Where to Buy Best And Reliable Smart Lights?

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Toss out your old light bulbs because you need to install Smart Lights in your home. Call it a home automation feature because Smart Lights enable you to manage your home lighting most efficiently. You may have seen automated lights in commercial buildings or even your workplace; the ones that switch on automatically when you walk into an empty room. Trust when we say they are not just for commercial purposes because they can be installed in your very home too! Save up on those electricity bills with these energy-saving Smart Lights.

If you thought these fancy, high tech lights are too expensive for you, then count this as your lucky day because we have some very feasible options for you at First Energy Home.

Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs

Retailing at a price of $24.99, you can now get the Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED Soft White A19 2-Pack bulbs. With no hub necessary simply download the Sengled app onto your phones and tablets, and the bulbs are ready to work their magic. These bulbs are synced to the home Wi-Fi, and are compatible with iOS and Android, along with any voice assistants or Hub at your home. And the best part, they can be controlled remotely too. Yup, you don’t have to turn back home because you forgot to switch off the living room lights anymore.

Now you can control, brighten your lights or even dim them according to your needs. Sengled Smart Bulbs also come with a feature that allows you to set a schedule for your lights. So if you want your lights to switch on by 6 p.m. every evening, all you have to do is go onto the App and set a schedule. It’s that simple!

Philips Hue Smart Bulb

Smart Bulbs come in so many different makes. If you’re looking for a simpler one, then this is it; the Philips Hue White Single E26 Bulb at a price of $14.99. Warm, white light that’s soothing for the eyes.

These smart bulbs are connected via Bluetooth, and you can control up to 10 Philips Hue bulbs at one moment. It also features voice control to make it easier for you to control the lighting, but if you’re looking to wander into what other features Philips Hue offers, then add the Hue Bridge to your home.

Google Smart Lights

Google Smart Lights has a starter Kit that retails at a price of $55. The kit includes 1 GE Smart bulb and the Google Home Mini. All you have to do is set the bulb in the same room that you set the Google Mini in, and follow the steps on the supporting App to finish setting up your kit.

This is a kit worth investing in because in the moments where you are fully occupied, allow the Google Home Mini to assist you. You can control your GE smart bulb with voice command, or simply use the Google Home Mini as your home assistant, where you can connect all the other smart devices at home or use it for your personal use.

In short, you not only enjoy having a smart lights installed into your home, but you get this amazing device that serves as a speaker and a home voice assistant.

Choices Galore

First Energy Home also offers a range of Smart Lights for your outdoors. You can check them out here. They come with all the features you would look for in outdoor lighting. Such as weather durability to withstand all sorts of weather conditions. Even motion sensors for security purposes. Have a look and find out.

Along with serving customers with a whole wide range of smart products. First Energy has subdivisions in several states where they offer installation services too, under separately launched Electrical companies. These provide customers with an extensive services portfolio.

If you reside in West Virginia or Maryland, then check out Potomac Edison prices to compare to other contractors in the area. You are guaranteed a great and efficient service from First Energy’s Potomac Edison. And if you want to find out whether any of First Energy Corp’s services are available in your state or area, then check out

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