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21st century is era of digitization. With this digital signature era the way communication is also have changed. Billions of millions people are using social media globally, even in some countries it become a strong social power as well. The most frequent and famous social media apps are Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. The recent update of WhatsApp version we experienced new thing that is WhatsApp from Facebook which is surprise for many of us. Actually few months ago Facebook owner Mr. Mark Zuckerberg showed his attention of merging WhatsApp and Instagram with Facebook. The main agenda on connecting of social apps is to provide one platform server to these three apps.

Earlier this year The New-York Times reported that till the end of 2019 or in early 2020 this task will achieve handsomely. However, at the time of occupying WhatsApp and Instagram, the owner of Facebook claimed that other two apps will remain autonomous with their separate servers. So we can say that it is a reversal of previous decision.

Why Facebook owner reverse his decision

When we have looked that why CEO Facebook Mr. Mark Zuckerberg reverse his decision and determined to WhatsApp, Instagram connected with Facebook?? The one the reason might be this that WhatsApp is currently most using social media app worldwide for one-to-one and small group conversation. The business oriented account of WhatsApp also create value addition for its customers. While worldly famous social media app Instagram is vastly using celebrities as well as common person to share their life stories, memories. The users of Instagram feel far more secure than the Facebook. It might be the reasons which forced Facebook management to take U-turn on their previous decision and make a common plot form which connects WhatsApp, Instagram with Facebook.

WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook User’s Fear

The security and end-to-end encryption is the key factor which users required now a days. Although by operation from one combine ground management of Facebook claims that it is more secure than the early but users who left Facebook due to hacking leaking of data or sharing of data with third party are in serious thread of being insecure of their private data and they are much more concerned with it. Recent incident such likes Cambridge analytica scandals are such examples which increase user’s fear. No one have idea that what will be happened in next. Even consumers are afraid of being hacked their data for any kind of spy activities.You can make money on Instagram.

On the other hand it is also a tough task for the engineers and workers to build a common ground for these three apps. They have to re-structure the all database which support to all applications.

New Options for Users.

By keeping fear in mind users have some other end-to-end encrypted secure social media apps which can give them same sort of security as WhatsApp. The some famous social media apps are

Twitter, Viber, telegram, flicker.


The other application Twitter is one of the largest social media app globally. In recent times Twitter trends make a remarkable history and become a one of the best tool to increase a voice. Globally many celebrities, Sportsman, Politicians even head of the states, important institutions of nations are on twitter. Twitter is considering a best source to spread your voice all over the world. Even amount of the followers of any account holder determine the most famous person in the world. The one who has more follower is consider a renowned personality. So users may use twitter as well.


Although viber is not famous as much as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram but viber has also tremendous user traffic which is over 900 million. Security wise viber has same one-to-one encrypted secure messaging system as like WhatsApp. Furthermore viber has good quality video/audio call feature which makes him a suitable replacement of WhatsApp.


One of the famous social media app telegram having more than 180 million users. Telegram as compare to other social media apps is consider more secure because a feature of “secret chat” make differentiate to others. Beside one-to-one encrypted secure feature the other feature is that one receiver seen picture video or file it can’t be see again or save in device. The best feature makes more secure sensitive private data.


One of the good social media application for business persons is Wicker.


WhatsApp, Instagram connection with Facebook is new innovation which surely for the purpose to provide best facilities in user market. It will be great if management make hazel free, secure interconnected WhatsApp,Instagram with Facebook for users.

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