4 best travel and camping tent you must have on your trip

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To get the best out of camping experience you need a perfect camping tent if you are really into camping for it technology has taken this industry long for and brought some innovative stuffs. Eventually has made the camping trips more fun and easier. So if you never want to stick with the traditional clothes and pole style tent rather branch out to cool new innovating tents you should know which are the amazing tents innovations currently hitting the market.

Crua Modus

Crua Modus a six in one camping system that can take your camping experience to the next level. The crua modus can fulfill six different needs including tent hammock picnic blanket Sun shelter porch and many more. In order to provide the optimum camping experience it comes it’s self-inflating air mattress and pillow which provides great insulation and keeps you warm and comfortable on any campsite. It features inflatable poles which are lightweight and allows you to set them up with a pump in a flash. It also comes with bug mesh which gives straight out of the air mattress giving you 100% coverage from the creepy crawlies. The crua modus comes with a fly sheet that has a hydrostatic head rating of six thousand millimeters which makes it fully waterproof to keep you dry and has a reflective coating to help you regulate the temperature.

You can also use the fly sheet as a hammer and enhance your camping trip you can also use the comfy air mattress as you’re picking blanket as it’s one side is super soft to keep you warm and cozy. While the other side is tough and waterproof to keep you warm and dry to turn your single tent porch into a shared outdoor launch space. If you want to transform your camping experience into real fun this six in one tent can give you some quality time.

Gentletent TIPI

It’s really amazing to have a great get together with the family members and friends in a camping right let’s meet gentle tent TIPI. A unique advancement of the classic camping tent that is built perfectly for family camping trip gentle tent products were made for people like explorers thrill-seekers wild lovers and are ready to go. Whenever you are it’s crafted with breathable poly cotton fabrics and its flyer is extremely UV stable and very durable. The tent floor consists of PU coated material with a water column of 10,000 millimeters so that this tent can easily stand strong in the heavy rainy days or wind instead of tent poles. The third air tube forms to slightly upstream entrance area inside of the tent you will get a huge room where four to five person can sleep easily making it ideal for group activities and young people.

In this tent there is a window in the back and another with the opening to both of the windows has been secured protection ends. You can also sleep it up to your front door to get relief from bugs. In just five minutes you can make camping easier and more comfortable. The inflatable gentle tent TIPI is the perfect family tent for camping and traveling so if you have camping fruit family members and friends you should keep this one in collection.

Quba Air

When you are looking for a simple tent with easy setup for your camping you should think about Quba air. Quba tent is owned by M to see innovation limited a company based in rural Canberra Shire England around 16 minutes outside of London m2c owns. It is built with 300 D Oxford material which is durable enough and waterproof ensuring you a dry and warm accommodation for your camping. It’s one of the quick pitching tents that requires only five minutes to set up. You can stand up in the tents across the entire range for two-person tent. And can watch movie on Movie Hustle in this tent easily.

They are as easy to pack down as they are to set up cube air sets up nontraditional Eva internal polls that unfold and pop the square shelter into shape windows open for light and they also have a built in ventilation system to keep things cool. It comes in five colors and weighs about forty three point six five pounds so don’t plan on carrying it in a backpack a nice touch is the cubes back lining which guarantees a total blackout for sleeping. This product is best for the festival going cream or car camping family that want a little privacy between rooms.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ultamid 2

If you are looking for a spacious tent for your camping the ultimate – from Hyperlite mountain has the dimensions to accommodate couples and a dog and it’s even perfect for a solo hiker backpacker or bike Packer. Who would like to keep their gear covered at night Hyperlight mountain Gear Company’s commitment to building packs shelters and accessories that enable their customers to increase their speed distance and efficiency in the woods.  The Hyperlight Mountain Gear ultimate 2 stands with Center pole the footprint on this thing is 6 feet 11 inches wide and 5 feet 4 inches tall so it’s a pretty massive tent which can give shelter for two adult people.

The overall trend is bugs and mosquitoes free and one person is more than enough to easily setting up this tent. The ultimate 2 is usable in four seasons and it will give you a perfect shelter in any harsh conditions with its 1.17 pounds of weight. The ultimate 2 is super lightweight and it is compact enough so that you can carry it with you on any trip. This tent is perfect for any outdoor enthusiasts who always seek for comfort in any harsh and unfriendly conditions.

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