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At the time of its release, Twilight was one of the most popular film franchises. Because the topic was excellent for individuals who got into Harry Potter and desired something similar, the time period when the series was introduced worked well for the franchise. Since then, the series has fallen out of favor with the public, and it is now often seen as more of a joke than a serious franchise. However, the series saw a massive comeback last year, and the content’s reappearance across various social media platforms was called The Twilight Renaissance in typical Tumblr flair. This is why the majority of fans decided to revisit the series from a fresh, new perspective. If you’re one of these people, you’re probably wondering how to watch all Twilight Movies in Order.

Twilight Movies in Order At a glimpse

Today’s consensus is that when the series originally debuted on the cinema screen in 2008, we all may have retained some unjustified negative feelings toward it for various reasons. The series is now considered one of those popular media items that aren’t quite works of art but are certainly worth viewing. To watch the twilight movies in order, You should watch the Twilight movies is as follows.

  1. The Twilight (2008)
  2. New Moon (2009)
  3. Eclipse (2010)
  4. Part 1 of Twilight: Breaking Dawn (2011)
  5. Part 2 of Twilight: Breaking Dawn (2012)

As you can see, the best order to watch Twilight Movies in Order is quite easy, but if you want to learn more about the best order to watch the series and discover about the series’ future, keep reading.

Twilight Movies in Order With Amazon Links

Twilight Movies in Order Description Where to Watch
Twilight (2008) The first movie introduces the tumultuous relationship between Bella Swan (Kristin Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Rob Pattinson). It explores the difficulties they have to overcome to be together. Amazon Prime
The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) New Moon begins on Bella’s 18th birthday, and during a celebration at the Cullens’ house, Edward’s brother, Jasper, tries to attack Bella. This incident leads Edward to try to leave her for her own good. As Bella tries to move on with her life, she befriends another mythical being—Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), who turns out to be a werewolf. Amazon Prime
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) In the third movie of the series, Bella must choose between Edward and Jacob, and they must learn to work together to protect Bella from a murderous vampire trying to avenge the killing of her mate (during the first movie). Amazon Prime
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 (2011) In Breaking Dawn, Part 1, Bella is preparing to marry Edward, a condition of her becoming a vampire. After the wedding, they travel to an isolated island where they spend a blissful honeymoon until they learn that Bella is somehow pregnant. Then Bella, with her unlikely protector—Rosalie (Nikki Reed)—has to defy everyone to keep the baby, even though it poses a threat to Bella’s life. Amazon Prime
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 (2012) In Breaking Dawn, Part 2, Bella has given birth to her daughter, Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), and has become a vampire, but there is a new threat against her, the child, and the Cullens. The Volturi are coming. To save the child’s life, the Cullens, along with their friends and the Quileute wolves, must prepare for war. Amazon Prime

The Twilight Movies in Order With Release Date

When it comes to the series’ Twilight Movies in Order, the Twilight series is actually fairly straightforward. With the exception of the last book, which was split into two movies, the books were turned into film mediums in such a way that each book in the series became a single film.

The story was told in chronological order, and while there are some flashback passages in the book series, they have no significant impact on the general flow of the plot. The filmmakers appreciated this method, and a few distinct flashbacks from the series were included in the films.

These sections are meant to examine the pasts of several individuals while remaining unobtrusive to the main plot. As a result, the series follows a very chronologically defined storyline, therefore the ideal order to see the movies is in the same order as the novels were released, which is also the chronological order.

1. The Twilight (2008)

The first film introduces us to the series’ primary character, Bella Swan. Bella used to live in Arizona with her mother and stepfather, but after he was relocated to Florida for new work, she was forced to move to Forks with her father Charlie. Bella makes new acquaintances as the school year begins, but she is attracted by a strange boy with whom she is subsequently partnered up during biology.

Story Line

Edward doesn’t seem to like her, and Bella is determined to confront him about his treatment of her; Nevertheless, Edward appears to be an entirely different person after his absence. A terrible episode in which Edward saves Bella from being killed by a moving van confirms her worries that something about Edward isn’t quite right.

Bella and her friends visit the La Push beach a few days after the incident, and her childhood friend Jacob tells her a story about the cold ones, which intrigues Bella and makes her wonder whether there is a link between Edwards’ actions and this mythology. This prompts her to travel to Port Angeles with Jessica and Angela, who were shopping for prom dresses, in order to visit a bookstore where she finds a book about the cold ones.

