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Bahrain is an oil-rich nation whose past lies in pearl fishing, evidence of which can be seen in many museums and heritage spots. You might be wondering what kind of interesting and unusual experience you can enjoy in Bahrain. Isn’t it part of the Middle East where there is a huge amount of desert area? What can I sightsee, and are there any fun, exciting activities to do?

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What should you do when you are in Bahrain on vacation?

It has many picturesque spots where you can enjoy exploring, sightseeing, and taking photos, and some fabulous local restaurants that really dish out spicy local, traditional food that is quite sumptuous.

For example, you can opt for scuba diving, which is an adventure activity that you can take up with professional divers from a depth of 6 to 12 metres. Get inside the waters and look into beautiful coral reefs like the coral garden in Fasht Al Adham, as well as marine life that is native to this part of the world. You can also see some shipwrecks, such as the Cut and Fifi Wreck. Check out the Gulf Air ticket price to book a trip to the country right away. Here is a look at some of the best things to do in Bahrain:

Bahrain International Circuit:

It is a spectacular sports and entertainment place where you can see five different types of tracks. Explore the sporty side of your nature by taking to any of the tracks here either in a motorbike or perhaps a land rover, and surprise yourself with the excitement.

Arad Fort:

It is a stunning architectural marvel, showing the 15th and 16th Omani architectural styles, and is situated close to the sea. It is situated in Arad town, close to the Bahrain International Airport. It’s quite a small but old fort that you can visit with the family to explore its vastness. It was once a site that witnessed many battles, and its construction was done through many phases.

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Al Haji’s Café:

It’s a beautiful place where you can hang out with your family. It is inside a small alley with seats on the inside and outside. Nice interiors that make you feel cosy and lovely local dishes that are whipped up quickly and served piping hot! Good place to come for breakfast, dinner, and eat till you are full.

Manama Souk:

Get yourself ready for some shopping with a visit to this soul. Traditional items, souvenirs that are typically used by the local people, handicrafts, spices, groceries, and traditional clothing can be found here. Be careful when navigating through the small lanes in this place. There are also some modern shops where you can find nice everyday-use products.

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Bahrain National Museum:

In this place, you can find out about the country’s history dating back to some 6,000 years. It is indeed interesting to see so many artefacts belonging to ancient kingdoms that once existed here in its many halls. Check out the many beautiful crafts, documents, and manuscripts on display.

Pearl Diving Tour:

Such a tour will bring insight into how pearl diving was done in the traditional way decades ago. Equipment needed for diving and snorkelling will be used. You will be shown how oysters were gathered and cracked open to find pearls. A 10-person group experience is wonderful, and you can also hope to find a pearl in the oysters that you are searching for.

Reef Island’s

tropical environment will rejuvenate your senses and make you feel lively and energetic. It’s quite close to the Bahrain Financial Harbour and offers a host of places to check out, like its tennis court, parks, yacht club, cafes, restaurants, and promenade.  check out the modern apartments and also step into the five-star resort o to enjoy a luxurious environment.

Al Khamis Mosque:

It is a spectacular place situated on the Sheikh Salman Highway, and its foundation was built in the 11th century. What is most stunning about it is its minarets which are quite beautiful. Some nice photos can be seen of the old town in its visitors gallery.

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Ahmed Al Fateh Grand Mosque:

It is a huge place of worship and built in a grand style capable of seating 7000 people at once. Its most unique feature is its dome, which is made from nothing but fibreglass. In Bahrain, it is the largest worshipping place, and it is part of the Islamic Centre.

Hawar Island is a picturesque island that can be toured by boat. It can be reached by boat in forty to forty-five minutes. There are lots of opportunities here for wildlife adventurers. Visit it to enjoy the beauty of nature, and also make a visit to one of its beautiful beaches to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf waters.

Make a trip to the Bahrain Pearling Path and see how the country was so involved in pearl trading in those days. It is a trail on Muharraq Island that runs for 3.5 kilometres and stands as proof of Bahrain’s historic pearl industry. It has many stunning historical buildings, now restored, and also three oyster beds. It has also been designated as a UNESCO Heritage Site. Many ancient crafts are still being followed and are now being revived, with some from the younger generation learning them for an income.

The Gulf Air ticket price is affordable, so make a booking on this airline now to arrive in Bahrain and enjoy a fun-filled vacation, indulging in activities that are really exciting. Though there are so many things to do in Bahrain, the most popular tourist spots are the beaches, which it abounds in as it is an archipelago with 30 islands.

Bahrain’s beaches, such as Budaiya, Manama, or Malkiya, are lovely, with plenty of opportunities to indulge in water sports and sunbathing. One of its most crowded beaches is Al Jazayer, which is flooded with people on the weekends. It is the place where most people feel they can come to relax with their family throughout the year.

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