A Simple Guide for Students When Choosing a Laptop

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As a campus student, you need a reliable personal laptop. Despite the fact that there are some school computers at your disposal as a student, you definitely need a personal computer that can serve you wherever you wish. Choosing a laptop is always a problem for students. It’s happened due to students who have no idea and experience. You don’t need to worry in this article we try to help you in choosing a laptop. Always look for a long-lasting laptop whose battery doesn’t die off too soon.

The advantage of laptops is that it can be carried about even to places where there is no electricity. It is therefore very necessary to have a laptop that can serve you for long without needing a recharge. According to, a good laptop battery should last for about 8 hrs. With such a laptop you won’t have to worry when you realize you forgot to carry your charger if your laptop’s battery is fully charged. Your PC ought to be adaptable to lest you run a number of demanding programs concurrently without crushing.  The processors should also be good enough not to let your machine heat up while putting it under pressure.

Consider the following characters before you purchase a laptop.


The size of the monitor for a student laptop ought to range between 12.5 – 14 inches. This will provide you with the right kind of display of the content on your screen. Ensure the laptop’s screen resolution is absolute (1920 – 1080) for the safety of your eyes.


This defines the speed at which the computer produces command results. Any ideal processor will let you run a number of engaging soft wares ago without heating up or producing any unnecessary noises. Get a laptop whose CPU is i5 and above; otherwise, you will be greatly disappointed by the slow processing rate of your machine.


Get a laptop with a large file storage capacity as this will not need you to go looking for an external storage device that could at some point get lost or break down. Besides storing your study notes, you’ll need to store some songs, movies, or some favorite television series that are good mind refreshments. If your PC has enough room for storage, you can store as many of this as you wish without having to free up some space to create room for more.

A laptop whose RAM has a capacity of 8GB is ideal. Let the storage be SSD and not a separate hard drive because this may easily crash and you will end up losing all your stored data.


A laptop can help you be very productive in your studies. Therefore, always be willing to go that extra mile to get a good machine that can serve you all through your school life and even later where applicable. Pay close attention to the battery capacity and all other factors discussed above to ensure you get the best laptop that will not cause you later regrets. It is my hope that this guide has been of use to you and you can always refer a friend or recommend it to one.

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