How Lenovo Yoga Tablet is comparable With Apple iPad

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

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I’m sure that many of you or almost everyone is familiar with the Apple iPad and might be loyal customers too. Still, the New Lenovo yoga tablet is comparably better than the apple iPad in two aspects. Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks are the utmost priority for MAC users in case they would have a requirement to use windows. The Lenovo yoga tablet is perfectly a competitor to the Apple iPad, And it needs time for apple should come up with modern designs and options like adding dual-USB ports in devices.

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How is Lenovo Yoga Tablet Considered a Good Competitor?

The biggest menace of being monopolistic is you get lethargic. Compared to the iOS-android unnecessary race, adding new features in mobile and adding the latest software and application, the apple iPad remains unchanged or, say, slightly different since it has been in the market. Although, Apple made some modifications just as introducing the fastest processors copied from the iPhone and the mac, squeezing the bezels, and improving the resolutions. Still, these are not quite enough to remain in the market. However, Apple has constantly introduced splendid hardware accessories, including a Magic keyboard with a trackpad and the Apple Pencil.

Meanwhile, the iPad’s software has not been able to keep up with the strength of Apple’s in-house CPUs, from the iPad Pro 2018 to the iPad Pro with the M2 chip. This situation would be different if the apple iPad faced more formidable rivals.

Why is Lenovo Yoga Tablet Considered a Good Competitor?

To whom would you consider a competitor of the Apple iPad? The low-cost or sub-standard tablets available in the market undoubtedly would not be a substitute for the apple iPad.

Another competitor whom you can consider is Microsoft’s Surface lineup. Which is amazingly diverse. It runs from huge desk-based drafting tablets to a range of neat convertible touch-screen laptops/tablets. The problem with attracting iPad users is that these tablets run Windows, so you’d have to leave all those great iPad apps behind.

The Lenovo tablets, although they run android, about hardware, can undoubtedly consider a competitor of the Apple iPad. You would face little difficulty as these tablets run android, but some of the new Lenovo Tab Extreme’s features are so great even Apple would be wise to follow them.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet Inspiring Features

Let’s start to evaluate the inspiring features of the Lenovo yoga tablet.

  1. The first and utmost feature you must consider is although it’s technically a tablet, the Lenovo may also be used as a dense screen when connected to another gadget using USB-C or HDMI.
  2. It is a portable screen for the Nintendo Switch, an added display for your laptop, or an additional display for your iPad.
  3. It is possible to utilize an iPad as a display for a Mac, but only if you have a Mac and know how to make it work reliably.
  4. Regarding USB-C ports, Lenovo has twice as many as Apple does on the iPad. This feature alone would make the iPad more useful for professionals, such as musicians, who often use their laptops to connect many pieces of equipment. A similar MicroSD card slot is included, perfect for speedy sneaker-net transfers and extra storage.
  5. Even Lenovo’s imitation of Apple’s keyboard and the trackpad is superior. A removable kickstand magnetically attaches to the tablet separately and a set of function keys above the numeric keypad. So you can adjust the tablet’s display brightness, volume, and other settings without touching the screen.

Concluding Remarks

Although people have loved to use apple iPad for the last decade. It is now time for apple to bring some changes. The Folio add-keyboard is one thing users would like to see improved during that time. Moreover, on’s would like to see it upgraded so it has function keys and better accessibility options. While Apple did a lot of things right with the iPad. But Lenovo has proved that there is still plenty of space for development.

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