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warzone bunker codes

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With each latest season of Call of Duty: Warzone, there are new opportunities to collect as many containers and loot as possible for each game on the battlefield. The layout has remained largely unchanged, although the vulnerable bunkers have been altered to make it interesting. Since the game’s makers hinted it to its gaming community this season, there may be new bunkers to find in hidden regions. Regardless, we’re confident that the warzone bunker codes right now will all provide you a wonderful start in your Call of Duty game if you can make it there.

Warzone Bunker Codes Season 6

Players will have access to three new World War II bunkers with the launch of Season 6. At this time, there are no specific warzone bunker codes required to enter these bunkers.

The following are the warzone bunker locations to the new WW2 bunkers:

  • Locations1: Northwest of the Radar Array.
  • Locations2: North-side of The Airport Maintenance area.
  • Locations3: Head north to the silos inside the Boneyard.

Details of old bunkers in a warzone

Although the exact number of bunkers that can be opened during this season has yet to be established, rest assured that we have all of the warzone bunker codes needed to open whatever ones are available.

The following are the Warzone bunker codes:

  • South Junkyard[01]: 97264138
  • Park (nuke) [10]: 60274513
  • North Junkyard [03]: 87624851
  • Prison: 72948531
  • USA TV Station: 27495810
  • 49285163 acres of farmland

warzone bunker codes are required to enter Bunkers 01, 03, and 10 — or at least they were in prior seasons.
Keypad codes are also used to locate lootable locations. To get everything, you’ll need warzone bunker codes.
The TV station, the Farmland area, and another spot near the Prison, this time on its southwest side, are all lootable.

Original Warzone Bunker Locations On Map

These warzone bunker locations were previously available in an earlier version of the map, so if you’re wondering which ones are still accessible, these are the best places to start. Although they are visible on the map, we’ve given brief descriptions to help you find them more precisely:

  • Bunker00 is located south of the Novi Grazna Hills, beneath the cliffside road. To find it, you must first get down the ledge and onto the road.
  • Bunker01 is located on the Kart Racing Track’s southern section. It’s near the intersection of Barakett Promenade West and the track.
  • Bunker02 is located on the same side of the road as bunker 01, but somewhat north of it.
  • Bunker03 – is located just above bunker 02, and should be easy to locate from there, as it is located near the north end of the junkyard.
  • Bunker04 is tucked up among the cliffs south of Gora Dam.
  • Bunker05 is located between the accident site and the military base on Arklov Peak.
  • Bunker06 is located on the map’s northeastern edge. Get off the road to the east of Bloc 15.
  • Bunker07 is located directly west of the Karst Bridge. It’s buried behind a trap door on a narrow meandering lane.
  • Bunker08 is located to the west of Bunker 07 and may be reached by following the steps.
  • Bunker09 is located in the southeast part of the map, directly above the Zordaya prison. Look beneath the bridge for the cliff-side bunker.
  • Bunker10 is located in Tavorsk Park and may be found by gazing south.
Original Warzone Bunker Locations On Map
Original Warzone Bunker Locations On Map

Red access card bunkers in the Warzone

As you may have seen, not every bunker requires a unique code to enter. There are a few bunker codes warzone, though, that require the coveted Red Access Card to enter. All of the others that don’t use codes are in the Red Access Card bunkers. Bunkers 02 and 04-09, to be precise.

These warzone bunker locations and codes are extremely rare and difficult to find. Collecting them from the random legendary loot that can spawn across the Verdansk map is your best bet. Even if you find legendary loot, there’s no guarantee a Red Access Card will be waiting for you.

Another way to get these warzone bunker codes cards is to trade with other players. You can pick up a Red Access Card and use it for yourself if you kill another player who happens to be holding one. If you can do it, it’s fantastic, as long as the player hasn’t already opened the bunkers for themselves.

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What is the best way to get into Warzone bunker 11?

In previous seasons, the Verdansk map had an exciting secret bunker that could be opened. This was the enigmatic bunker No. 11. It required you to go through a series of phone calls and decipher Russian messages in a given order. It was a complicated process and a whole lot of fun for anyone willing to go through the trouble of accomplishing it. Right now, it’s still on the north edge of the map near Bloc 23.

Here’s a list that will help you translate Russian numbers.

  • 0: ноль (“nohl”)
  • 1: один (“a-deen”)
  • 2: два (“dva”)
  • 3: три (“tree”)
  • 4: четыре (“chye-tir-ye”)
  • 5: пять (“pyat”)
  • 6: шесть (“shest”)
  • 7: семь (“syem”)
  • 8: восемь (“vo-syem”)
  • 9: девять (“dyev-yat”)

Regrettably, the current map lacks the same Bunker 11 secrets as the previous one. Does it, or does it not?  On the eastern side of the Factory, which is more identifiable by the Superstore right beside it, a secret bunker that appeared with the arrival of Warzone Season 3 could be found. It can’t be opened right now because the keypad is dead, but we’re hoping to see it light up in future seasons. For the time being, it’s advisable to make a note of it on your map.

Keep an eye out.

We’ve shown you all of the needed Warzone bunker codes that correspond to the current warzone bunker locations on a map in this tutorial. You’ll be able to open the bunkers and collect the riches as quickly as possible if you use these codes – provided you don’t get murdered first.

However, keep an eye out for more hidden warzone bunker locations and codes such as those near the airport, the stadium, and the enigmatic bunker 11, just in case further secret sequences and phone calls arrive. If any changes to the codes, loot, or bunker placements occur, we will update this article, so bookmark us for future reference.

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