Top 10 Best Torrent Sites That Really Work In 2021

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Finding the latest list of the best torrent sites can be difficult. Due to the nature of torrenting and the legality that comes with it, torrent sites can appear and disappear overnight. Before jumping into torrenting, it’s essential to think about what you can and can’t share. Before jumping into torrenting, it’s crucial to think about what you can and can’t share. Unfortunately, many torrent sites are created for piracy purposes. Access movies, TV series, and games without actually buying them. Many people prefer torrent websites for downloading content. Thank you for being comfortable and accessible. All you require is a excellent internet connection and a working TSG(torrent search engine), we recommend you to usethe best torrent sites and top torrent sites. However, downloading files using P2P technology can be tricky at times. Hence, a reliable and content-rich torrent site, as well as the best torrent site in your bookmark, is the way to go.

The 10 Best Torrent Sites That Really Work In March 2021

Below are the best torrent sites that are still working as of March 2021. You can access any of these sites to find your favorite files. However, each has different advantages and disadvantages, in some cases. Hence, we’ll be digging into your options to find out which website is the best for you. Before that, let’s have a look at our criteria for choosing the best torrent site.


RARBG came to our browser in 2008 and had a considerable following for high-quality videos and movies. RARBG has an extensive collection of old and new torrent files. One of the main reasons for consumers is the quality of the torrents available. Like several other torrent sites, RARBG has a top 10 list that can be of great help to get a little inspiration. The list provides users with the most popular and downloaded movies available on the website. While it may not be the cleanest or most advanced user interface, RARBG has a large following and a community. Whenever you find a movie you like, you can visit a separate web page where you can watch movie trailers and TV shows. Helpful when you are not sure what to look for.

2- The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay has been a crowd favorite over the years. It managed to divert attempts to block or turn it off and got very strong, with over 6.3 million users per month on the main page. However, given the number of mirroring and blocking attempts, that could change the number, and 20 to 60 million visits per month could be a little more accurate. We can’t get an exact figure for the size of the library, but there are millions of files, and you can expect 5-6MB / s download speeds; other things remain the same. Pirate Bay is popular for its large community, which provides at least one planter for nearly every stream on the property regardless of age. We tried pulling out a vague title more than a decade ago and found that there are still happy planters out there who can help.

3- EZTV Torrent Sites

EZTV is widely recognized as the top torrent site for TV shows with a wide variety of resolution options. In addition to popular series like Game of Thrones or Rick and Morty, you’ll find reality TV torrents like Survivor and The Bachelor, as well as foreign language options like Money Heist. I advise you not to download copyrighted content from EZTV or other torrent sites. This activity is illegal in most countries and can cause serious legal problems. However, the selection includes more old events than newer editions. There’s also no way to download the entire season, so you’ll have to merge each episode individually. You’ll feel safer downloading multiple episodes with a reliable VPN that offers high speeds.

4- 1337xTorrent Sites

1337x the most popular torrent sites in the world and one of the oldest still working, 1337x is a reliable option with lots of high-quality torrents in every category. Every day new content is uploaded by a loyal group of users. Here you can find everything from old movies to the latest TV shows, music and games. 133x’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to find the torrent you want. Information is listed for each download, including the number of downloads, the number of planters and sponges, and when moderators last reviewed the torrent. When I want to find a flow for Meet John Doe, I can quickly find one with lots of planters. This makes it clear that the flow is likely to be reliable.

5- TorrentZ2 Torrent Sites

This is an unofficial clone of the original Torrentz site, which closed in August 2016. At launch, a total of 60 million torrent files were initially indexed. The original Torrentz site functions as a BitTorrent meta-search engine. It is run by Flippy, who indexes torrent files from various popular torrent sites on the internet. Apart from indexing files, Torrentz also collects a different tracker for each torrent that was not originally in the original torrent file. This allows other trackers to take over the load if the default tracker fails. In 2012, Torrentz was the second most popular torrent site on the internet. orrentz2, the unofficial clone, copies everything from the original, including its minimalist interface.

6- YTS Torrent Sites

Another torrent site for movie lovers, YTS, only focuses on torrent movie files. YTS is straightforward to use, with a great website layout to please the crowd. The available torrents are of high quality and contain a wide variety of old and new movies. When YTS / YIFY closed in 2015, ( became its (unofficial) successor. Because of this, YTS has a considerable following, and tons of users flock there to download movies. Often, due to the number of users, there is no problem finding the missing torrent files in seeders or leeches. If your ISP limits your data or bandwidth, YTS is probably the best torrent site out there. Torrent files are known to have less bandwidth, so you don’t have to worry too much about exceeding allowed data.

7- Zooqle Torrent Sites

Like The Pirate Bay, Zooqle is another decent website with lots of content categories. You can find everything on this one platform – from TV shows and movies to games and software to e-books. Even so, it sure works well as a great movie alternative, torrent sites. Zooqle was founded in 2013. Since then, the torrent site has continued to occupy a reliable position among the best torrent sites. It has a straightforward interface. A variety of popular TV shows, movies, and content are most commonly shown on the site’s homepage. You may get what you are looking for here. Alternatively, you can browse the different categories to see a sorted collection of torrents. And if nothing else works for you, you can type your query in the search bar to directly open the media you want.

8- Limetorrents

Founded in 2009, Limetorrents acts as a torrent search engine, not as a host. No files are hosted, but users can find links to torrent files hosted on other websites. Unlike other torrent sites, Limetorrents is family-friendly and does not allow users to post or search for adult or pornographic material. This can be a viable alternative if some of your favorite torrent sites don’t work. The user interface is easy to understand, and many torrents come from reliable trackers. However, this site is not without its drawbacks, as Limetorrents hasn’t had to spit out a small number of seeds, and the health of torrents is poor.

9- Turlock

Turlock is one of the few torrent sites that still use their .com domain name. Our 10th torrent site on Best Torrent Sites for 2019. Turlock is a trendy torrent site and has various torrent search categories. The first page of the Turlock website contains the latest and most downloaded torrents in each category. You can watch when the file was uploaded, how big, and how many planters and leeches there are. Relatively average, like most torrent sites. Turlock appears to display torrent files with all the content of your search term when searching for torrents. I see how useful this is, but a little disappointing for me. I also expect the file with the most available exercises to appear at the top of my search, so I don’t have to filter the results.

10- Your bit torrent

Your Bit torrent was founded in 2009. However, it started in 2003. The website is a collaboration between two business partners, formerly myBittorrent. The split occurred because one of the partners wanted the website to be closed. Another partner (who wants to develop the site) creates YourBittorrent. YourBittorrent is currently banned in Portugal. There are nearly 2 million torrents available covering popular categories such as movies, software, games, music, TV series, anime, and e-books. YourBittorent, like iDope, supports instant downloads and offers a fast and easy user experience. It’s easy to filter your list of BitTorrent results. Just click on the size, age, seed, or similar category to order again.

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