Xbox 360 vs PS4 – Which gaming console is the right one to choose?

Xbox 360 vs PS4

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The two consoles of gaming Xbox 360 vs PS4 that are available in the market are brand new and modern as well. In terms of hardware, both of them are similar. However, it is believed that the Playstation 4 possesses more power than the rest. In terms of the experience of the user, they have both shared issues that are few. Not only that, but it is likely all of these new and exciting features might wear out in the next few years.


Xbox 360 is a console of video games that are to be played at home. This contrivance is owned and was created by the company of Microsoft. A series of consoles for video games were represented by this device, the ones developed by Microsoft. The Xbox 360 is in one of the fiercest competitions with the various devices of game plays such as Nintendo’s Wii and the Playstation 4 by Sony. Xbox 360 is cheaper than High-Quality PlayStation Consoles. The price of the Xbox 360 is quite moderate with great specs.

Playstation 4

The PlayStation 4 is the console for gaming that is among the best selling consoles and the reason why is because due to its fast performance and excellent features, the devices of Playstation 4 have quickly become a favorite one among individuals of every age group. Despite many consoles of gaming available in the market, the Playstation 4 is the one that people admire and like to use.

Xbox 360 vs, PS4: Graphics and Installation Mode

The base of installation for the PlayStation 4 is bigger in size, and it will continue being this massive, and this means that PlayStation 4 will be taken as a version that is primary by various developers all over the world. However, it would not cause much difference in the generation of today than it did to the generation of yesterday.

The architecture for both the PS4 and the Xbox 360 is similar in size, and due to the issues of porting, those devices can be appropriately diminished. Nevertheless, as said before, the various factors mentioned earlier means that on the PS4, those will look better and run in a smoother way. However, it will have a small difference, and if you are someone who prefers graphics that are clear and excellent, you should be using a PC for playing games.

Number of Games and Size: PS4 and Xbox 360

The number of games available is in more amount in the Xbox 360 than the Sony PS4. The games offered by a PS4 is only in the hundreds whereas the games offered by the Xbox are in the thousands. The number of games that are exclusive for the gaming console of Xbox 360 is in an approximate number of eighty whereas the exclusive games for the PS are not more than ten. Another reason why most people prefer to use the device of Xbox360 is that it is much thinner in size than the PS4, and that is what the majority of the users prefer.

Connectivity and Storage

The device of PlayStation 4 features a RAM of 8GB whereas the gaming console of Xbox 360 features a RAM of 0.5 GB. With a Ps4, one can stream the different videos of Blu-Ray, and most people prefer to use the disks of Blu-Ray. PlayStation 4 can be used with a device of motion tracking, and an exceptional experience is offered by it while the games of sports are being played. The PS4 can be bought with a version that consists of Wi-Fi, whereas the Xbox 360 does not even consist of Wi-Fi.

Which gaming console is the right one to choose?

There are some things that the Xbox 360 vs PS4 has while there are some things that the PS4 has. It all comes down to the personal preferences of the buyer. Which is a better gaming console? We will let your device

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