How to Maintain Your Health in Your Home

More than just making our homes beautiful, having a healthy home is more important to us now than ever. Many of us still spend a lot of our time in our homes and making sure that it’s a clean and healthy environment is important for the management of our own physical health. If you want to maintain a healthy home, here are a few things you should be doing.

Pest Control

Many of us don’t even realise the impact that pests in our homes can have on us. Rodents and certain insects can carry diseases and contaminate food in our pantries and cause potentially serious illnesses. Aside from this, wasp or spider infestations can also be dangerous to your family’s safety and should be taken care of by contacting a Pest Control company. 

Once any existing issues have been dealt with, keep the problem in mind and be sure to avoid a reoccurrence by keeping your space clean, dry and well ventilated. 

Mould Management

Yet another problem that people tend to overlook in their homes is mould. Mould and mildew can build up in moist and dark areas and has been proven to have some level of toxicity, and can therefore also cause illness in you and your family. Occasionally cleaning damp areas like your plumbing, showers and even inside your walls will help to ensure that there’s no mould in your home.

Regular Deep Cleaning

Just like how you need to remember to wash behind your ears, sometimes your house needs the same kind of washing. Deep cleaning things like your mattress, carpets, rugs and sofas from time to time is a good way to avoid a build-up of bacteria. You should also be cleaning behind appliances and big pieces of furniture (like your bed and your refrigerator) on a semi-regular basis to catch dust, pests and any bacteria building up there as well.

Air Purifier

Investing in an air purifier is a great way to combat any of these potential dangers in your home by cleaning your air. An air purifier uses a filtering system to help to negate the effects of moulds, as well as catch any dust and allergens in the air you breathe indoors. This will protect you and your family, as well as keep your house smelling fresh, even in times when you don’t manage to get that deep clean done. 


Knowing when to replace certain items will be very helpful in protecting you from germs and bacteria building up. Pillows and pillowcases should be replaced from time to time as they will build up oils from your skin and hair which eventually can’t simply be washed out anymore. The moisture that your towels have to deal with on a daily basis also makes them a target for building up bacteria and should also be replaced every two years or so. Similar items like kitchen towels and face cloths also have their own lifespans, and you can check out how often you should be replacing certain household goods here

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