Why CTET Is Called An Ideal Certificate To Get A Government Teaching Job?

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CTET stands for Central Teachers Eligibility Test conducted once a year. CBSE conducts this exam to find out the best teachers for government schools. A country’s future is in teachers’ hands as they have the power to inculcate unique ideas into students’ minds. If you are supposed to give this exam, you would be needed to download the CTET Admit Card from its official site. Moreover, teachers also get an opportunity to serve the nation by educating the young generation. No doubt that the CTET exam is one of the most popular exams since it is somewhere associated with one’s intellectuality and intelligence at the same time. 

Now, the next question that comes to mind is what the significance of the CTET certificate is. Many aspirants get confused about why they need to earn a CTET certificate. Why is it called an ideal certificate to have a government-teaching job? How do the qualified ones have a job after gaining a high-scored CTET Result and CTET certificate? What could be the validity of this ideal certificate? Here, we are going to share detailed information. Let us check it out – 

To Go Up In Your Career

Have you been wondering about the career scope after passing the CTET exam? You will be having new career opportunities related to the teaching field indeed. It would not be wrong if it said that the CTET Exam is regarded as a passport to turning into a government teacher. We all know that the government always believes in hiring eligible and highly talented candidates. 

If you have earned this certificate, you are qualified to start your career being a government teacher. You can go ahead to apply to get a direct position as a government teacher in any government school such as ERDO, NVS Army Teacher, and so on. Saying would not be wrong that you will indeed have a bright future being a government teacher. 

It is up to you for what post and in which school you want to apply. You do not need to be stagnant with the teaching post introduced within states, but you may also apply for other teaching jobs introduced in other states. 

This certificate claims that you are equipped with the required qualifications and skills indeed. You do not need to worry if you do not get success to clear the CTET exam since you may also apply in private schools. 

Why CTET Is So Important

We can say that it is a sort of certificate indeed. This certificate introduces that you hold minimum eligibility to get hired being a government teaching job in any government school. If you pass this exam, only then will you have this certificate. You may go ahead to apply for teaching vacancies introduced in various schools as per your interest. 

Duration Of CTET Certificate

You probably are thinking that how long the CTET certificate remains valid. Well, it goes for 7 years right after the results are introduced. Saying it would not be wrong that 7 years are enough indeed. The best thing is that there is no limit or restriction in the context of attempts. If you are satisfied, then you may go again to attempt the exam indeed. Even if you have qualified for this exam, you can go ahead to attend this exam.

A Wide Array Of Opportunities

The fact cannot be ignored that you will not face any dearth of opportunities if you make your mind to a primary teaching job. You could become a senior teacher. You may also become a headmaster in a school. Moreover, You can even start being an assistant teacher at a primary school. If you are interested in being a principal, then you may go for that too. You may apply to higher grade school to become a principal. There are so many options to kick off your career being a teacher. All you need to decide what goes with your skills, interest, and comfort. 

CTET salary varies as per the state in which you are hired. However, the pay band will be between INR 9300 to 34800. Apart from it, you will be having a gross earning of INR 27000. When this teaching job has these many excellent aspects, then why would not everyone love to apply for the CTET exam to get it cleared?

In The Last

After knowing all this, you might be very excited about kicking off your career as a government teacher. Hope the shared information has already taken your confidence and excitement for CTET preparation to the next level. 

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