Bella is besieged by a bunch of guys as she leaves the bookstore, and Edward comes to her rescue, which leads to the two of them enjoying supper together. Edward admits to being able to read people’s thoughts during dinner, and after a lengthy discussion regarding his talents, Bella is determined to continue her inquiry.

Bella confronts Edward after learning that he is a vampire, and the two eventually begin dating.
While out and about with Edward’s family, Bella attracts the notice of a passing party of vampires and their tracker, who becomes fascinated with her.

The Cullens design a plant to aid Bella’s escape in order to save her. Forks try to avoid James, but he manages to deceive her by claiming to have kidnapped her mother. For Bella, this is the final straw, and she decides to flee the Cullens in order to save her mother. The Cullens quickly realize she’s gone, and because of Alice’s talent, they can figure out where Bella is going. The Cullens arrive at the studio where James enticed and caught Bella, but before they get there, James bites Bella, beginning the process of turning her into a vampire.


While the rest of the family deals with James, Edward is forced to make the decision he despises the most.
He must choose between allowing Bella to shift and attempting to suck the venom from her system. Bella is eventually rescued, and the Cullens recreate the incident to make it appear as if she was hurt while fleeing.
The film concludes with Bella and Edward attending prom and discussing her desire to turn a vampire while being watched by Veronica, who is plotting her vengeance.

2. New Moon in the Twilight Saga (2009)

The second film picks up right where the first one left off. The film’s main topic is highlighted in the opening scene, which takes place on Bella’s eighteenth birthday. The conflict between Bella and Edward over her mortality is explored in New Moon. Bella is bent on becoming a vampire so she may spend eternity with Edward, and despite his desire to do the same, Edward can’t bring himself to change her mind.

Story Line

Bella slashes her finger when opening a present at her birthday celebration at Cullen’s house, and the blood from her cut prompts Jasper to lose control and assault her. This is a deciding element for Edward, and it confirms his decision to leave Forks so Bella can enjoy regular life. In the woods, the two meet, and Edward explains his decision before leaving Bella alone in the woods. Bella falls into a deep depression, and it takes months for her to recover. This is when she begins to rekindle her friendships. She realizes she can see Edward while she is in danger on a night out with Jessica.

This new revelation pushes her to perform a number of risky activities, like riding a motorcycle. Bella achieves this by purchasing two motorcycles and enlisting the help of her childhood friend Jacob to repair them. The two become closer, but Jacob begins to act strangely. While searching for him, Bella meets Laurent, who warns her that Victoria wants to kill her in order to exact revenge on Edward for the murder of James.

Laurent is rescued by an enormous wolf, who kills him before he can hurt Bella in any manner. Bella discovers Jacob is a werewolf shortly after, and the rest of his tribe suffers the same fate. Bella keeps up her flurry of adrenaline-pumping activities in the hopes of seeing Edward, but when she goes cliff jumping with Jacob’s pals, Edward has a vision that he interprets as Bella killing herself.


This inspires Alice to return to Forks and assist her in persuading Edward to reconsider his mind. He’ll travel to Italy to meet with the Volturi and urge that he be executed. Edward chooses to make himself known to unsuspecting individuals once his request is denied, in order to trigger his own death.

Bella, thankfully, arrives just in time to stop him. Jane interrupts the pleasant reunion by requesting the trio’s appearance before the Volturi. They come to the conclusion that Bella poses a significant risk to their species, and they tell them that they will only let her live if she is transformed into one of them.
When the Cullens return to Forks, they vote on it and decide to transform Bella into a vampire…

3. Eclipse: The Twilight Saga (2010)

We finally get to see a narrative point that was set up at the end of the first film in the third season. The Cullens must contend with Victoria and her determination to assassinate Bella during the events of this film. The film begins with Victoria transforming a young student named Riley Biers into a vampire to aid her in carrying out her plan against the Cullens.

Story Line

Victoria’s plans are revealed to the Cullens through Alice’s visions, and they begin to prepare for her arrival. The group immediately realizes she’s putting together an army of newborn vampires. Following this vision, Edward takes Bella to Jacksonville to see her mother, while the rest of the party goes to Forks to take down Victoria.
She manages to flee, but not before intruding on werewolf territory, implying that they would now join the conflict.

To counter this, Jasper, who is knowledgeable about newborns and how they might be used in conflicts, prepares the family for the attack by training them. Victoria’s army grows large enough to attract the Volturi’s attention; nevertheless, the Volturi opt to let matters between Victoria and the Cullens play out because they are out of favor following the incident with Bella.

