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Since its inception in the fall of last year, the popularity of the online word puzzle known as Wordle has skyrocketed, going from 90 daily players in November to 300,000 at the beginning of January, and then to 2 million over the course of the last weekend. However, for the person who created the game, the game’s meteoric rise to popularity has brought about feelings that are equal parts excitement and worry.

Josh Wardle, who designed the game for his partner who enjoys puzzles, has seen an unanticipated rise in the game’s popularity among grassroots gamers. While the two of them were having fun with it on their couch, additional users gradually began to join in on the action.

A fresh word is presented for the players to guess each day, and they only get six opportunities to get it right. It is believed that one reason for Wordle’s popularity is that the game was purposefully designed to only be played once per day and did not include any features that were intended to promote the game’s expansion, such as push notifications or email sign-ups. This was done in an era when apps were aggressively competing for your attention and time.

Who Develop the Wordle

First, Wordle was created as an amusement for software programmer Josh Wardle’s lover of word games (opens in new tab). His family was infected, then the rest of the world learned about it. Numerous games like Wordle have subsequently been developed, centering the daily novelty around music, arithmetic, or geography. Wordle was quickly acquired by the New York Times for a seven-figure sum once it gained widespread acclaim (opens in new tab). We’ll all be communicating only through tricolor boxes in no time.

What is the Wordle?

When something suddenly becomes very popular, it might lead to a lot of uncertainty among people who aren’t aware of what it is, and this misunderstanding can cause people to have negative feelings. First things first, let’s go through what Wordle actually is.

Wordle is a free word-guessing game that can be played in a web browser. The game is similar to Hangman rather than a small crossword puzzle. You have six chances to guess the word that consists of five letters, and after each try, you are given clues that can help you make your next guess a little more accurately. If a letter is greyed out, it indicates that the letter does not appear anywhere in the word. When a letter is highlighted in yellow, it indicates that it is there in the word, but it is located in the incorrect position. If a letter is colored green, it means that it has been placed in the appropriate location. The right response is a sequence of five green letters in a row.

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How To Play Wordle?

There are only five vacant boxes available in Wordle, so you’ll have to find a secret five-letter word that fits in each one. If you want to get it right, you’ve only got six more chances.

“RAISE” is an excellent Wordle starting word, as it contains three common vowels and no repetition letters, making it an excellent choice. Enter and the boxes will show you the letters you’ve got correct or incorrect by pressing the Enter key.

  1. If a box shows black, that letter is not included in the secret word.
  2. However, the yellow box means the letter is in the word, but not in this particular location.
  3. The green box tells that You’ve got the latter down pat, it’s in the correct word, and it’s in the proper place.

Use everything you’ve learned from your first guess to inform your second guess, as detailed in our top Wordle tips(opens in a new tab). Six attempts are allotted, during which time only real words may be used (no filling in the boxes with EEEEE to see if an E is present).

Rules Of Wordle

Wordle is such a straightforward game, there are practically any guidelines to follow. But anyhow, here it is:

  1. You have no more than six chances to correctly guess the Wordle.
  2. Each and every word that you input must already be present on the word list. This list contains more than 10,000 different words, however, as of the time this article was written, only 2,309 of them are solutions to a particular problem.
  3. The correct letter will be highlighted in green.
  4. A correct letter that is placed in the incorrect location will turn yellow.
  5. A grey dot will appear next to a misspelled letter
  6. There is no limit to the number of times a letter can be used.
  7. Answers are never in the plural
  8. In order to demonstrate how intelligent you are, you are required to show off your Wordle to others once you have finished it.

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How Do You Play Wordle? Tips And Tricks


Because getting this part right can have a significant impact on how well your game turns out, you are going to want to select one of the greatest possible start words for Wordle. There are reams of analyses that have been published about this topic (a large portion of which was written by me, I will admit), so read the article that was linked to find out the whole story. But the fundamental concept is this.

How Do You Play Wordle
How Do You Play Wordle (Image credit: Wordle)

Your start word for Wordle should be something that makes use of as many of the standard letters in Wordle as is humanly possible, including at least two vowels. Therefore, despite the fact that AZYGY is a smart word and a good pick in Scrabble, it is not the optimal decision.
I used to begin each time with TEARS because it has an “A” and an “E” in addition to three common consonants in sensible places; however, I’ve since graduated to STARE; same letters, but words that start with S are far more common than words that end with one, at least according to Wordle, so it’s a better first choice…

How Do You Play Wordle
How Do You Play Wordle (Image credit: Wordle)

When you press enter, you’ll be able to see which letters are completely correct and which letters are partially correct, meaning that they are in the target word but in the incorrect place. I got lucky in this example game, which was #200 back in January. The letter “T” was correct right away, and the letters “E” and “R” were both included in the solution.

