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How to Increase Your Instagram Views: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Do you need to get more views on your Instagram videos and reels? Are you struggling to
promote your content among your audience due to rising competition in your niche? Instagram,
being the 5 th most downloaded app in the world, become the leading choice of companies and
brands to market their business and increase sales volume. There are plenty of reasons why
one must take advantage of the increasing view count on Instagram.

In this post, you’ll discover why and how to increase your Instagram views organically
without running into any risk of getting banned or suspended by the platform.

Why Get More Views on Instagram?

If you are running an Instagram account for your brand or business, you will need to get more
views on your posts. This is the best way to secure improved visibility and influence on your
targeted followers. It is predicted that by 2025, there will be around 1.44 billion monthly active

users on this platform, which would include 31.4% of worldwide online users. By boosting your
views on Instagram, you can increase your possibility of reaching this large audience.
Increasing your views on Instagram encourages more audiences to explore more of your posts.
9 out of 10 Instagram users watch videos per week. When you effectively boost your views on
your Instagram reels and videos, you can get the opportunity to get featured on the Explore
page, where 50% of users visit to explore new content monthly. This way, you can reach more
future followers.

When people find lots of views on your Instagram post, they will likely engage with your videos.
The more people watch your reels or videos, the more likely they are to interact with your brand.
The reason is that higher engagement is a metric of social proof that reflects the popularity and
credibility of your brand to followers.

Steps to Boost Your Views on Instagram

Now that you know the importance of having more views, it’s time to learn how you can
increase your Instagram views to go trending on this social media site. The following
techniques will help you skyrocket your views on Instagram reels and videos easily and quickly.

1. Develop meaningful content

Create the pertinent content for your target audience based on whether you use Instagram for
personal enjoyment or your brand. The personal account can be an amalgamation of everything
you need to upload. A business Instagram profile is geared more towards promoting and
marketing to your existing and potential followers.
To get more viewers, create informative and entertaining content. Find out what type of content
works effectively for your targeted followers. You can use reliable tools to get an idea of trending
topics and understand audiences’ requirements.

2. Share user-generated content

According to 79% of users, user-generated content (UGC) impacts their buying decision.
Posting UGC can be beneficial in several ways, but choosing the pertinent posts will consume
lots of time. UGC promotion uses real content created by your audiences. So, there will be no
aggressive marketing or overselling. Sharing UGC allows interaction in both ways: brands
interact with fans naturally by reflecting their product or service, and fans, in response, show,
highlight, and develop their fan following.

3. Audio tracks

Appearing on the Instagram Explore page is the secret hack that most leading Instagram
experts practice to increase the number of views. The advanced algorithm of the platform allows
visibility of only relevant reels based on the users’ activity.

The videos or reels appearing on this page will have a large number of views. You can get the
most out of your content by using trending audio tracks in your content. To find the audio used
in a specific reel, tap the audio thumbnail at the reel’s lower right corner.
Once you tap the audio, you’ll move to the dedicated page, where you can identify how many
people have viewed the original video. You can save the popular audio or use it to film your reel
straight. Be sure that the original video of the trending audio has at least 1 million views to
improve the possibility of your content going viral.

4. Generate short content

Within the past few months, it has been observed that a short content plan is important to
engage followers to fulfill business objectives. Short videos can bring more viewers because
more people want original content. Provide short content to the audience before your
competitors do the same.

5. Add Instagram feeds on your site

If you want to quickly boost your viewers on Instagram, show your content feed on the
homepage. It will allow more online visitors to see your content straight on your website no
matter whether or not they are your followers. You can use trustworthy tools to produce,
personalize, and embed compelling reel feeds on your website in just a few minutes.

6. Post regularly at optimum times

Post your valuable content consistently at the most suitable times when your target audience is
actively using Instagram. Post-engagement time varies based on several factors. One time may
not be appropriate for all users.

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Wrapping Up

So, there is all you can do to improve your view count on Instagram and better promote your
business than your rivals. Keep tracking your performance with regular analysis to identify which
trick is working more efficiently and where you need further improvements.

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