4 Ways that Technology Has Changed Businesses

A lot of small businesses struggle to make profits in the first years of their operations. In fact, more and more businesses are realizing that the old way of doing business has to some extent, gone obsolete, and there are new and improved ways that technology has changed businesses. This way of doing business better relates to a new generation of people and consumers, who are not familiar with any other way of purchasing products, or enquiring about a service, or learning about a new business.

For example, a young adult today, will not be familiar with the concept of yellow pages or Rolodexes, etc. Instead, what they are most common and comfortable with are mass text app and other mobile apps that help you store contact and personal information. That’s why more and more businesses are rushing towards these mobile apps and platforms, and not putting their money into more traditional forms of marketing like yellow pages or newspapers. That is one-way technology has impacted and changed the way we do business.

4 Ways That Technology Has Changed Businesses

Here are 4 ways that technology has changed businesses.  

1. Mobile Apps 

Because we already mentioned this, we might as well dig deeper into it. Mobile apps have changed the game in terms of registering your business, how customers become familiar with your business, and how customers contact your business. In the old days, yellow pages and phone directories were the place business registered their information. Now more and more businesses either have their very own mobile app or use a third-party app to operate from. For example, a restaurant may have its own mobile app where a customer can contact them, see their menu, and even order from. Or that restaurant can seek the services of a third-party delivery app, that will provide all those things for them, for a cost or fee. Mobile apps have made business easier, and are a huge improvement from the old yellow-page days.

2. Social Media 

Social media is another innovative technology in the business world. Back in the day, businesses would head to their local paper and take out a full-page advertisement if they wanted to get the word out on their newest product. They might also rent out a billboard and have an advertisement of theirs up there. But now, with the introduction of social media, businesses and brands can reach even more people than billboards ever did, and they can do it all from their mobile phones! Imagine that amount of influence, reach, and capability. Of course, billboards are still around and still provide a purpose. But marketing through social media and online has taken the top spot for marketing and advertising.

3. Mass Communication 

Would you believe that door-to-door selling was the most practiced sales technique amongst salesman and businesses? But now, very often, if ever, do you find someone knocking on your door to sell you a product. Instead, you may see it online, or receive a text straight to your phone explaining everything there is to know about the product and its benefits. Technology has provided the ability for mass communication and businesses have made full use of it. Not only to sell products, but to increase revenue, and help their business grow. 

4. More Innovation, Faster Changes 

Because technology is evolving rapidly, it’s forcing surrounding industries and businesses to follow suit. That’s why businesses are constantly innovating and improving their product. And that’s also why there are so many changes to the products available.

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