What is Water Kefir and How is it Made?

Water kefir is a happy pro-biotic  drink with a slight fizz. There are countless types of water kefir you can make. You can add fruit, a slice of lemon or continue with second fermentation and make a bubbly fruit juice kefir.

Water kefir is made with water kefir grains which are cultured in sugar and water. Thought to have originated during the late nineteenth century, water kefir is a delicious beverage, but is also packed with many health benefits.

The most significant health benefit of water kefir is its diverse probiotic content. Water kefir provides a good source of beneficial bacteria which supports gut health, immune function, mood regulation and much more.

Where Do Water Kefir Grains Come From?

The origin of water kefir grains isn’t clear, however there is some evidence that indicates Mexico. The grains may have formed on the pads of the Opuntia cactus which were reconstituted in a water and sugar solution to make water kefir.

Other evidence suggests the origin of kefir grains being from the Caucasus Mountains in Tibet or the southern peninsula of the Ukraine. The exact origin of water kefir grains is difficult to know as there is a lack of documentation which indicates a location and date. Pinpointing the origin is also made difficult due to the fact that kefir grains are found throughout the world, and each culture has its own version.

Where Can I Buy Water Kefir Grains Online?

There are many online sources to purchase water kefir grains, however you want to be sure that you are buying your water kefir grains from a reputable source. Laboratory analysed and certified cultures are great because you have the advantage of knowing what cultures are in your kefir grains and how much. You will also have the comfort in knowing they have been properly prepared.

How Do I Make Water Kefir?

Water kefir is incredibly simple to make. It’s very versatile so you can make it many different ways by adding flavours such as fruit. Here is an easy to follow recipe and everything you need to know about making your own water kefir at home.

Can I Drink Water Kefir Every Day?

Kefir is very safe for most people to consume. Kefir is a nutrient dense probiotic rich food that can be consumed daily. Water kefir may help to create a healthy gut environment and improve overall digestion.

There are few side effects associated with kefir, apart from mild cramping or constipation, water kefir doesn’t usually produce any side effects when consumed in moderation. However, as with many things, it’s a good idea to take it slowly when first starting to consume kefir. This will allow your body to adjust to the beneficial bacteria and avoid any side effects.

Water kefir is a traditional fermented drink that is packed full of beneficial bacteria. Water kefir can make a great alternative to milk kefir, making a tart tasting bubbly beverage which can be made many ways to suit your taste. You can learn more about water kefir grains, and purchase your kefir starter kit to begin making your own water kefir at home.

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