The Importance Of An Ink Rub Testing

An Ink Rub Testing

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It is no secret that labels are crucial for all products, regardless of the industry. The labels should be highly durable and long-lasting due to the essential information they contain. But how can manufacturers ensure that the label is durable and can stand the test of time? Well, that can be achieved through an ink test. The ink rub testing can help determine the durability of the label.

In this article, we discuss what an ink rub test is and why it is important. Let’s get started!

What is an ink rub testing?

This is a type of label test in which a label is rubbed against an abrasive. It can be rubbed up to 500 times and the label inspected after the test to see if the information on the label is still readable. Different fluids, such as soaps or alcohol may also be used.

While ink rub testing is often done for equipment where the label is essential for safety, any product label can undergo ink rub testing. This type of testing can be used in any application where it is crucial that the ink doesn’t fade away because of abrasion. The test is very important as the results from it are crucial for ensuring that the product meets the required standards.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the reasons that make the ink rub test important.

  1. It helps to boost product safety

One of the most significant benefits of the ink rub test is that it can help increase product safety. Usually, essential product safety details are contained on labels. In the machinery industry, labels comprise information, such as usage instructions, electrical rating, model number, and warnings. All these must be visible because serious safety issues could occur; or for the life of the machinery.

If the safety information of the product is not easily available to an operator, the product safety situation may arise. This can cause liability for the product user or the product manufacturer. Fortunately, an ink rub test helps in ensuring that the label is not only durable but also shows that due diligence has been done.

  1. It boosts product value

This type of test can also enhance product value. Of course, placing a label on a product is a great source of pride for a well-done job. A quality, durable label is often seen as a mark of quality when looking at a product even after many years. An ink rub test ensures that the product’s label will last as long as the lifespan of the product.

  1. Compliance with standards

If you are a manufacturer, the relevant authority must ensure that your products meet the standards. There are high standards when it comes to labeling and ensuring that the label is as durable as possible. As already stated, informing users about a product is typically the first step to keeping it safe. This is precisely why the government has put in place standards for product label durability, and the durability can only be ascertained by doing an ink rub test.

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