What’s the Difference Between a Seller’s Market & Buyer’s Market in Real Estate?

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A seller’s market is a situation where there are more sellers than buyers and the prices of houses are high. On the other hand, a buyer’s market is a situation where there are more buyers than sellers and the prices of houses are low. The market can shift depending on the time and place. This begs the question “what is my home worth”? Hopefully, that question can be answered with some research on the current market.


The costs in the market shift depending on where you find yourself. This also can depend on if you are in a buyer’s market or a seller’s market. The buyer’s market is a circumstance where there are more buyers than sellers and the prices of houses are low. The supply exceeds the demand. Homes will be on the market longer and sellers must complete. The buyers will have more options to look at in terms of what is available.

The buyers competing are now forced to lower the prices that they have listed on their homes being sold because they want to finally get rid of them. This is prime time for people looking for homes to buy.

Seller’s Market is when houses are more costly because buyers on the open market are slimmer than they are on the buyer’s market.


The location of said home for sale can also affect what kind of market the houses are in. Some areas have a buyer’s market while others have a seller’s market.

Places that are smaller in the population or housing are more likely to fall into the category of a seller’s market. The reason being is that there are fewer homes on the market that will increase in value.

Larger areas in population and housing, mean more likely that the area falls into a buyers market. The houses will be more affordable because there are more of them on the market for people to buy.

Value of the Home

The market value of your home can be affected by the market depending on which market you happen to fall under at that time. Do your research!

If your home is set too high, it may end up sitting on the market longer than you expected. This will not be good, especially if you want to get rid of your home quickly.

You may get tired of having your home listed for a long time and that is when you decide to lower the price to try and appeal to buyers.

That is when your house for sale might move into the buyer’s market. The cheaper cost of the home might attract more people in the buyer’s market.

If you live in an area with fewer houses for sale, that means that your house may be more desirable to buyers and might fall under the seller’s market. Being in the seller’s market would obviously be better for you in terms of making money on the house, but it is determined by things like the location of the home.

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