Ultimate Link Building Strategies That Will Never Get Old

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The pool of SEO flows so hastily that most articles you read on “link-building tactics” will always have a bizarrely short half-life. But wait, what exactly is Link Building?

Link building is the process of earning or gathering links for your website from various external web pages. Now, building high-quality links is crucial. It improves your website’s rankings and visibility so that you can shine on the first page of search engines.

Suppose you read a blog about creating links and a powerful link-building strategy from over a year ago. In that case, you’ll come to know that some of the tips on there will be useless today. And in some cases, the outdated strategies will even get you blacklisted or penalized by Google.

So, when the world of SEO is changing so rapidly, how can small businesses be expected to keep up with the forthcomings? Regardless of the ever-changing SEO pace, there are still a few fundamental link-building strategies that will never fail to be effective.

So, what does it take to build an empowering link-building strategy? Not much, just the following tactics:

1. Backlinks 

It is a great way to start, mainly if you are a beginner. If your colleagues, clients, friends, partners, relatives have a site or a blog, ask them for backlinks. Demand in-content links instead of links in the footer or sidebar.

Furthermore, be careful and ensure that the backlink you choose comes from a good source and relates to your niche. Otherwise, it will do nothing for your website.

2. Internal Linking 

These are the links that move from one page to another within the website. Despite being profoundly influential, internal linking gets often neglected. Still, it’s a remarkable way to gather more people to your content. To create an impressive internal link strategy, always search for a suitable keyword phrase within your website and link it to the home page or an inner page with detailed information. The user stays longer and further discovers the website.

Other than luring in more visitors, here’s what internal linking can do for you:

  • It helps to minimize the overall bounce rate of your website.
  • It enhances page authority and passes link juice adequately to all pages of the website.
  • Efficient internal linking boosts the overall indexation and crawl ability of the site.
  • Helps with keyword rankings if your webpage has strategic internal links and relevant content.

Start a Blog

Never make a blog with one backlink and one post to your site. If you already did so, you not only wasted your time but also created a risky link for yourself.

Just think about it: would you want to look at a website for more than a minute if it has only one blog? Probably not!

If you want to have your website, you need to keep it alive with much content. Therefore, write posts regularly. Focus on your industry and the needs of your clients. In time, it will gain authority. Besides that, make sure that your content makes sense and is well-structured and valuable.

That is the only way to ensure that customers will want to link to it again and again.

Use Competitor Links

Use the tool of your choice to create a backlink report for your opponent’s website.

Visit the list of backlinks and request the websites for every backlink you do not have. Furthermore, caution should get exercised when picking your links. If the site has been around for a long time, there’s a good chance you’ll come across a few toxic links.

Remember that there have been multiple updates over the few years that have exposed web pages for participating in “spammy link schemes.” Acquiring such links will generate a drawback, such as a penalty for your website if you backlink from them. Therefore, stay far from private blog network sites, low-quality directories, and other highly infected websites as they will reduce your ranking.

Give a Testimonial

Without a doubt, testimonial link building is a winner scenario! Many businesses provide you the chance to say a few sentences about your experience using their services/products.

Besides being a “partnered approach,” this is a perfect way for them to build a strong relationship. It is also an excellent opportunity for you to receive a backlink and get potential traffic from the website. It has a much higher approval rate than your typical link request emails.

And while you get a brand-new backlink, companies will apply another testimonial to put on their website.

Broken Link Repair

In a nutshell, this tactic discovers broken links on premium quality websites. It informs the owners of their broken links while offering them a solution to fix them.

How does this work? It’s simple. Make a list of your link projections. Run the URL of every site through any tool that offers a backlink report for broken links.

Once you discover the broken links, you need to figure out the content that used to be linked. In many scenarios, you can utilize the Wayback Machine to identify pre-existing web pages. You will design content that not only replaces your discoveries but is even better by offering updated and detailed information.

As far as the next step is concerned, you need to reach out to the website owner and make an email that kindly informs them about their broken link. You can do that, right?

Other than that, you will also need to nonchalantly volunteer your webpage as the spare page for the link. Now, this is a win-win situation for the owner. They will enhance their SEO by fixing a broken link and don’t even need to do much thinking to find an appropriate standby because you did all the work for them!


Using each of these link-building strategies in conjunction, you will be able to design a robust link-building crusade. It will always have a positive effect on any Google update.

By understanding the achievements of Google, you can better understand the golden rules of link building, and therefore will never have to worry about getting blacklisted or receiving a penalty from Google.

Lastly, this list of strategies is by no means comprehensive, and there are plenty of techniques we left out because they aren’t future-proofed. Nevertheless, you’re in good hands!

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