How Do You Play Wordle
How Do You Play Wordle (Image credit: Wordle)

The third step requires you to come up with a different word that uses all of the letters that you have already established as being appropriate. Though, if a given letter could appear more than once in a word, you should still only submit one entry for it at this point unless you have a really solid reason to believe that you already know what the word is.

At this stage, you should be using additional common letters; however, you should continue to avoid the Qs, Zs, and Xs, as well as the Ks, Hs, and Js, etc. If you play Scrabble correctly, all you have to do is stick to the letters that get a few points. If you want more specific guidance, check out my analysis of every Wordle answer. In it, I discuss topics such as which letters are most common in Wordle, where certain letters are more likely to appear in a word, and which combinations occur most frequently. If you want more specific guidance, check out my analysis of every Wordle answer.

I went with the letters ‘D’ and ‘I’ in the previous round, adding them to the letters ‘T’, ‘E’, and ‘R’ that I already knew were in the word to produce TRIED.

How Do You Play Wordle
How Do You Play Wordle (Image credit: Wordle)

Another triumph: it was now established that the letter “E” was located in the appropriate position. It was also established that the letter “I” was present there in some capacity. Next, I went for TIMER by utilizing yet another common letter, the letter ‘M.’

How Do You Play Wordle
How Do You Play Wordle: (Image credit: Wordle)

It’s not quite right, but it’s getting there. Because there were only a few options remaining, I decided to go with TIGER.


You got that right in four out of six moves. Which appears to be about par for the course.

What Does if Wordle Have Dual Answer?

Wordle may, on extremely rare occasions, throw off many users by providing them with two distinct solutions to the same puzzle. This results in some users receiving one answer while the remaining users receiving the other. This is certainly not a move that was made on purpose. However, it is quite annoying.

The game may be played entirely within a web browser. The word list that selects the content that appears on the screen on any particular day is included in the source code for the website. The order in which each challenge presents itself is determined on the date that your device is now utilizing. You could, in principle, advance the time on your computer to tomorrow, at which point you would be able to complete the puzzle that will be presented the following day one day earlier. (Although it goes without saying that you shouldn’t do that.)

Because of this, when the New York Times modifies or eliminates a word — as it has done on multiple occasions by this point — those who use an older version of the word list will see a different response than everyone else. If you haven’t refreshed your browser in a while, it’s the only way you’ll see an outdated list, although a lot of people do that, so don’t worry about it.

Advance Tips

Avoid the following advice and rely only on your own common sense. If you consider yourself to be a purist when it comes to playing word games. In case you, along with everyone else, are wary of looking at grey boxes. Here are some suggestions that you might find helpful.

Picking the right word to start with:

It might be argued that the first word is the most essential. Pick a word that has three vowels and five different letters for your opening gambit. So that you may get the most out of the opportunity. Some examples: orate, media, radio. For some reason, I never forget to say “adieu.” It’s become a routine, and I have no intention of changing it.

I have just completed reading an interesting article written by Tyler Glaiel. In which he attempted to determine the most effective starting word that could possibly be used. It would appear that the word “roate” is the appropriate one with which to begin our game of Wordle. Sincerity demands that you read this entire essay since it’s fantastic.

It is important to avoid using the same greys many times.

At the very bottom of the Wordle. The board is a keypad that indicates which letters are green, yellow, and grey. You should try to avoid reusing letters that have turned grey. Indeed, it does appear to be self-evident. But coming up with five-letter words that don’t use any of the letters. You’ve already tried can be a time-consuming and laborious process. That time and effort will be rewarded.

Letters can appear two times.

This makes things more difficult. Particularly when you are getting close to running out of letters to try on word four or word five. Moreover, the same letters tend to show up multiple times. Such as how the responses to previous questions have been “cool,” “sissy,” and “ferry.”

What is Wordle Word Today?

  1. 358: 12th June – FLOAT
  2. 357: 11th June: GOOSE
  3. 356:10th June, PIETY
  4. 355: 9th June GIRTH
  5. 354: 8th JUN- TRAIT
  6. 353: 7th JUN – FLOOD
  7. 352: 6th JUN – GLOOM
  8. 351 5th JUN – DEPTH
  9. 350: 4th JUN -FROTH
  10. 349: 03rd JUN- PHASE
  11. 348: 02nd JUN- SHOWY
  12. 347 1st JUN – CREAK

How To Get Daily Wordle?

To know how to download wordle in detail click here: How To Download Wordle

  1. Click Here To Play On Computer
  2. To play on your Apple device
  3. For Android User

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