Top 5 Best Torrent9 Alternatives In 2021

Torrent9 Alternatives

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While Torrent9 Proxy was once the most popular French torrenting service on the planet, users have been looking for credible Torrent9 Alternatives in recent months. Their website, for some reason, has disabled the possibility to download torrent files. Rather than that, it mostly distributes notifications pushing guests to utilize a Torrent9 VPN.

Top 5 Best Torrent9 Alternatives In 2021

You may learn more about Torrent9 Proxy in this article by reading the details below;

For the time being, the option to download shows has been restored. With all of this, it is critical for French-speaking torrenting communities to identify the best Torrent9 alternatives in the event that the service becomes unavailable again. Simultaneously, users should avoid downloading French torrents without a solid VPN. It will conceal your Internet Protocol (IP) address and business from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and other third parties. Additionally, a VPN prevents bandwidth throttling.

Our list begins with Torrent9, a well-known torrent site in France and other French-speaking countries such as Gabon and Cameroon. The site, which has over two million monthly visitors, specializes in video games, music, eBooks, and television shows, films, and so on.

Additionally, it features the largest archive of music and television shows you will ever discover. Torrent9 has a large database with well over two million high-quality torrents that are extremely fast to download.
The fact that SmarTorrent (a popular site) began rerouting its clients to Torrent9 is a tribute to Torrent9’s top office. This action cemented Torrent9’s position as the leading torrent website of French provenance.
However, the platform recently announced that users will no longer be able to download data via its platform. This was shocking, and while the website administrator has now retracted the announcement, many are left wondering what the future holds for the much-loved torrenting tool.

Torrent9 proxy

According to our study and the emails we receive, any user may occasionally be unable to use Torrent9. If this occurs to you, have no fear; you may use a Torrent9 proxy (or unblocked mirror websites, or Torrents9 alternatives, or whatever you want to call it) to unblock your preferred streaming site. Here is a handful of them (all of which work):.

Keep in mind: The list of mirror sites/Torrent 9 proxies is inspected and upgraded regularly to ensure just the working ones are featured.

Best Torrent9 Proxy Alternatives.

1. T411

It is one of the largest torrent websites, boasting a large collection of high-quality amazing files. Apart from being an excellent French gushes website, it also features an online discussion community with over 5.5 million members from countries including Belgium, Canada, and France. These neighborhoods provide critical ideas in practically every aspect, including high-speed downloads of FR gushes submissions.

Torrent9 Alternatives

Additionally, the T411 torrent website tracks users’ ratio of uploaded to downloaded files and uses the data acquired to improve the website’s content. It receives a massive 37 million monthly visitors, which is an incredible feat for any website. On the downside, it has a high volume of advertisements and pop-ups. As a result, we advise you to install not just a high-quality gratis ad blocker, but also to exercise caution while downloading.

2. YggTorrent.

If you are of French ancestry and enjoy torrenting, you have surely heard of YggTorrent. The torrenting site hosts a diverse collection of files. Apart from the latest games and films, it also contains a plethora of apps, audio files, animations, and documentaries. Additionally, this platform features a variety of sports content, animation series, video, comics, podcast radio, and eBooks.

Torrent9 Alternatives

YggTorrent is simple to use and handy to navigate, as each of its classes contains numerous subcategories that make it easy to locate information quickly. While the torrenting spring does demand that you create an account in order to use it, you need not fear as it is absolutely free and will be up and running in a matter of minutes.
Additionally, it provides great client support via its YggTorrent neighborhood, which assists customers in need. In December 2020, the gush platform revealed that they had surpassed five million users, which is rather significant for a service that is less than three years old.

3. Kickass Torrents.

Kickass Torrents entered the market in 2016 and quickly rose to the top. It has a large collection of gush files and magnetic links ideal for peer-to-peer file sharing via the BitTorrent protocol.

While it is not available everywhere, it is still one of the best Cpsabien alternatives. You may search for anything right from the webpage, from television shows and films to video games and even music. Additionally, the torrenting website features a frequently updated blog and a welcoming community.
That’s not all; it also has a comprehensive FAQs section that addresses all of the often asked questions about the website and how to use it.

On the downside, you will encounter occasional adverts and pop-ups, but a good adblocker or VPN will mitigate this. Similarly, as previously said, it is not accessible (restricted by authorities) in a number of nations, including the United States of America and Australia, India, and the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, there are plenty of other Kickass alternatives available, so you would not be losing out on anything.

4. ZeTorrents.

If you’re looking for a website that offers a large selection of video games, films, and music, go no further than ZeTorrents. The gush tracker features a minimalist design that maximizes performance. Additionally, it contains over 12,000 films, including a sizable portion devoted entirely to documentary films.
The platform enables you to rapidly locate your favorite games, television shows, albums, music ebooks, and apps. Additionally, you will be able to access popular torrents.

Additionally, it features a ‘trending’ section (near the bottom of the page) where you can keep an eye out for trending content if you’re looking for inspiration. As is the case with the rest of the other Cpasbien alternatives on this list, ZeTorrents is primarily targeted towards a French-speaking audience.
The torrent platform conceals torrent links behind URL shorteners that are served as advertisements.

5. MonTorrent.

MonTorrent is another excellent alternative to Cpasbien. Although the website has an antiquated design, it does have an outstanding collection of gushes. Among the website’s attractions is its established database, which includes a number of French films and television series.

This gush platform also receives a high volume of monthly visitors, demonstrating its superior service. However, while MonTorrent receives over 54,000 monthly visits, it takes a little longer to allow you to download gushes.
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