Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions for YouTube

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YouTube is probably the most popular video streaming platform out there and although it packs in some really
interesting features, what if you could get more out of it? If you are like me, you use YouTube mainly on your browser. If you are using Chrome, you must be aware of the multitude of extensions like Chrome Extensions for YouTube, available for the Google browser. There are Chrome extensions that improve the Gmail experience, personalize tabs, and more. Also, there are numerous Chrome extensions targeted at making your YouTube experience better. Well, here are the 10 greatest Chrome Extensions for YouTube you should use.

Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions For YouTube

1. Magic Actions Chrome Extensions For YouTube

Magic Actions is a comprehensive Chrome extension that enhances YouTube with hundreds of useful features. It has several of the following features: a mouse wheel or right-click volume control, video capture, theme selection, day/night mode, and the ability to circumvent national limitations, among others.

Chrome Extensions for YouTube
Chrome Extensions for YouTube

The address bar has a new button, which you can only see while using YouTube.
To set the various options, just click on the button and go to “Options.”Every element has its own unique set of settings, so you may personalize your experience to suit your needs.

2. Turn Off the Lights

Magic Actions is only capable of the cinema mode function, which darkens the backdrop and enhances the emphasis on video. The addon for Mozilla Firefox called Turn Off the Lights gives users a theatre mode with a tonne of personalization choices. The fading backdrop you choose may be set to an opaque level of your choosing, and automated. You may also modify the color of the fade to anything you like, so the Black fade color is no longer restricted to you.
Chrome Extensions for YouTube
Chrome Extensions for YouTube

has the
following additional features:
  • Screensaver
  • Password Protected
  • Night mode
  • Motion detection for the camera
  • Voice commands 

These chrome extensions for youtube are not restricted to YouTube; they function on any web sites.

3. SmartVideo

Slow internet connections are known to leave videos on YouTube stuck in the buffering state, so give SmartVideo a go if you’re experiencing this problem. It is an addition to the buffer control which provides you complete control over how a video buffer operates. It is possible to set the extensions to start buffering YouTube videos immediately upon page load, rather than waiting for the video to begin. Additionally, it may be set to automatically play the video after buffering is complete, or play it once it detects that smooth playback will follow (based on your internet speed).

In addition to the ability to adjust the buffer, it offers many other extras such as playing all movies in a loop, hiding annotations and customizing video quality and player settings.
Additionally, SmartVideo can process videos posted on other websites, as well as those uploaded to YouTube.

4. GIFit! Chrome Extensions For YouTube

Like GIFs?You can simply create GIFs off of YouTube videos and share them with whomever you want. Although YouTube natively allows you to make GIFs off of videos, it is a little difficult and lacks customizing possibilities. You should give GIFit! a try if you are serious about making GIFs off of YouTube videos. It works straight from the YouTube video player and you can simply click on the “GIFit” button in the bottom bar to get started.GIFit! allows you to specify the start and finish time of a GIF and also modify the height, width, frame rate, and quality. When done, click on the red GIFit! button to generate and download the GIF.

Chrome Extensions for YouTube
Chrome Extensions for YouTube

5. Video Blocker

If you are weary of watching videos from a channel you truly dislike or find improper, you could install the Video Blocker addon. It allows you to block all the videos from a particular channel, and the videos will never be displayed to you again. It will erase the videos from your search, recommendations, and any other aspect of YouTube and make it seem they were never ever there.
Chrome Extensions for YouTube
To ban videos, just right-click on any video from the channel you want to block and choose “Block videos from this channel”. Additionally, you may also use keywords, wildcards, and channel names to restrict channels and particular kinds of videos.

6. Video Preview

YouTube videos typically have a single display image to inform you what it’s about, but it may be a bit hard to predict the material it contains. Video Sample addon allows you to see three preview pictures chosen from a video to give you a sense of the material it provides. On top of that, it also displays a bar on the bottom of the featured picture indicating the likes and dislikes of the video. Overall, the Video Preview extension may save you a lot of time that would have been otherwise lost when you click on a video only to discover that it’s not worth viewing.

Chrome Extensions for YouTube
Chrome Extensions for YouTube

7. BriefTube Chrome Extensions For YouTube

Like Video Preview, the BriefTube Chrome extension makes sure you don’t spend your time on films that just seem nice on the surface.BriefTube provides a description of what a video delivers and allows you immediately go to the video portion that is important to you. The summary provides an overview of the subjects in the video together with the timestamps, so that you may click on the topics to immediately go to them in the movie.

Chrome Extensions for YouTube

Unfortunately, BriefTube only works on videos, which include English subtitles, is HTML5, and longer than 5 minutes. To sum things up, the addon is ideal for instructional films containing chapters, so that you can quickly navigate between various parts.

8. YouTube+ Chrome Extensions For YouTube

Another good Chrome extension for YouTube is YouTube Plus, which provides a variety of functions comparable to Magic Actions and some additional goodies. It has an unlimited scroll in feeds, many alternative video layouts, volume adjustment through the mouse wheel, the opportunity to choose the video quality, the option to favor HTML5 player, and more.

YouTube+ also allows you to automatically build a playlist. It is composed of the top 20 videos. Alternatively, the software provides a button for blocking movies from particular channels.

9. Ratings Preview

The Video Preview addon does not provide the degree of customization. and extra extensions as does Ratings Preview. The bar’s color, opacity, and thickness may be customized to meet your preferences. It comes with a built-in, standardized video quality measurement system that relies on several algorithms to provide a 0-10 rating.

Chrome Extensions for YouTube
Chrome Extensions for YouTube

Additionally, Ratings Preview identifies the most highly rate films on a page, so you may scan the page and quickly discover the finest ones.

10. Smart Pause

Chrome Extensions for YouTube

Smart Pause is a very amazing Chrome plugin for YouTube. What it does, is automatic stops a YouTube video stop the browser. As restarts the movie again when you come back to the tab. So, if you constantly tend to miss out on videos because you have to open a new tab, Smart Pause is the ideal solution to guarantee you never miss a video while still continuing to work on other things. In my experience, Smart Pause was extremely excellent at stopping the video and it stopped and restarted the movie quickly.

Try These cool Chrome Extensions for YouTube

You can enhance your YouTube experience with these Chrome addons for YouTube. In order to improve YouTube’s functioning, there are add-ons to make video playing better. And to help boost your productivity while using the video site. Please test them out and then report back. Contact us, if you know of any interesting Chrome extensions for YouTube that should have been on this list. We enjoy hearing from you, so tell us how you’re doing!

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