Which printer should you get for your home?


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As more and more people have begun to work from home, the need for printers has shot through the roof. It can be useful to have around, even if you commute to work for any homework for your children or letters that have to be signed and sent back. There are hundreds of different printers out there and whilst having a choice is great, it can be confusing. How do you know which one to get and what is the difference between laser and inkjet printers? This article will give you some idea about what printer you should be looking at for your home.


Inkjet printers are the ones that use actual ink to get the words onto the pages. There are lots of different systems out there, but most home printers tend to use separate ink cartridges that are fitted with a printhead. This separates the ink. These printers tend to be cheaper than others, but the cartridges can rack up the costs. One way to combat this is to buy an all-in-one ink tank printer, that utilizes fewer cartridges and as such means, you front have to pay as much money on the printer throughout the year.


These printers utilize a laser to create the words on the page. It uses static electricity to attract toner to the page and melts it there in the shape that is required. Toner cartridges cost more upfront than ink ones but last much longer than them. Due to the lasers, these printers are much quicker for use than ink but are not good if you need color. Your regular laser printing won’t be able to produce color printings at the same quality as the inkjet ones.

What are you using your printer for?

This is one of the most important questions when it comes to choosing your printer. If you do not require color and only need high-speed word documents, then you should look no further than a laser printer. It will be better on the wallet and quicker. However, if you are looking to print out the family’s holiday photos then you need to purchase an inkjet printer.

Multifunction printers

One way to stop your home from being cluttered up with office equipment is to look at multifunction printers. They come in both Inkjet and laser form, so you don’t need to worry about that. However, they also come with all of the added benefits such as a scanner and being ability to print on both the front and back of a sheet of paper. As well as this, you should consider if you need the printer to connect to your phone or Wi-Fi. This can make your life so much easier especially if you are working from home.


When you are considering buying a printer you need to know what you are looking for. The salesperson will likely try and sell you the all singing and dancing printers, but you may not need them. Work out what you will need daily and seek out a printer than can complete these tasks for you.

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