While Jacob is there at their graduation celebration party, Alice sees another vision of the army, and he agrees that the werewolves will help them fight, to Bella’s chagrin. Between the preparation and the actual fight, we continue to explore the ideas introduced in the second film. Rosalie’s past and how she became a vampire is briefly revealed.

She explains that she voted against Bella’s transformation because she would have preferred someone to vote in her favor. When she admits that she doesn’t genuinely despise Bella, but rather envies her for her mortality, the two enjoy a little bonding moment.


Bella and Edward had a similar chat in which they discuss the requirements of her becoming a vampire.
Edward grudgingly consents to the action on the condition that they first marry. Bella, Edward, and Jacob camp out on the mountain top the day before the fight to keep her safe. The love triangle between the three is finally resolved when Jacob kisses Bella, and she understands that while she loves Jacob, her feelings for him are nothing compared to her feelings for Edward.

The battle ensues, and the Cullens destroy the army without losing a single member of their own group, with the exception of Jacob, who is injured while shielding Leah. Victoria and Riely track down Bella and Edward, but defeat them and rejoin the rest of the party. When the Volturi delegation arrives, Jane points out that Bella is still human, but the Cullens retort by claiming that the date has already been fixed…

4. Breaking Dawn – Part 1 of the Twilight Saga (2011)

It’s the day of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s wedding, a few months after the events of the last film, and Bella is preparing with the help of Edward’s sisters Alice and Rosalie, as well as her mother Renee.

Story Line

Bella is overjoyed to see Jacob again, and the two dance in the woods together. Bella discloses that she and Edward intend to marry while she is still human during their honeymoon. Knowing that such an act could kill her, Jacob becomes enraged. Bella begins to suspect she is pregnant two weeks after the wedding. Edward feels distressed because he understands how unusual it is for a human to survive giving birth to a vampire’s child.

When Jacob sees Bella upon her return to Forks, he is enraged and shares Edward’s concerns. Bella refuses to terminate the pregnancy, despite Carlisle’s counsel. Jacob informs Sam of Bella’s condition in his rage, and he is determined to kill her since he believes the kid would be unable to control their bloodlust after birth. Jacob fights with Sam because he doesn’t want to injure Bella, and the pack splits into two, one headed by Sam and the other by Jacob.

Bella’s health rapidly deteriorates as the pregnancy advances, and because the baby is developing at a rapid rate, it becomes clear that Bella will not be able to carry the pregnancy to term. Drinking human blood to feed the baby is the only thing that seems to help her condition. When Bella collapses during a talk with Edward, everyone’s greatest fears are realized, and they rapidly realize that neither Bella nor the baby will survive unless something is done.

The two begin performing a cesarean surgery, and it appears that the treatment has helped, but Bella’s heart stops beating when she and Edward are having a moment with their newborn kid. Nothing appears to help Jacob and Edward bring Bella back to life. In desperation, Edward tries to change Bella, but his attempts are ineffective.


The news that Bella has died makes both men heartbroken, and Jacob tries to kill Edward before fleeing, claiming that the worst punishment Edward could face would be living with the knowledge that he killed Bella. He tries to kill their newborn daughter Renesmee in his rage, but he imprints on her instead. The werewolves who had arrived to kill Renesmee are forced to flee because their regulations plainly specify that they are not permitted to hurt anyone who has been imprinted on them.

The film’s conclusion reveals that Bella did live, but the venom was unable to work normally owing to the painkiller she received prior to the cesarean section. Her transformation took longer than usual as a result of this. This sequence is a wonderful ending, but a mid-credit scene indicates that the Volturi are hell-bent on gaining the new Cullen coven member no matter what it takes…

5. Breaking Dawn — Part 2 of the Twilight Saga (2012)

The aforementioned mid-credit scene establishes the fundamental conflict of the series’ final installment. Bella, who has recently given birth, awakens from her human-to-vampire transition for the first time and sees her daughter Renesmee. When she finds out Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee before Jacob explains what imprinting is, she is outraged. Carlisle decides that they must leave Forks, Washington in order to conceal their identities, particularly in light of Charlie.

Jacob pays a visit to Charlie, concerned about losing Renesmee, and informs him that Bella is well, but that she had to adjust in order to improve. Jacob also shows Charlie his wolf form, reminding him that he doesn’t live in the world he thinks he does. After thereafter, Charlie pays a visit to the Cullens’ house, where he meets Renesmee. The Cullens are able to remain in Forks and keep a close eye on Renesmee’s rapid development.

