The Complete List of Instagram Features for Marketing Experts

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There are billions of users on social networking sites. Instagram grabs the interests of many users. Furthermore, Instagram helps businessmen to promote their business. The innovative Instagram features for marketing and other networks attract top-notch brands and businessmen. If you want to use Instagram features for marketing, then you can visit With the help of Instagram growth services, you can boost your business.

Let’s have a look at the innovative Instagram features for marketing:

What’s New On Instagram?

In the last few years, numerous features have been added to Instagram. The changes and features are suitable for both business and creator account. Many influencers have a strong online presence and fan following. 

Some significant changes are:

  1. Likes tracked by special metric
  2. Stories and stickers sharing
  3. AR Features
  4. Marketing messages
  5. Thread app for messages

Instagram Features For Marketing:

By keeping in view the marketing strategies, a couple of features has been added to Instagram. 

Video Features:

Are you familiar with the Instagram video feature? You can upload a video of 60 seconds on your Instagram account to grab the attraction of users. Also, you can add many attractive filters to your video.

Before uploading the video, add tags, location, and a captain that briefly describes your content. Your video works with Instagram algorithms and increases engagement. When you post a video according to algorithms, it will reach more people.

Instagram offers 40 filters that you can use in your videos. Remember to upload the video consistently.

Live Video:

Live videos grab more attention than posting a video. Whenever you go live, Instagram will push notifications to your follower. The followers can comment and add more people to the live video.

The live video gives more authenticity and publicity to your brand. This video will not appear in your news feed it disappears, when you end it. Post the video according to the algorithms.


With the Instagram TV app, you can upload a video for up to an hour. This video looks like a special TV episode. It is one of the most significant features for content creators, who want to show their creativity through video.

80% of people promote their business through video marketing. When you upload the video, a notification appears on the follower’s screen that attracts them.

Stories Features:

The other most significant feature is that you can upload a story. The story will viewable for 24 hours. You can check the insight into your story.

The story appears as a red circle on your follower’s feed. It attracts more lead and post engagement.

You can add a shoppable tag into your story so that people easily reach their product. The tags are the best way to promote products. Additional Stories features:

  1. Video up to 15 seconds
  2. Images that appear for 10 seconds
  3. Excessive stories uploading
  4. Views traction

In your Instagram settings, you can hide your story from certain users. Also, many blogs and articles have been written on Instagram stories, you can check more details there.

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