3 PDFBear Features to Manage Your Electronic Files Efficiently

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PDF is a widely-used file format utilized by many people. Different industries are also using PDF technology to manage their electronic documents. Even big and small companies are also utilizing it to organize their computer files. Since PDF is a portable file format, it doesn’t consume much of your device storage. That’s why it’s light and ideal for smartphone downloads. Hence, many busy people enjoy the convenience of accessing their electronic files using their smartphones. However, when you have tons of electronic files that you deal with every day, it might be a lot of work and an additional task from your existing typical daily activities. There’s nothing to worry about because PDFBear is now available online for public use. 

PDFBear is a website offering anyone access to its various tools online that you can use for electronic file management. To get to know about the top 3 PDFBear Features, read the details below to learn how each feature works for your electronic files. 

3 PDFBear Features to Manage Your Electronic Files Efficiently

File Conversion

If electronic file management is part of your job, you might have experienced looking for a specific file format that you can’t find in your computer hard drive or smartphone. In this scenario, you need to use a file conversion tool, and PDFBear has that tool on its official website that you can use for free. 


You only need to upload your electronic files on the online conversion tool of PDFBear. After that, the system will process the conversion that will usually take within a few seconds. Once it’s finished, you can save the converted files on your computer hard drive or smartphone. That’s how convenient it is to convert your existing files to another file format. 


Besides that, there are many conversion options that PDFBear offers. You can convert pdf to jpg, png, and other file formats you need. You have to give it a few clicks. You’ll then have the converted files saved on your hard drive. 

File Organization

One exciting feature of PDFBear is its organization tool. It might give you stress when you can’t find a particular file in your disorganized computer folder. Hence, you need effective file organization skills for your electronic documents on your computer or smartphone. That’s why you should start using PDFBear to avoid getting into the same trouble.

PDFBear has a feature letting you merge multiple files. That’s why you can combine electronic documents in one single file to save space in your computer folder. You can start grouping files in a particular categorization. You may merge those with similar content, purpose, and even the same year when the file was created.  


When you have thousands of electronic files, it’ll surely become hundreds. Hence, it’ll be easy to manage and organize them on your computer hard drive. 

File Protection

Another exciting and useful feature of PDFBear is its Protect PDF. If you have some electronic files that contain confidential information, you need to give them protection from unauthorized access. PDFBear has an expert system in dealing with file protection that you can access from its official website. 


You only have to upload the files on the online tool of PDFBear. The system will then ask you to provide a password, so you need to create one. After that, the system will process the encryption and save the password you provided. When it’s done, you can download the encrypted files to your computer’s hard drive. Hence, you’ll have the confidence that your electronic files are safe. 


It’s not easy to manage tons of electronic files at work every day. That’s why PDFbear is made available online to help people deal with their computer files most efficiently. The different features discussed above are only a few of those available on its official website. Hence, you better start exploring the PDFBear website to know what its system can do to help you manage and organize all your electronic files in a stress-free way.

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