Fashion and Diversity in 2020

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In this article of Fashion and diversity, we’d like to have a look at how the style industry has changed dramatically over time. Infamous for his or her loss of diversity in the beyond, we’re now seeing numerous examples of exchange. We take a more in-depth have a look at how fashion and diversity is championed, with an extra inclusive aesthetic and those of coloration being represented in major campaigns as well as the notice of models from the trans, disabled and LGBTQ communities

What is fashion?

Fashion can be defined as to make something in a particular form. Every year fashion industry introduces new ideas and styles to the world by showcasing them through people who are followed by many individuals around the globe, those people include celebrities, writers, magazine editors, photographers, influencers, etc. By introducing these new items of particular styles it takes a form called trends. Every year a new trend or a trend from a past is introduced. Designers tend to introduce something that is being followed by many people or is sometimes considered unorthodox or outlandish, and sometimes former trends are reintroduced as a blast from the past. In the past decade or so Fashion was followed by rules made by designers and stylists to make a person appear tasteful and elegant. People who didn’t follow these rules were considered off-putting and objectionable. Those rules include:

  • Don’t pair black and navy
  • Don’t wear socks with sandals
  • Only superhero can wear capes
  • You should always dress according to your age
  • Stick to one print
  • Wear heels to formal gatherings
  • Short girls should never wear maxi dresses
  • Dress femininely/ masculinely 
  • Wearing less jewelry to look more polished
  • Sequins are for night time
  • Wear clothes according to your body shape

Diversity in fashion in 2020

In the last 10 years, fashion has changed remarkably. Nowadays people consider fashion a way to express themselves, their personalities and even their orientation. 

  • In 2020 gender stereotypes are redundant. Many people don’t follow the introduced trends. They just want to feel comfortable in their skin. The 80’s come back in full swing. In which no masculinity or femininity fashion trends are necessary.
  • Unisex clothing is becoming more and more popular. Fashion designers showcasing different genders wearing unisex outfits shows how fashion has changed. Dressing up in a way that expresses your personality and imagination is the new fashion.
  • Another thing that has come forward is minimalism, taking into consideration that “less is more”. Not having trendy designer clothing or accessories is supreme in its way. 
  • Climate change is also one of the biggest factors in the change of the fashion industry, recycling has become a huge part that changed consumers behavior towards fashion. Nowadays thrift shopping is becoming more and more popular. 
  • Makeup and nail paints worn by both men, women and non-binary individuals is the new normal
  • The biggest trend followed by people is to have vintage clothing items. Wearing t-shirts with dress pants and sneakers or biker shoes and wearing delicate or formal fabric creates both chic and edgy look depending on how you style the items according to your preference.  

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