Disboard, which requires a subscription.

3. Discord Server

Different Discord servers are listed on the website One of the key ways you can communicate online, personally and professionally, is through group chats, which began as a means of connecting individuals to play games together.

Since has more features than Disboard, it’s a better choice than Disboard. Listing your Discord server and accessing information about servers via simple HTTP calls is made possible by When new servers are added or withdrawn from the site, this makes it easy to utilize IFTTT to send notifications or perform other functions.

On, you can view how many people are currently logged in, how many individuals are on a server, and their current state. The database also includes a list of all the servers that have been added to it. Customers that register their servers with them can also take advantage of a number of useful tools for free!

However, it uses a different method to choose the best servers for you, and it’s not Disboard. Fake bots and other ruses are employed by many Disboard servers in an attempt to boost their rankings in search results. Using a voting system on each server profile, ensures that this does not happen.

This voting mechanism allows users to grade servers based on their quality and content rather than how they appear. When you create a server on, the site automatically creates a listing for you so that people may discover you more easily. The more individuals you have on your server, the more people you can talk to and share ideas with.

4. Discord Bot

There is a Discord Bot List where you may search and browse for bots. You can also find a website and rating systems as well as moderator resources on this platform. The Discord Bot List was built as an alternative to Disboard because it lacked many capabilities, such as the ability to arrange bots by category or tag. Because tags can be used to find bots instead of just names and descriptions, Discord Bot List has the upper hand over other sites like Disboard. Finding new bots is now much simpler as a result of this!

Users can publish their bots on their websites using the Discord Bot List. This main bot list allows users to rate bots, which is a great method to get the word out about your own bot. One drawback of this system is that the authentication procedure isn’t always quick and easy (in my experience). If you don’t have access to the API key, you’ll only be able to receive the top 1000 bots (or less) through their service (which they only give out to verified bots).

Keeping track of the number of servers you’re connected to each day will be more difficult if you aren’t a “certified” bot on DBL.

5. Linkvertise

Every time someone clicks on one of your links, an ad will appear on an intermediate page. They’ll be taken to the intended destination as soon as they click the skip button (your link). That’s all there is to it! There is a 15-second delay before your friend or subscriber may access the destination webpage you’ve shared with them (the one you want them to go to). If your friend or subscriber is online during this time, they will see an advertisement.

Disboard is notoriously inconvenient, and users frequently find themselves unable to access the websites they intended to visit as a result. Your friends/subscribers can rely on Linkvertise to get them to their desired location each and every time.

In terms of CPM and conversion rates, Linkvertise is one of the fastest-growing link shortening platforms out there. Easy to use, and high converting links allow you to earn more money and allow the user to effortlessly bypass ads are the main advantages of this service.

As a result of its lower cost per impression, Linkvertise is a more affordable alternative to Disboard. You can charge more per impression and make more money if you share adult content since you can determine your price for each type of content you publish.


You may create your own profile on, and you can also explore and join groups based on the titles you’re interested in playing. Also, you can invite your friends to join in on the fun by creating a group of your own. When you use, you may simply communicate with your friends who are also using Steam. This is a huge perk!

It also lets you buy games from the Steam platform. Using, you may connect with your friends and other gamers who play the same games as you. Disboard is a resource for finding out about various topics. Since it’s been in existence for a long time and has a large user base, fresh and interesting content is always being added. Disboard, unlike Steam, is so large that it can be overwhelming at times.


There are thousands of Discord servers listed on, which makes it easy to search through them. It’s easier to use than Disboard, which is more difficult to get your bearings on if you’re not already familiar with its features. In comparison to Disboard,’s search function is a lot more user-friendly than Disboard’s. enables you search for certain phrases or genres using a simple search bar at the top of the website instead of having to scroll through infinite pages or travel through multiple categories. Adding your server to’s database is simple. This list’s category system enables users to search for servers based on certain interests.

Much information about Discord is available from the site itself, including how to make bots and much more. Discord’s bot serves as an intermediary between the website and your server’s Dyno bot. If you’re a gamer or a content provider. You may use these bots to automate duties like chat moderation, message posting, and giveaway management.

The bot has over 90,000 active servers. Moreover, over three million monthly unique users, making it one of Discord’s most popular add-ons.

8. Disforge

A new Discord bot list,, has just emerged to take the place of the aging and insecure Disboard. Even though I’m prejudiced because it’s run by a group of my closest friends, the bot list is fantastic nonetheless. Like Disboard, you can add bots to your server via the website. Your bots can also be added and promoted. Multiple servers can be hosted on one account and automatic moderating settings can be activated (which are useful and offer better support for mobile users).

Create a discord server for yourself at A discord server can be created for any purpose, from gaming to business to education to job. There is no end to the possibilities! You can build a Discord server on other websites, but none are as user-friendly or feature-rich as Disforge.

The list of servers takes at least 10 seconds to load, and each server page takes another 5-10 seconds. Disforge, in comparison to Disboard, loads all of this data far more quickly and offers far superior search filters.

9. ComicList

Cosmic List is an advertising platform for Discord servers. Use it to promote your server and attract new users! Various subcategories can be found on the server. Your server can be promoted in a variety of ways, one for each category. Members of the promoted server are used to rate the channels. The most popular servers will appear at the top of the list while browsing through a certain category. You can earn credits by advertising your server, voting for other users, and more on Cosmic List’s economic system. It is possible to use these points to increase the performance of your own servers.

10. Discord Server

There are thousands of Discord servers to choose from, and DiscordL can help you narrow your search. This subreddit allows server moderators to advertise their services in order to assist others in finding their ideal hosting solution. An additional “boost” system allows servers to collect points for completing specific milestones. Such as receiving their first vote or adding a new member to their organization. It’s a way for new servers to compete with established ones and get visibility within the community.

To put it simply, it’s a great alternative to Disboard. Since it’s a fair rating system that allows anyone with a competent server to get discovered. Without having to spend any money or time advertising it elsewhere. As a result of its lack of adverts, clutter, and faster loading times, DiscordL is an excellent replacement for Disboard.

Some F.A.Q’s About Disboard

Where can you find a Discord server?

Community-created “chat groups” known as “servers” allow users to communicate with each other using text, voice, and video.

Many Discord servers are available, however not all of them may be a good fit for you. With Discord Street, you can search and sort through tens of thousands of servers based on tags. For the top Discord servers, Discord Street employs a proprietary algorithm to recommend the most relevant ones.

A Discord Server List is a list of available Discord servers.

You can use a Discord Server List to find the servers you’re looking for on the internet. A Discord Server List like Discord Street is a location where you may advertise your server and explore servers promoted by relevancy, quality, number of members, and other criteria. ‘

When and how do I sign up for a Discord server?

It is possible to get into a Discord server by using an Invite URL. Using the “Join” buttons provided by Discord Street, you can join a server. The invitation to a server may have expired or be invalid, and we are unable to provide new invitations. Please be aware of this possibility. Discord Street invites can only be updated by server owners. Listings with expired invites are automatically deleted from our database.

Concluding Remarks On Disboard Alternatives and are two of the most popular Discord list services. These two sites are superior to Disboard for a number of reasons, all of which we’ll cover in this article. If you want to increase the number of people who join your server, you should utilise or instead than Disboard because of their much larger user bases.

Using or, you may search by category, genre, or language, making it easier for your server to attract users who will be interested in what it has to offer them. The final say rests with you.

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