How to Change Netflix Profile on Samsung Smart TV (2022)

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Netflix is a popular video streaming service that requires a subscription. You can enjoy Netflix originals, TV  episodes, movies, documentaries, and more from a single location. How do I sign out the Netflix is accessible on numerous devices, including Samsung smart televisions. Netflix may be loaded on a Samsung TV and used to stream the desired material. By default, Netflix allows you to create up to five profiles per account. Consequently, each member of your family will have their own Netflix experience. It is possible to switch between multiple profiles on a Samsung television. This section explains how to alter your Netflix profile on a Samsung Smart TV.

How to Change Netflix Profile on Samsung Smart TV

This article explains how to sign out of Netflix on a television.
Here are the specifics;

contrast to PCs and mobile devices, Netflix on Samsung Smart TV does not provide switching profiles with a single tap. To switch profiles, you must log out and then log back into your Netflix account.

Note: Verify that your how do I get Netflix on my tv account has at least two profiles on the Samsung Smart TV.

(1). On your Samsung TV, click the Netflix app

(2).Tap the Sign Out option when you’ve found it.

(3).Wait for the procedure to finish. Select the Sign in option once more after you’ve signed out.

(4). Fill up the appropriate fields with the same login credentials.

You may be asked to activate the app by entering the verification code provided on this Netflix link page on select TVs.

(5) When prompted, select the Netflix profile you wish to use and start watch

Alternative Way to Change Netflix Profile on Samsung TV


1. Open the Netflix app and press the left button on the Samsung TV remote.

2. Click on the name of the current profile name.

current profile name

3. Further, select your Netflix Profile that you want to change on your TV.


There is no direct method to transfer profiles on the Samsung TV login version of the Netflix app.
However, the aforementioned approaches will allow you to use several Netflix profiles.

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