How can we make remote work more efficient?

The latest studies made on remote work show that it has such an incredible power that is changing industries. Especially when it comes to software development. As the market need for remote work grows employers need to adjust. When it comes to it outsourcing – remote work is even more important. Many software companies transformed remote work into their unique selling point. They have recognized that many valuable employees choose a job with remote work in their benefit package over a job that pays more.

Still, there are many perspectives worth analyzing when it comes to remote work. See more about these and remote work benefits, here.

Since many companies must adapt to remote work, there is a surge in tools that help. Some help the employees; some help the employers.


One of the drawbacks of remote work is solitude. The fact that you have no colleagues around. This has a certain impact when it comes to brainstorming.

  1. MURAL works like a visual whiteboard, where teammates can collaborate in real-time.

With this tool, you can

  • Plan
  • Brainstorm
  • Evaluate
  • design and learn.

Workforce management

A lot of companies that are reticent to change and remote work just don’t know the right tools for workforce management. There are a lot of tools, and the perfect one just depends on the needs of your company. Also, it must be very user-friendly so that your team members adopt it.

2. NABU – is for software companies, but it is great for Law firms, Design companies, Marketing agencies as well.


It makes it very easy to handle a lot of information for companies with quite a few employees.

 It combines:

– Times & Attendance

– Performance evaluation

– People growth

– Career path

– And company pulse

With this kind of data, the management can make the right decisions to sustain and support remote work.


According to the latest studies, the biggest challenge for a remote worker is how to stay focused when you need to and how to unplug when you need to. Studies prove that your phone can distract you even if it is just near you with the screen down.  And of course, it is not just your phone, especially when you are working remotely. That’s why there are a lot of tools that block distractions.

3. Freedom – blocks distractions on Android or Mac devices. It blocks them in sync across your devices. Without distractions, your productivity will grow, and you can get things done.


Timezone compatibility

Working remotely means knowing no physical borders. Still, there are the time zones. Especially important for popular outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe like Romania, Ukraine, Poland. When you work with teams across the globe, it is very important to be in sync.

4. FIO – Figure it out – is a masterful Google Chrome extension that keeps you updated about every time zone you need. It is beautifully presented, showing if it is day or night in your team’s location.


The most important part of every successful collaboration is communication. Even when it comes to personal relationships. When it comes to remote work there is a great need for it.

5. Slack – is one of the most popular communicational tools combining text, audio, and video chat.

With Slack conversations happen in dedicated spaces – they call it channels.

With this tool you can:

  • Prioritize information
  • Makes it simple to follow conversations
  • Simple to find information
  • Fuels teamwork

These 5 tools can offer remote workers as well as companies that employ them, the perfect resources to optimize work, offer flexibility and freedom. In the end, this is the main reason why people choose remote work. To celebrate individual freedom and needs while making sure of work efficiency.

Remote work tools are the gateway to the transformation of how we perceive work.

Remote work in our view

Being one of the biggest software development companies in Romania, AROBS Transilvania Software has more than 1000 employees. They work in 7 international offices and 7 domestic offices. Therefore, we need some strong workforce management.

We support remote work by understanding its importance. We have clients on 3 continents, and we must be able to align with the time zones. In order to do this, we rely on the many existing tools to help us with time management and work management.

In our view, a good workforce management tool must have a few but important functionalities such as time and attendance, evaluation, skills exposure, and planning.

AROBS Transilvania Software was founded in Cluj-Napoca in 1998. Our main areas of activity are in Automotive, Travel&Hospitality, Life Sciences&IoT, and Enterprise Solutions.

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