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Best Nintendo Switch Games

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The best Nintendo Switch games demonstrate why the revolutionary hybrid gaming system has been so popular with families all around the world. Its game library is chock-full of inventive, colorful titles with both kid-friendly content and engaging gameplay for players of all ages.

Nintendo’s beloved properties frequently take center stage, from Mario titles that span multiple genres to lush new Zelda adventures to an ever-expanding Pokémon universe. Some are new versions of earlier games, while others are fresh perspectives for a new generation.

Nintendo’s console is amazingly designed to appeal to young gamers, even with less robust hardware than the unique Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5. It has the flexibility to switch from playing on the TV to gaming on the go, and it’s easy for friends, siblings, or parents to jump into multiplayer action on many games. Even the Switch Lite, which is only available as a handheld, is a great deal for a kid’s console.

There are many fun, high-quality alternatives to choose from, but we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Nintendo Switch kids’ games from a variety of genres below.

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10 Best Nintendo Switch Games In 2022

Super Mario Odyssey

Mainline Super Mario platformers are frequently defining titles for the Best Nintendo Switch Games console, and Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch is no exception. Mario is on a balloon-powered airship hunting Bowser, stopping at a colorful array of “kingdoms” in search of Power Moons to fuel his voyage.

Each kingdom is innovative and well built, with Kelsey Simon, one of our reviewers, appreciating the balance of surprising new aesthetics and nostalgic accents from previous Mario games. The gameplay, too, is a combination of old and new. The 3D environments provide a current open-world element that allows you to explore what interests you without having to restart the level.

However, in order to reach the area’s Power Moons and other goodies, you must often solve puzzles or complete platforming challenges, which may include retro-styled 2D side-scrolling. You don’t have to and probably won’t complete every barrier to progress through the game’s main story; they vary in difficulty, and some need more precision and coordination than young gamers can handle.

Mario—and the player—are aided by Cappy, Mario’s new hat/ghost friend who may be controlled. At any time, a second player can enter as Cappy to assist with leaps, gather goods, and bonk villains. Cappy also offers Mario the amusing ability to “capture” various creatures and things he encounters, allowing him to control everything from Goombas to T-Rexes to forks, opening up a bizarre universe of powers.

Fans Love it Because

  1. Worlds to explore that are one-of-a-kind and breathtaking.
  2. The latest and classical aspects are mixed together.
  3. Cappy is a fun co-op game.


  1. Amazon $60
  2. Gamestop $44.99
  3. Wallmart $50

Breath Of The Wild: The Legend of Zelda

A number of classic Best Nintendo Switch Games have evolved, but Breath of the Wild unquestionably takes the Legend of Zelda to new heights. Link resurfaces as the silent hero, this time in a vast, open-world version of Hyrule’s kingdom.

The landscape is beautiful and meticulously crafted, and there are so many things to do and secrets to discover that it’s easy to lose track of time exploring it. Get a hold of a wild horse and ride it across the plains. Scale a mountain, shield-surf down its incline, and paraglide to a distant fascinating landmark. Catch fish, gather mushrooms, and prepare a meal to restore your strength so you may continue exploring.

The fear of Ganon hangs over the quest and drives your main goals, but you’re rarely given precise instructions on what to do next. This allows you the option to choose your own path, but our tester, Kelsey, felt that a little more direction would have aided the story’s progression.

Certain survival elements also have an effect on your journeys. This contains limited equipment durability; your items wear out after a certain amount of usage, so you must be resourceful. The gameplay, on the other hand, is as simple and rewarding as you’d expect from a Zelda game, with a wide range of swords, clubs, arrows, shields, and other weapons, as well as unique powers tailored to specific challenges and adversaries.

Fans Love it Because

  1. A vast, magnificent open world awaits you.
  2. Combat controls that are easy to use
  3. There’s a lot to see and do.