Another vampire, Irina, sees Renesmee and decides to alert the Volturi since she believes the infant is immortal.
The creation of immortal infants was forbidden because their unrestrained nature posed a significant risk to their species. The Volturi view this as an opportunity to obtain what they want and get to Forks, while Alice sees this in a vision and sets out on a mission with Jasper to discover additional proof that Renesmee is not an eternal kid.

She tells Carlisle to gather as many witnesses as possible to testify to Renesmee’s true nature before she leaves.
Despite the fact that they have gathered a sizable number of allies, Edward and Carlisle come to the conclusion that a fight is almost unavoidable at this point.

The Volturi enter, preparing for battle, commanded by Aro, who is eager to add the gifted members of the Cullen coven to his Guard. Aro is given permission to contact Renesmee and discovers that she is not an immortal girl. Irina is called forward and accepts full responsibility for her mistake, which leads to her death. Aro remains convinced that Renesmee will represent a threat in the future, demonstrating the importance of warfare. Before any combat breaks out, Alice and Jasper return, and Alice shares her vision of the oncoming conflict with Aro, in which both sides will suffer tremendous losses, including Aro’s death.


Aro accepts her vision, allowing Alice and Jasper to unveil Nahuel, their eyewitness, who, like Renesmee, is a half-human, half-vampire. Renesmee’s status as a non-threat is confirmed when the witness establishes that he is not a threat. The Volturi reluctantly depart, declaring that no fight would be held today.

The final film concludes with a heartbreaking sequence in which Alice sees a happy Bella and Edward watching over a fully matured Renesmee and Jacob who are happy together in a vision. After everything, Bella and Edward return to their meadow, where Bella finally lowers her mental shield, allowing Edward to read her mind and relive all of their fondest moments.

Is there going to be a sixth Twilight film?

Despite the fact that there appears to be a lot of demand for a new Twilight film, it is unlikely to be made.
The most obvious reason is that it is highly doubtful that any of the key cast members will return to any new projects, which has become a running joke among fans.

Story Line

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, the core characters of the series, have publicly voiced their conflicted sentiments about it and at times outright declared their distaste for it. Robert Pattinson was the most outspoken of the three, and one of the most well-known anecdotes about this occurred during the promotions for the last film when one of the fans present brought the fourth Harry Potter book with them, and that copy of the Goblet of Fire ended up being the only thing Robert Pattinson signed that day.

Apart from that, the franchise has seen two updates since it ended: Midnight Sun and Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined. The gigantic flip-book coupling Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined was issued as part of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the release of the original novel. The author’s answer to criticism of certain overtones of the original story existing owing to her religious background was to write a new novel that swapped the genders of all characters (save Bella’s father).

Beaufort Swan, 17, goes to Forks, Washington to be with his estranged father, police officer Charlie Swan, in Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined. He meets Edythe Cullen, a girl who initially dislikes him but eventually warms up to him. They fall in love as their connection develops. A tracker vampire, on the other hand, decides to hunt Beau for sport and kidnaps his mother, Renée Dwyer.

Joss attacks Beau, but Edythe and the rest of the Cullen family save him before he can be killed by Joss.
Unfortunately, Joss has already bitten him, and the venom has already traveled too far throughout his body. For Beau’s privacy, the Cullens stage his death, and he maintains his relationship with Edythe. The Quileute wolves face the Cullens later, accusing them of being responsible for Beau’s death, but the Cullens explain the truth.

Although the novel received mixed reviews when it was first released, newer reviews have pointed out that it is a delightful spin-off of the original series that anyone would enjoy.

The Second Book

The second book, Midnight Sun, was scheduled to be released concurrently with the original series, but the first twelve chapters were leaked, and despite the obvious excitement from readers, Stephanie Mayer was distraught and chose to quit the project. But, unexpectedly, in 2020, she published a nearly forgotten manuscript that recounted the tale of the original book and movie, but this time from Edward’s point of view. The response to this book was incredibly mixed. Some fans say the book was extremely comprehensive and extensive, making it impossible for it to stand alone.

Some critics, on the other hand, argue that Stephanie Mayer’s use of great detail and overly detailed narration was a perfect method to show Edward’s world, given that he can read everyone’s mind. So yet, no further movies in the franchise have been announced; however, given the fresh surge in popularity, we can’t rule out the possibility that someone else would choose one of these two books and adapt it into a film.

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