What is the best Internet Service Provider in Texas?

If you are relocating to Texas or already living there and considering switching, you have reached the right place. In this article, we will share all the information you need to make an informed decision. Selecting an appropriate ISP (internet service provider) can become a task if you have too many options available in your area that are offering an unlimited amount of packages and have almost the same price ranges. We can help you with that!

You should first grab a pen and paper for research purposes. Write down the number of users in your house, their daily consumption that will significantly vary based on the amount of video or gaming content, and what services you are looking for. You should write down the prices that you want to invest in with the packages offered, along with the customer’s rating. We would recommend you ensure their previous customer’s reviews, call their customer services and ask away all your concerns, and don’t forget to take your neighbor’s reviews too. If you ask us, we would suggest you must check out CenturyLink internet plans or if you are looking for no-contract you should check Spectrum internet too.

Just an FYI for Texans:

  • 32% Speed
  • 37% Reliability
  • 25% Affordability

Below are some stats you should know about the serviceability of ISPs in Texas!

Internet Service Providers in Texas

Type of Plan # of Providers # of Plans
Cable 4 123
Mobile Broadband 4 32
Satellite 2 12
DSL 3 107
Fiber 2 90


Best Internet Service Provider in Texas

Cable Internet is the widely used type of internet in several states and when it comes to Texas, the demand and value for cable internet are increasing regularly. It is because cable internet is offering fast internet speed at a low cost. It is what everyone wants.

You’ll be surprised to know that several Internet Service Providers in Texas offer internet with a bandwidth of 1Gbps, which is insane. If you want to enjoy the faster internet connection in Texas, you have the option of Fiber Optic Internet.

In Texas, several Internet Service Providers offer internet with the highest speed of up to 1 Gbps. Cable One, Spectrum, and Xfinity are the leading service providers in Texas.

There are several DSL Internet Services available in Texas. But 9 out of 10 times, you’ll pay for having a slow internet connection. But it is not the case with cable internet and CenturyLink internet. Both of the internet service providers offer the best Internet Services in the area. Thus, we have to compare them to judge which one is best and why.

You have probably seen service providers claiming that they provide an internet connection with a speed of 100Mbps. But then again it is not the same speed for every area. You have to contact them and tell them your home address. They’ll give you an estimated internet speed that you’ll get at your house. EarthLink and Frontier are the two leading names providing 100Mbps of internet speed.

Fiber Internet Services in Texas

If you have access to Fiber Optic Internet Services in Texas, you are the luckiest person there. It is the fastest internet which will let you enjoy lightning-fast internet. But if you don’t have access to it yet, all you can do is wait for the services to become available in your area and go for cable or DSL internet services instead. Don’t worry because the service providers are trying their best to expand Fiber Internet in every part of the region. You can enjoy a speed of 1Gbps with Fiber Internet, AT&T, Cable One, and CenturyLink are the leading names in Texas.

You can use satellite internet in Texas but make a note that Texas has slow satellite internet. It offers you a slow-speed internet connection with a speed of only 25Mbps. It is slow but is also inexpensive. About 30% of the people living in Texas don’t have access to the internet. But still, it is the 23rd most connected state of the US.

Conclusive Notes

We have tried to compile all the information in this article that could help you make the purchase. However, for further clarity, you should get in touch with the ISP you are considering investing in. If you are looking for a digital phone or TV service, that will save you a lot of money if you get a double or triple play.


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