Gogopdf PDF Converter: The Importance of Converting JPG To PDF

Do you have confusion with your file formats? Are you currently handling dozens of images and having challenges on how to manage them? Are you searching for answers in Google on whether to stick with JPG or PDF for this matter? Well, you’ve come to the right article. We will be discussing which file format is best to use and why.

Why Should You Convert Your JPG To PDF?

Provided that JPG images are lossy compressed files, they are more compact than other image file formats. It is also the most used format for uploading images via social media platforms and for other purposes. It is quite the most versatile image format as it functions well with most devices and computer systems. So why should you convert JPG to PDF?

A lot of factors are to be considered for this task. Although JPGs are flexible to most systems, PDF files are still the most convenient as they operate on all devices and systems. They are the universal file format, and they maintain content consistency. They are also more compact than JPGs, making them ideal for transferring online via webmail platforms.

PDFs also have more security features to keep your files private. They can be locked with passwords, unlike with JPGs. They can also be opened and viewed on any smartphone, which is the most used device by the general population nowadays. Lastly, PDFs are more integrated, which supports interactive functions and has high-level encryption.

Steps In Converting JPG To PDF

Gogopdf has a state-of-the-art converter tool that you can trust and rely on when it comes to quality PDF conversions. Its PDF converter tool has a dual function as it can transform your files from and to PDF. Aside from JPG, you can also do PDF conversions with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and webpage’s HTML.

You also need not worry about maintaining your JPG image’s quality when converted to PDF. Again, Gogopdf has a quality PDF converter, ensuring that your image’s quality will not be compromised during the conversion process. Stated below are the simple steps to follow for you to convert your JPG to the portable document format:

  • In your most preferred browser, open the Gogopdf main page and select the JPG to PDF button.
  • Manually upload your JPG by clicking the “Select a file” button or drag your JPG to the Gogopdf dropbox.
  • After selecting your file, the uploading process will take place and will only take less than ten seconds. Another fast loading will commence as it automatically converts your JPG to PDF.
  • Your JPG is now converted to PDF and is available for download! For quicker online sharing, you can also copy-paste the PDF’s URL.

Reducing PDF File Size With Gogopdf

The primary purpose of converting your JPG to PDF is to achieve a smaller file. With a smaller file, you can save disk space, upload faster, and send files online in a more comfortable manner. Webmail platforms, including Gmail, Hotmail, and YahooMail, also have limited uploading capacity, so it is best to have your files shrunk right ahead.

Provided that PDFs are the most convenient and compact file format to utilize, are there any chances that they might also end up as an oversized file? Yes, they can. Especially when you are handling high-resolution images in large quantities, PDFs can also become troublesome to deliver. How do we address these problems?

You can take advantage of the PDF compress function of Gogopdf. With this function, you can attain a smaller PDF without heavily harming its quality. You can also choose the type of compression you need. The free PDF compress shrinks your PDF file to a reasonable size, while the PDF merge PRO compresses it to the least possible file size.

Are Your Uploaded Files Safe?

How about if you are handling files with sensitive content? Since Gogopdf is an online tool, aren’t your files out in the open? If you are concerned about uploading confidential files, Gogopdf has a sophisticated and reliable security system that can keep your files within your eyes only. Their system is designed to delete your uploaded files every after an operation.


Gogopdf has more to offer other than its efficient PDF converter and PDF compressor. Although their services are free, you can upgrade to their PRO membership anytime to avail of unlimited access and benefits! This upgrade is ideal for professionals or even students who are handling massive amounts of PDFs daily.

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