  1. Amazon $45
  2. Wallmart $40
  3. BestBuy $41

Pokémon Sword And Pokémon Shield Double Pack

The Pokémon craze is still going strong twenty-five years after the original game was released. As the first core titles to be playable not only on the go but also on a huge TV through a home console, the latest primary games in the series—Sword version and Shield version—offer today’s players a lot to adore.

Emily Ramirez understood fans’ complaints about the game’s basic aesthetics and the limited number of accessible Pokémon while playing a beta copy of Pokémon Sword (out of the roughly 900 total species). Simultaneously, the game maintained the franchise’s tried-and-true gameplay model. You catch wild Pokémon and train them in turn-based battles against other trainers, then repeat the process in the Galar region, which is heavily influenced by the United Kingdom.

Your most crucial clashes take place in their home stadiums against gym leaders, and these are thrilling spectacles that include the game’s new Dynamax mechanic. It enables your Pokémon to grow to enormous sizes (sometimes significantly altering their appearance) and execute destructive, environment-altering attacks.

In addition, the game introduces an open-world Wild Area where Pokémon of all levels of difficulty roam freely. The Wild Area, when combined with Nintendo Switch Online, allows you to fight with other real-life gamers and take part in limited-time events. The Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra are two other fully new open-world places with new Pokémon to catch that may be purchased as expansions.

Fans Love it Because

  1. Mechanics that are familiar yet may be improved makes it the Best Nintendo Switch Games
  2. A new open-world Wild Area has been created.
  3. Dynamix bouts are thrilling.


  1. Amazon 119$
  2. Walmart $50
  3. BestBuy $60

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Nintendo Switch

Best Nintendo Switch Games Mario Kart games have always been great for playing with friends, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a great way to get younger racers into the series. Even though the game doesn’t start with a formal tutorial, the controls were easy enough that kids could pick up a Joy-Con and start racing around the track. The controls are smooth and easy to use. There are options for motion steering, and new features like auto-acceleration and smart steering are especially helpful for kids.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe isn’t a brand-new game. Instead, it’s an updated version of Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U that takes advantage of the Switch’s HD graphics and controller options that make it easy to play with other people.

It has some new characters and Karts, as well as content from the original game and its DLC.

In total, there are 42 different racers and 48 different racetracks, which is a great variety.

Some courses are remakes of old favorites from other games, while others take new ideas from other Nintendo series. However, each one immerses drivers in a dynamic visual environment that cleverly integrates an exciting racetrack.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe also has new head-to-head and team-based battle modes, giving drivers of all ages even more ways to mess around with other people.

Fans Love it Because

  1. Multiplayer races and battles that are a lot of fun
  2. Enjoyable for both the beginners and experts alike
  3. A lot of colorful racing tracks


  1. Amazon $59.88
  2. BestBuy $60
  3. GameStop $45

Splatoon 2 Standard Edition- Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 2 has just the right amount of fast-paced fun for parents who want their kids to enjoy the thrill of shooter games without the usual violence and blood. Kelsey, one of our testers, recommends it for families with younger players, though she knows that people who have played third-person team-based shooter games before might not find it as hard.

Inklings, who look like squid kids, live in the city where Splatoon 2 takes place. Most of the time, you run around as a humanoid and shoot your opponents and the environment with ink from guns that look like paintball guns.

But then you can change into a squid and swim through ink puddles of your chosen color to quickly get around the level and fill up your ink supply.

In the single-player campaign of Splatoon 2, you follow a simple story that helps you learn how to use the different weapons and controls. Like many shooters, though, the focus is on playing with other people, and Turf War is the main way to fight. Instead of trying to kill as many people as possible, the goal is to cover as much of the stage as possible with your team’s color.

There are a few other battle modes that change up the gameplay, such as competitive special events that happen often. Most of the content requires an online account, but you can play locally with other Switch consoles. There are no split-screen modes.

Fans Love it Because

  1. A shooting game for kids with a twist based on ink.
  2. Characters and settings that stand out.
  3. Multiplayer fun games.


