What is EMP Shield and How to Protect Against Its Threats

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An electromagnetic pulse is emitted after a nuclear explosion and rendered electronic devices inoperable. EMP weapons are also used to immobilize the electrical system from a wider range of attacks. Tested in a Department of Defense (DOD) approved testing facility, EMP shield device is the world’s first EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse Protection) technology for
the entire vehicle electrical system. Proven to exceed military standards, the EMP shield is also one of the fastest surge protection devices in the world. The best EMP shielding is critical to protecting a functioning command and control structure from EMP-type attacks that can fire hundreds of kilometers and exceed a country’s borders. To learn more about how to best EMP protection to ensure and reduce the threats of EMP.

How To Protect Against EMP

1. Develop Awareness in Family

The EMP is something no one wants to think about, let alone discuss with their children. If disaster strikes and your kids know exactly where to find you, you won’t regret it. Put together a family survival guide and review it with your family once a month. The plan should include secret locations for family gatherings. Children must have a letter that you sign with them at all times allowing them to leave school during the event of a disaster to meet you at designated locations. The letter should include your meeting point and your family emergency plan.

2. Use Latest Equipment In Vehicle

If you have an old vehicle, your car will stop functioning after an EMP accident, artificial or natural. Why equip your car? Wish you were there when the EMP hit. So, it’s quite important to Equipping your car is always a good idea in a pinch. To learn more what should you have to complete it with?

  1. Good quality walking shoes
  2. Every time keep drinking water
  3. Heat-resistant and stable protein blocks
  4. Mylar blankets for emergency situations
  5. Always keep ready a torch and its battery
  6. For instance, in case of emergency, keep your luggage in a backpack and try to exit on the bike.

3. Faraday Shield

The Faraday shield protects small electronic devices from EMP. For learn more on electronic safety, see this helpful guide. The Faraday shield is a small box lined with several layers of foil. An old microwave will also work. Another option is a metal trash can.

What should you put in the Faraday Shield?

  1. CB Radio
  2. Walkie talkie
  3. Small medical equipment
  4. The EMP won’t damage your battery, but it’s best to keep a few in your Faraday cage.

4. Must Consider Your Residential Location

It’s tough, but worth thinking about. Consider relocating your family to the west coast. Why? The West has far fewer nuclear reactors than the East. According to the EMP, we don’t have the electricity needed to cool the reactor. That’s a big deal. Without cooling in the reactor, there is a very large risk of explosion. This happened in Japan after the 2011 tsunami and earthquake. Two reactor buildings exploded.

After the reactor exploded, there was nuclear waste in the air. Depending on wind conditions, radiation is widespread. In that case, you like staying away from nuclear power plants.


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