Best Online Drinking Games for Couples

Staying connected is vital for couples in long distance relationships. But simply catching
each other up on daily events via routine video chatting can start feeling mundane. Mixing
things up with online drinking games adds a fun element perfect for LD couples looking to
bond and make virtual date nights more lively!

With phones by your sides, the distance between you and bae seems to melt away as you
play, joke around, and enjoy some friendly competition. And since you’re already miles apart
physically, no need to worry about letting those drunken dance moves loose!

Keep reading for the best couple drinking games online free for long distance couples
looking to ignite sparks and laughter from afar. Bottoms up!

Reaction Speed Games
Testing response times and ridiculous reflexes against your partner makes for maximum
amusement. With these digital takes on classic fast-paced competitions, enjoy bantering and
boasting bragging rights game after game.

1. Quiz Of Kings: Trivia Games
How It Works: Open this free trivia app and select games to challenge your long distance
love to. With a wide range of topics from pop culture and entertainment to arts and science,
quiz one another rapid-fire to reveal who knows random facts. Each round the loser drinks!

What You’ll Need:

– The Quiz Of Kings: Trivia Games app
– A video chatting platform like FaceTime or Zoom open simultaneously
– Favourite drinks for sipping on nearby

2. Trivia Crack
How It Works: Similar to QuizUp, this beloved trivia game pits you head-to-head responding
to addicting multiple choice questions covering science, entertainment, art, geography,
sports and history. Every incorrect answer earns a drink!

What You’ll Need:

The Trivia Crack app
– Your devices on a FaceTime or Zoom call
– Wine, beer, cocktails or shot glasses ready to gulp down losses

3. Mini Games
How it Works: One player sets up mini-games on apps like 100-in-1 Games and take turns
attempting levels and try not getting distracted trash talking your partner! Slowest time or
lowest scores earns you a drink each round.

What You’ll Need:

– 100-in-1 Games mini-game app or any similar games
– Your phones or tablets on a video chat
– Preferred drinks nearby to sip on

Virtual Twists on Classics
Modern tech updates give classic drinking staples like beer pong and flip cup virtual magic.
Play buzzed buckshots in visual pong dreams or race to flip from screen to screen. The
nostalgia mingles perfectly with futuristic functions for couples miles apart.

4. Flip Cup Online
How It Works: The fan fave college party game has entered cyberspace so you can flip solo.
Set up your devices on opposite ends then race sliding fingers under red cups to flip them
from screen to screen. First to successfully send a “flip” to their partners’ device wins!

What You’ll Need:
– Flip Cup Online app
– Your phones or tablets on a video call platform
– Preferred brews to shotgun after victories

5. iPong
How It Works: It’s game on for virtual beer pong! Tap your screens to shoot balls and try
sinking them into red solo cups from afar. Whenever you nail shots, your partner drinks
accordingly based on house rules. Rack up hits in this buzzed sharpshooter.

What You’ll Need:
– iPong app downloaded
– Your tablets or phones on a video call
– Beer glasses, cocktail mixes, wine etc. for your partner to sip on

6. Drunk Asshole

How It Works: This virtual card game is perfect for some explicit yet hilarious mischief. Take
turns drawing cards then completing scandalous dares or answering risqué prompts.
Whoever fails to complete assigned tasks takes drinks. Things escalate quickly…

What You’ll Need:
– Drunk Asshole app
– Your devices on a FaceTime or Zoom call
– An open mind + drinks nearby for any slip-ups!

Multiplayer Experiences
Going beyond solo screen tapping, these multiplayer games fuse online and real world play.
Switch off guessing drawings, decoding messages, even emulating escape rooms with your
long distance darling for engaging fun.

7. Drawasaurus
How It Works: One partner privately draws a simple sketch or object in the app. Then the
drawer describes their creation using vague adjectives for the guesser to illustrate on their
own device. Reveal masterpieces when finished for laugh out loud results!

What You’ll Need:
– Drawasaurus app
– Your tablets or mobile devices video chatting
– Art supplies like paper, pens, colored pencils etc. within reach
– Wine or other beer, cocktails nearby

8. Among Us
How It Works: Players get assigned either as a crewmate or an imposter in a spaceship
where crewmates are constantly trying to uncover who’s who’s the imposter based on
murder witnesses and chat cues. Take turns analysing conversationally to deduce identity of
the Imposter before the entire crew is murdered

If you’re a crewmate:
● Drink for each task completion
● Drink if meeting interrupts task
● Drink per reactor meltdown/O2 leak
● Drink when ejecting a crewmate

Drink per emergency meeting
● Drink if finding dead body
● Drink if imposter kills you
● Finish drink if loss due to reactor/O2
If you’re the imposter:
● Drink per kill
● Drink when ejecting a crewmate
● Drink per reactor/O2 sabotage
● Drink whenever vent sneak
● Finish drink if sabotages win

What You’ll Need:
– Among Us app
– Your phones, laptops, tablets connected on video call
– Cocktails, shots or preferred poison to sip on suspiciously

9. The Vault
How It Works: This exciting app transforms your devices into a simulated escape room filled
with puzzles, codes, hidden object searches and more immersive challenges. Collaborate
clues as you race against time searching for escape before getting “locked in” after an hour.

What You’ll Need:
– The Vault app
– Your phones or tablets on a video chat
– Snacks and drinks to fuel your escapades

IRL Fun Translates Virtually
Long distance relationships mean missing out on a lot of shared experiences. But these
online drinking games capture the essence of beloved staples like beer pong and flip cup
virtually. The friendly competition, laughter, and chance to booze together makes game night
with bae possible from afar.
And getting a glimpse into your partner’s home setting from hundreds of miles apart can feel
oddly more intimate than going to a crowded college dorm party. From cheering victories to
taunting any sore losing, bond while getting buzzed no matter the physical distance

Thanks to smartphone capabilities, any date night drinking games you’d play together in
person translates online. So connect over FaceTime with your phones in hand and drinks
flowing freely. Let the virtual escapades begin!

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