  1. Amazon $48
  2. Best Buy $60
  3. Walmart$49.94

Golf Story

Golf Story is an endlessly delightful role-playing Best Nintendo Switch game that perfectly complements the Nintendo Switch, inspired by Camelot’s RPG-infused Mario sports games. The protagonist of this narrative starts on a mission to rekindle his love for golf using his father’s old clubs after not playing for decades. His first stop is at a nearby country club, where he attempts to enroll in lessons. From there, Golf Story develops into a bizarre and odd little game full of surprises. While it does have typical top-down golf with a three-click swing mechanism, many of the activities you perform are chaotic in nature and are frequently not based on reality.

The writing is funny, and the bizarre characters provide color to what is purportedly a melancholy story about a man’s midlife crisis. Golf Story is the Switch’s most Game Boy-like game, and its adorable aesthetics and bizarre objectives make it one of the best Switch titles and one of the platform’s most distinctive exclusives.

Buy On Best Buy @ $14.99

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Best Fighting Games


Though the goal of Hades is to escape the Underworld, being thrown back there after each failed run isn’t a bad consolation prize. More than any other roguelike before it, Hades seamlessly blends fast-paced action gameplay with a great tale, making failure a positive experience. You play as Zagreus, Hades’ son and a captivating hero in his own right, but it’s the supporting cast and their individual stories that make Hades such a rewarding experience.

Every attempt to flee the Underworld is an exciting adventure that requires you to experiment with your build to find the correct balance for you. The fighting has a lot more depth than you might think, and after a few hours of unsuccessful escape attempts, Hades starts to make sense. Even after you’ve escaped, Hades offers a fantastic conclusion with new storylines and difficult battle scenarios. Hades is unquestionably one of the best Switch games for playing in handheld mode for short periods of time.


Best Buy: $25

Fantasy Strike

Fantasy Strike is, without a doubt, one of the most user-friendly fighting games ever made. A free-to-play fighter with a strong focus on accessibility. It attempts to make it as easy as possible for newbies to the genre to start up the game and move from button-masher to strategic gamer. Each of a character’s moves is mapped to a simple press of a button, meaning the barrier to entry is substantially lower than many other games in a genre recognized for its complexity, thanks to a large emphasis on fundamental gameplay rather than elaborate combos or motion-based

Original Sin 2: Definitive Edition

It’s a miracle that Divinity: Original Sin 2 runs so smoothly on the Nintendo Switch. Original Sin 2 runs smoothly, even if the resolution is lower than on other platforms, especially in handheld mode. Larian Studios’ huge turn-based CRPG is a modern masterpiece in the genre, with a magnificent fantasy environment, excellent dialogue, and a combat system of unparalleled depth.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is one of your best bets if you’re searching for an old-school CRPG to play at home or on the road. It’s huge and bold, and even after dozens of hours of play, it manages to surprise and delight with new layers.


Amazon Price $49.99

Metroid Dread

Metroid has returned to its side-scrolling roots for an adventure that wraps up the current Metroid series after an almost two-decade gap. Surprisingly, Metroid Dread meets or exceeds the high expectations of longtime fans.

Metroid Dread, developed by Mercury Steam (Metroid: Samus Returns), is a fantastic adventure that stays true to its beginnings. Dread is a mechanical marvel, with fast-paced action, a plethora of upgrades to unlock, and a slew of bosses to put your patience and counterattack abilities to the test.

The EMMI, frightening robots that monitor defined zones and cause instant game-overs if you’re detected are also introduced in Dread. Exploring the maze-like environments is a lot of fun, and Dread’s large number of secrets to discover promotes multiple playthroughs. Metroid Dread is without a doubt one of the best side-scrolling games on Switch, and it serves as a reminder that going back to your roots may be a fantastic idea.


Amazon: $60

The Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter World is among the Best Nintendo Switch Games: Rise is the triumphant return to the Old World with significant lessons learned after the events of Monster Hunter World: 2018 took place on a new continent. Nintendo’s newest platform may have already received an upgraded port of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, but Rise is a completely new game in the series designed from the ground up for it. The series’ heart-pumping action moves to the forefront in rising, which closely follows in the footsteps of the world while reversing some of the world’s alterations and offering plenty of new, striking ideas.

