What is Digital Customer Experience?

The digital customer experience today has redefined the way businesses and their customers interact with each other. It revolutionized the buyer’s approach making customers smarter when it comes to interacting with a brand.
Businesses need to fully understand the multi-touchpoint sales funnel that customers are expecting. They should provide customers with smooth and easy interactions at all touchpoints making a big difference from others.
Ted Schadler, an analyst for Forrester, conducted a recent study concluding that your best investment leading to customer satisfaction revolves around the digital customer experience.

Defining Customer Digital Experience

The customer digital experience is the entire customer journey of the end-customers that goes through all the digital interactions a customer makes with your brand. It involves checking the company’s website, interacting with chatbots, checking social media profiles, checking service pages where every touchpoint is virtual.

MVP development also helps businesses to derive the best customer experience by getting users feedbacks or responses during the first interaction with the brand.

4 Elements Of The Digital Customer Experience

Here are the listed 4 elements of the digital customer experience:


Be it digital and non-digital touchpoints all need to be linked, and integrated with each other. Efforts should be made in such a manner that customers must experience a seamless and smooth journey.


Digital channels need to be innovative, continuously updated, and re-designed every now and then. They must innovate themselves to evolve a new digital experience that can grab customers’ attention.


The digital touchpoints including apps, websites, desktops, or screens, require an active response from customers who click, open, and scroll your interface.


The digital experience should work in a way how customers think and act. Digital channels and their interfaces should be as intuitive as possible.

4 Ways To Improve Your Customer Digital Experience

Listed down certain strategies companies can utilize to deliver a quality digital customer experience.

1. Choose a Holistic Approach

The digital aspect of customer experience is a bigger part. It must be optimized to integrate flawlessly with the non-digital touchpoints.

For example, having a feature-packed mobile app may help you grab more customers’ attention. Still, it is difficult to retain them if the company has a dreadful shipping process and return policy or ineffective customer support.

2. Repeat Iteratively

The biggest advantage of digital customer experiences is that they can be easily changed to the multiple needs of consumers. Digital customer experiences always gather data on how they’re being used to engage customers. The companies need to decide the ways that customers will use their platforms.

3. Customer Focussed

Companies must always be working to find better ways to understand what their customers want most from their products and services. The services and products should be made customer-centric so that they can easily fulfill their needs.

4. Maintain Stability

Maintaining reliability and stability is a must to build trust among customers. This is the reason why many companies provide a consistent environment that permits them to build a reliable and scalable customer experience.

Steps To Getting Right Digital Experience On Your Website

Listed down certain steps to deliver the right digital experience on your interface:

  1. Gain Actionable Insights Through Customers Journeys
    Urging the right questions at the right time will get you actionable insights. Dive deep into certain touchpoints to see whether your customers are enjoying the experience or not and at which touchpoints. The customers interact with you through multiple environments looking for pain points across their customer experience.
  2. Provide Users a Passage To Provide Feedback
    It’s essential to give your users a place to easily provide feedback in order to improve their customer experience.
    The real-time data will improve the customer journey by implementing their feedback. This will help customers analyze that you care about them the most.
  3. Track And Identify Pain-Points
    At this stage, businesses should figure out the main pain points in the website. Identifying the major pain points helps businesses to find out what are the challenges customers are facing during customer interactions with the brand. The solutions to be made then accordingly to make interactions much better and improves the customer journey.

Success Stories Of Brands Delivering Great Digital Customer Experience

Listed down some million dollar companies that deliver amazing customers’ digital experiences to date. This will surely provide you a real source of inspiration.


The popular coffee brand allows customers to order their favorite coffee from home and at the same time collect rewards. The coffee brand also established a vast online community via its website where customers’ ideas and feedback are continuously collected.

Starbucks also partnered up with Amazon Alexa to make your favorite coffee more special where you can order it by voice and from home itself. It is a real example of delivering inevitable digital experiences well integrated with offline ones.


This luxury clothing brand started in 2006. They act smartly in delivering a great digital experience. They started smart marketing campaigns, a fully-featured e-Commerce website, and online customization options, Burberry is a perfect example of an amazing customer experience.


Uber does not require any introduction. It is the fastest cab service provider delivering an amazing customer experience to every passenger they drive to. The app connects all drivers and customers seamlessly with each other and provides a very intuitive interface, making the product work perfectly.

Concluding Lines

An inevitable digital customer experience should ensure that the end customers feel valued and understood at every touchpoint. Their experience with your brand has to be smooth, convenient, and hassle-free or they won’t stick around your brand. Your digital customer experience strategy must showcase the unique values you provide to potential customers, boost conversions, and nurture long-lasting relationships with their customers.

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