How is E-A-T evaluated in SEO?

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E-A-T is a newcomer to the family of SEO. Though it was introduced in 2014, people started talking about this in the year of 2018. But within a short period, it has got much popularity. We have got thousands of quarries that brought us here to help you with our knowledge and research regarding E-A-T. We will make you understand the process of evaluation, but before that, you have to know what E-A-T is and its importance. So, let’s start.

What is E-A-T?

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These words are associated with the search engine quality. The concept of E-A-T comes from Google’s Search Quality Rater Guideline, which is a 168 pages’ document used by human quality raters to assess the quality of Google’s search engine result.

So, you have understood that we can describe the E-A-T as the quality check of search engine optimization. Most of the reputed SEO service agencies like SEO Agency Melbourne maintain this quality guideline to provide better service to their customers. 

How important is E-A-T?

E-A-T is important for your website as it directly deals with customer satisfaction. When Google users find a page which does not have expertise and authority, also the vital information regarding the creators and business is missing, they will never trust the contents of that page or website. They will simply look for an alternative. It is more applicable when you have a medical or financial website. When people use a search engine for data that is related to their life and money, they never compromise with that. Even Google also prefers only the sites with E-A-T in the YMYL (your money or your life) category.          

 How is E-A-T evaluated?

The websites or web pages that don’t have a beneficial purpose will automatically face poor search performance. Valuable content is held to strict evaluation with the E-A-T. Let’s see the process.


This is the showing of expert knowledge in a particular field. It could be of two types. Formal expertise denotes that contents created by the person who is an expert professional and well known in a particular field. This is important while publishing a medical, legal or finance article.


Being an expert is excellent, but you have to gain the trust of your audience. This process involves displaying the credentials of the content creator as an established authority on that topic. For this purpose, you can show the professional title, certifications, full biodata, and photo of the creator. If the creator attaches to any reputed organization, you can also mention that. If the creator uses social media, you can also provide the link to gain the trust of the customers.


Trust is directly related to the reputation and growth of your website or page. To gain trust, the presence of expertise authority is mandatory, but there should be other factors also important. You should provide a secure website that should be easily accessible for the customers, photos of your products or services, your biodata, and social media link along with photos of your team. Moreover, you should decorate the page very wisely as it says much regarding your business. You should also add a privacy notice and terms & conditions for the website.


E-A-T is very crucial for SEO, as well as for the ranking of your website. You should hire an expert for your business website as well as provide an efficient team under the expert to give support. Following of E-A-T policy may give you rank within a very short time.

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