Hunters have long been able to hunt down enormous creatures, collect their materials, and construct new weapons and armor in the fundamental Monster Hunter gameplay cycle, which has stayed mostly untouched. However, Rise reverts back to its former ways and separates the single-player and multiplayer experiences into separate Village and Hub tasks. Village quests can only be completed by one person, but Hub quests can still be completed by one person but are designed for numerous people to participate.

For newbies, this isn’t the best starting point, as it’s not immediately evident whether quests advance the plot or whether you should be rotating between both routes. There isn’t as much of an effect this structure has on the game, however. For the most part, you’d expect to see the same task repeated as both a Village or Hub quest in Monster Hunter, given the game’s history of hunting the same monster several times.

Buy From Amazon @ 59.99

Dead Cells

For years to come, Dead Cells will be regarded as one of the best games in both the roguelike and the Metroidvania genres. Reanimated cells take hold of a prisoner’s body in this procedurally built fortress.

Labyrinthine Castle is full of opponents and mysteries to be unearthed, making it difficult to get about.

You have to start over every time you die, which happens on a rather regular basis. Importantly, you may progress and see new locations with each successive run because of the everlasting enhancements.

When it comes to action gameplay, Dead Cells has a lot going for it. The game has a variety of amazing powers and weapons, as well as an ingeniously constructed landscape that changes every time you play. Dead Cell is a roguelike that will keep you coming back for more.

View On Amazon

This War of Mine: Complete Edition

As a result of the outbreak of civil war in Graznavia, regular residents have found themselves caught in the crossfire between the government and the rebels. A tiny group of people manages to survive the disaster by banding together and working together to construct a shelter, foraging for food and supplies, and defending themselves against bandits, sickness, and starvation. The harrowing tale of one man’s struggle to stay alive during the war is told here.

During the conflict, you take control of a small band of survivors. You can select to compete with a wide variety of people, each of whom brings a unique set of skills to the table. A few examples of these skills are the ability to cook better, increase the number of inventory slots available, and run faster. The objective of your mission is to ensure that every member of your party survives the entirety of the civil war. The conflict typically lasts between 30 and 40 days. However, its duration might extend either further or shorter.

Price On Amazon:$ 39.99

Best Nintendo Switch Strategic Games

Into the Breach

Into the Breach by Subset, the best Nintendo Switch Games is a particular style of game that feels and plays like nothing else. The roguelike tactics game is centered on microscopic grids developed by FTL studio Subset Games. The monster Vek is a threat to humanity in the far future. You construct a team of three mechs to fight the Vek in small-scale fights on eight-by-eight grids to defend the world from monsters. Each combat is only a few turns long, and the goal isn’t to defeat the Vek; rather, you’re trying to discourage their attacks and limit damage to essential infrastructure.

At the start of each turn, you may see a preview of each Vek’s next move. Allowing you to plan ahead for the greatest potential outcome. Into the Breach is more akin to chess than a standard tactics game, and the matches may get rather intense. Into the Breach is one of the best Switch games for quick sessions, and it innovates on the form more than any other game in recent memory.

Amazon Price: $ 14.99

The house of Fata Morgana

The House in Fata Morgana, which was first released in 2016, was re-released on Switch in April 2021 with the Dream of the Revenants Edition, which adds more story content. The House in Fata Morgana is a visual novel masterpiece with a piece of hauntingly beautiful music and a dramatic plot spanning nearly a millennium that revolves around a frightening mansion, a mysterious Maid, and the lives of people who once resided there. It’s one of the highest-rated video games of all time on Metacritic, with a perfect 100 score once, so whether you’re a lover of visual novels or just enjoy a great story, this is one Switch hidden gem worth checking out.

