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Digital Navigation, Real Rewards: How to Earn with Google Maps

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The change in the world that has been brought about by technological innovation has been almost incredible throughout the 21st century. One of the areas where you can feel it the most is navigation. Now, you can be in a foreign city for the first time and reliably find the way to any destination by opening Google Maps on your phone.

As one of the most used products of one of the best-known brands, Google Maps is probably something you encounter more than once a week. But have you ever wondered how to make money with Google Maps? We will look into it here.

What is Google Maps?

Just to make sure we are all on the same page, a quick refresher on what we are talking about. Google Maps is a web mapping and navigation platform and part of the product suite of the tech giant Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc. Google launched it in 2005 after buying the company where the idea for such a platform was first developed.

Ever since then, Google Maps was constantly updated, adding new features and improving old ones. These improvements brought Google Maps closer to Google Earth, used to take a virtual trip to anywhere in the world. Although Google Earth still has more visual data, Google Maps is more common and convenient for everyday navigation and geolocation.

How to make money with Google Maps?

Google Maps is a popular service you can use as an app on your phone or through a web browser for free. But can you do more than just that and profit using Google Apps? Yes, you can. Here are the main ways to make money with Google Maps.

Become a Local Guide on Google Maps

Although it will not make you money directly or fast, this is a good way to start and familiarize yourself more with what Google Maps can do for promotion. Local Guides is a feature on Google Maps that rewards users for contributing information, images, and reviews to Google Maps.

The more you contribute, the more you can get rewarded by Google with early access to new features or small gifts. Building up yourself as a Local Guide on Google will also help you find customers if you decide to start marketing with Google Maps as you will be seen as an active user.

Market with Google Maps

You can get paid by local businesses for helping them promote themselves using Google Maps. To do this, you need to know how to properly set up a business account on Google and have some skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As long as you can learn this, you will always find local businesses whose appearance on Google Maps needs to be improved.

You can then help them create proper, keyword-optimized listings on Google Maps. Doing this will help them appear in more Google searches and higher in the results ranking. And as their business will look more professional, they will attract more clients and be glad to pay your fees for helping.

Analyze Google Maps data and correct mistakes

You can freelance as a Google Maps analyst and check the data displayed in the Maps. Some companies will pay you for analyzing the data and checking it to find mistakes that can be corrected. Thus, you can spend your time traveling your local area or any other place you wish to go and confirming the information you find in Maps. Additionally, you can get paid for detecting mistakes in how Google ads appear.

Sell real estate insights

As a real estate agent, you could use Google Maps to gain insights about real estate value based on locations, distances, traffic, and other data. Even if you do not work in real estate, you might find someone who does and sell them the data you collect or insights you have. This information can help identify the best opportunities and get on them early on, thus is very valuable to real estate investors, brokers, and sellers.

Create travel guides on Google Maps

If you like traveling and feel like you could be a great tour guide, you do not have to give live tours, write a guidebook, or even build your own website. You can simply create a tour map using Google Maps. Then you can sell your personalized map to travelers from all over the world who want to experience a location more uniquely than following one of the basic tour maps.

Use Google Maps to optimize mobility

You can utilize Google Maps to create optimal strategies for various mobility-based services, such as ride-hailing or courier deliveries. By analyzing traffic, comparing data for various times of day and week, and checking the closing and opening times of institutions you will be able to tell the best routes for any occasion. You can use this information to help firms and individuals improve their mobility services or create your own.

How to get started?

If you have not done anything for earnings on Google Maps, it might seem hard to get into it. But everyone started somewhere, right? 

First, you will need the skills for your preferred method. If you want to make money directly from Google Maps, you will need either marketing or analytical skills. In both cases, you can find plenty of courses online. Some learning material will be free, while more in-depth courses will most likely be paid. To help cover the charges you might utilize one of the online passive income methods, such as sharing traffic or filling out paid surveys.

Additionally, get to know your local area even better. Learn everything you can about local businesses, building projects, and planned changes. The more you know about the location, the better you will be at mapping it. 

Before that, all expertise of a product starts with being a user yourself. Thus, familiarize yourself with Google Maps as much as possible, know all its features, and follow company news to prepare for the future. Equipped with this knowledge you will surely soon be able to make money with Google Maps.

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