5 Most Extensive Way To Remove or Reduce The Appearance Of Wrinkles

Creases never look good, be it on clothes, face, or shoes. But creases on the face are the worst as they don’t go that easily. These wrinkles are a source of worry for all. They make your skin look aged and imperfect and nobody wants that! That is why for decades people have been trying to find a cure for it. These folds and ridges on the skin have been tested for numerous medications, treatments, surgeries, and whatnot. People have spent billions of dollars just trying to remove or reduce the appearance of these wrinkles. They have gone under the knife, but have failed! This is because they don’t know the right ways.

There is nothing wrong with spending money on your skin. It is an important aspect of both your appearance and personality. But the thing is to spend it on the right procedures. Instead of improving your skin you can damage it beyond repair if you try removing these wrinkles by yourself. Do not experiment as it can cost you a lot more than you can imagine.

We know that you don’t welcome wrinkles, nobody does. But from sun damage, age, medical side effects and dehydration to smoking, environmental influences, and genetic factors all will lead to the development of wrinkles at some point in your life. So you have to find some solution without taking risks! As it is your skin that is under the question you shouldn’t rely on everything you hear. You cannot apply all the cream or undergo surgery after surgery because they claim to be effective.

Mark our words, 90% of these ways do more harm than good. Thus you should only trust the most extensive and fool-proof ways. You should consult a skin specialist who can advise you proper treatments like mini facelift in Sydney or proper dermatologically tested courses. That is why we have filtered 5 best ways that have never failed to impress dermatologists world-wide. They have been handpicked from dozens of others so that you receive the best results.

  1. Dermabrasion:

It is a surgical procedure which revolves around controlled abrasion of the skin and it involves wearing away of the upper layer with sandpaper or mechanical methods. Its does lead to a bit of swelling and scabbing but these fade after 14 days. The pinkness might remain for a few months. This method is best for removing fine wrinkles but doesn’t last long. The desired outcomes are also not immediate. Another more effective type of dermabrasion is Microdermabrasion. In this treatment, a powerful vacuum is used to spray aluminum oxide microcrystals across the skin. This removes the uppermost skin cells and stimulates the growth of the cell in the skin’s underlying layers. This method not only delays wrinkles but also results in smoother skin as well.

  1. Laser therapy:

One of the latest methods for diminishing the appearance of wrinkles relies on using a light source and radiofrequency to destroy the outermost skin layer. It uses a laser beam to remove the upper cells and heat the dermis which is the underlying skin. This leads to the stimulation of new collagen fibers. According to research, those who underwent laser treatments had a 90 % satisfaction rate within 1 month. Even though the wounds of these treatments may take time to heal but the newer skin is more smooth and tight. Moreover, with newer therapies being developed using updated laser technology are more effective and also heal quickly. Last but least, non-ablative lasers and treatments done using pulsed light sources and radiofrequency devices are not even harmful. They cause no damage to the epidermis and triggers the formation of new elastin and collagen for firmer and more refreshed skin. However, several treatments are required for desired effects!

  1. Botox

This method called Botulinum toxin type A also known as Botox, which is one of the most common methods used for reducing and delaying wrinkles. It involves blocking chemical signals that lead to muscle contraction. This chemical is injected into your skin’s targeted muscles in small amounts. Due to this, the muscles can no longer tauten, thus flattening the skin and making it look smooth. Moreover, it can reduce the forehead lines, the wrinkles between the eyes called frown lines and even those around the corners of the eyes called crow’s feet. However, these treatments require at least 3 months and repeated injections for complete results. Last but not least, this method lasts longer than any other treatment.

  1. Facelift

This method of rhytidectomy, commonly known as a facelift is cosmetic surgery. You go under the knife to make yourself look younger. It revolves around removing excess fat and skin from your face. It can also tighten underlying tissues. In simple terms, it redrapes the facial skin and skin on the neck. As per studies, facelifts can last for 5 years. However, it does have longer healing periods as well. The patient has to experience swelling for several weeks as the after-effects of surgery can be lengthy.

  1. Medications:

If you are against surgeries and all of the lengthy aesthetic procedures then you can try medications as well. But be careful as there are many products out there. Topical retinoid derived from vitamin A so we recommend you only go with it. They are very effective in reducing fine wrinkles. However, these medicines have side effects and can make your skin burn in sunlight. So consultation with a dermatologist is a must as they will suggest a good skin-care program along with it for protection. You can also go for Over-the-counter creams and chemical peels but check their ingredients cautiously. Their effectiveness will depend upon their consistency of active ingredients such as retinol, kinetin, coenzyme Q10, alpha-hydroxy acids copper peptides, and other antioxidants. 


Wrinkles are a natural process. Everyone has to face them. You cannot ward them off but you can take care of your skin and use these treatments to smoothen the process. These are all tried and testified. So,you can apply them without any worry. But as each skin is different, it is best to consult your dermatologist before going for any of the ways above. They all lead to regenerated skin which is smooth and less wrinkled as you desire but for best results, it is advisable to refer to a professional for the treatment. We hope that wrinkles never reach your skin and may it glow forever!

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