Available on Nintendo Store At $39.99

Two Point Hospital

Have you ever desired to run your own hospital? Two Point Hospital is a fantastic, humorous spin on the standard business simulation genre. The objective of the game is to treat patients with imaginary, humorous illnesses. Players are tasked with creating and managing a variety of hospitals.

Two Point is the spiritual sequel to Theme Hospital, released in 1997, and keeps many of its gameplay components, such as building new rooms, employing and managing personnel, and managing any new diseases that appear in the hospitals. There are presently six DLC packs available, each of which adds new diseases and settings to combat.

Price On Amazon: $29.50

Steam World Heist

In SteamWorld Heist, players will invest a significant amount of effort in the creation of a robot crew. They will then use to board enemy ships, eliminate the crew’s human crew members. Steal their loot before escaping with their booty. The humor in Heist is consistent with that seen throughout the series. As the narrative continuously transitions into and out of humorous settings.

The combat is also really good, consisting of a grid mobility system. Followed by giving players full control over the aim of their firearms, enabling them to do rioting trick shots and blow up barrels. As a result of the fact that each and every level is generated by a procedural algorithm, players can start a new adventure in New Game+ at any time, even after the initial 20-hour campaign has been completed.

The SteamWorld heist collection On Amazon

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Houses

The video game Fire Emblem: Three Houses might be thought of as Nintendo’s version of the Harry Potter series. The centers on three distinct houses that compete against one another at a school with some magical undertones. Of course, as is customary for Fire Emblem video games. The primary emphasis is placed on the battles that players engage in. However, Three Houses manage to add some really effective relationship-building elements to the mix. Story itself is handled in a very engaging manner.

Even activities such as gardening and taking the various people out for tea and cake can be done. If the player so chooses. The definitive strategy experience is provided by Three Houses. Despite the fact that it experiments with a large number of elements. Because of its ability to balance everything it gives the player precisely.

Amazon Price: $50

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Civilization VI is able to condense the epic Best Nintendo Switch Games series all into an amazingly competent portable version. This was accomplished through a number of innovative design choices. Civ VI can be exceedingly challenging to start up. Asking a lot from even fresh gamers to the series, but it is filled to the gills with high-quality content. That can provide dozens or even hundreds of hours of amusement.

In a complicated strategy game, the importance of the user interface (UI) cannot be overstated. Civilization VI provides a UI that is not only simple but also effective. Allowing players to concentrate on what truly counts. No matter how often it occurs. The process of elevating a tribe to the status of an empire never gets old.

Available on Amazon At $70

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

The Deluxe Edition of Mutant Year Zero. Road to Eden is one of the best additions to the tactical role-playing game genre in recent years. It is a well-written and rewarding experience that combines the creative use of stealth found in the legacy. Its ex-Hitman developers with a world that is full of interesting characters and ideas. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is one of the best additions to the tactical role-playing game genre in recent years.

Almost every game in this genre is overshadowed by XCOM. Mutant manages to stand out thanks to the unique aspects it brings to the table. Although the visual reduction that comes with the Switch edition can be a bit taxing on the eyes, taking into account how this sacrifice has helped to maintain the high level of gameplay inside the game, we feel this to be a worthwhile trade-off.

Preview On Amazon

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles is a creative and Best Nintendo Switch Games tactical role-playing game (RPG). That offers a unique blend of turn-based and real-time strategy action. As a result, it is an entry into the genre that will continue to be enduringly fascinating.

In the game, the Principality of Gallia is unexpectedly drawn into a battle on the continent. Moreover, it is up to the player to command a battalion of soldiers and defend the realm from its enemies.

The turn-based roots of the genre are preserved despite the implementation of a freeform aiming, movement, and cover system. This allows the game to brilliantly portray a sense of pandemonium on the battlefield.

Due to the nature of the open-ended warfare, players are required to constantly consider factors. Such as ammo, placement, and cover fire. In addition, the game features a wide variety of unit types, ensuring that players are never left wanting strategic alternatives.

Amazon Price: $20

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