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Twitch Adblock Not Working

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For a variety of reasons, Twitch AdBlock may not be working for you. Many Twitch users claim that AdBlock doesn’t work on the platform. Let’s have a look at why.

Why Does Twitch AdBlock Not Work?

It’s conceivable that you’re using an old version of AdBlock in your browser. A web browser player or Chrome’s Network Service could also be at blame. There could be a conflict with another addon or a problem with your browser. Even AdBlock’s own filters, if not configured properly, can cause it to fail on Twitch.

A browser extension capable of blocking advertisements is a type of software that affects how advertising is displayed when you use an app or a web browser.
Adblock for Twitch might not be able to prevent an ad that Twitch inserts right into the stream.
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Reasons Of Twitch AdBlock Not Work

  1. AdBlock is an older version of AdBlock.
  2. Incorrect AdBlock configurations
  3. AdBlock collide
  4. s with another browser extension, and AdBlock’s Twitch filters aren’t set up correctly.
  5. Chrome’s settings aren’t right…

How To Make Twitch Adblock Work Again.

Modify AdBlock’s settings

Although AdBlock can begin blocking ads immediately after installation, Twitch advertisements may require a different setup. You’ll have to toggle it to activate it because it’s disabled by default.

  1. In Chrome, look for the AdBlock icon in the address bar.
  2. To access AdBlock settings, select it, then select the gear icon.
  3. Deselect “Allow Acceptable Ads” in the general options section.

By restarting Chrome, you can see if the solution works.
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Adblock Plus should be updated.

If you don’t update your extensions on a regular basis, you can run into problems.
Check to check whether you’re running an old version of AdBlock that won’t block Twitch advertisements.
Here’s how to go about it:

  • In the address bar of Chrome, type “chrome:/extensions.”
  • Under “Chrome Extensions,” toggle “Developer Mode” to “On.”
  • Then click ‘Update’ to update all of your Chrome extensions.
  • Check whether it worked by restarting your browser and then Twitch.

If not, there are a number of other choices to think about.

Change Chrome Preferences

AdBlock may be unable to connect to Chrome’s network service. Do the following to see whether this is the issue: In the address bar of Chrome, type “chrome:/flags.” Type ‘Network Service’ in the search flags box, then uncheck ‘Data reduction proxy with network service’ and ‘Runs network service in-process.’

After you’ve saved your changes, restart Chrome.

Alternate Twitch is a good option.

This extension was previously known as Tv Player Twitch 5. The majority of ads may be deleted from live streaming, and the settings can be adjusted to fit your internet connection. This player allows you to watch the broadcast using another player, such as VLC Media Player or Media Player Classic.
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Utilize the Android App

Twitch’s Android app is worth checking out.
On your computer, you may alternatively install BlueStacks or another Android emulator.
When you see an ad on Twitch for Android (or the emulator), click ‘learn more,’ then quickly click the back button to skip the ad.

Best 5 Twitch Adblock

A VPN service, in our opinion, is the greatest option to avoid ads on Twitch, so read on for more information. As a result, we’d like to provide as much information as possible on adblocking on Twitch. That’s why we’ve included a section on the best ad-blocking extensions for Firefox and Chrome. The following ad-blockers are commonly regarded as the best for blocking advertisements on Twitch:

1. TTV Laughter

TTV LOL is a popular Twitch ad-blocker that many Reddit users endorse. It’s available for both Firefox and Chrome. The ad-blocker has received over 30,000 downloads and has a rating of 4.2 stars in the Chrome store.
It claims to block Livestream advertisements while maintaining video quality and avoiding the purple screen of death. A dependable ad-blocker that, for the time being, appears to be working flawlessly, and which I can highly recommend to any Twitch user.

2. Ad-blocking Purple

Another ad block that is currently suggested for Twitch users is Purple Ad-block. It’s available for Chrome and Firefox, or you can grab the source code from Github. This ad-blocker works by using Twitch’s M3U8 playlist files to create a server-side signature that allows videos to play without adverts. It only works on the official Twitch website, so don’t waste your time trying it on other sites.

3. Twitch video ad-block

Another popular ad-blocker for Twitch is Video Ad-Block for Twitch, which is meant to block annoying adverts on your favorite streaming service. It works by temporarily substituting advertising with a low-quality stream (between 1080p and 480p) before switching back to the high-quality stream (when the ad is over).
It’s compatible with Chrome and Firefox.

4. TTV AdEraser is number four.

This adblocker promises to improve your twitch experience by adding new features (such as hovering over channel icons to preview a stream). It works by using a custom embedded player to play Twitch videos. Users on Reddit had begun to question that this ad-blocker would be able to handle the purple screen mistake.
However, V1.2 has been released, and the developer claims that it will fix the purple screen issue.

However, some users allege that the purple screen appears for a brief moment before being provided a low-quality stream for the duration of the advertisement, which some users may find unpleasant. It’s compatible with both Chrome and Firefox (with a manual install).

5. Use uBlock Origin to block advertisements on Twitch.

Using a script-blocking add-on like uBlock Origin is another approach to stop advertisements on Twitch. The notify reload function is the most common and successful method currently employed by Twitch viewers. It works by sending a notification to Twitch that adverts have been watched and then reloading the stream. This lowers the frequency of pre-roll ads, but you’ll still have to wait for it to cycle through 3–10 ads worth of reloading notifications, which can take a while. Adding a custom script to uBlock Origin is admittedly more difficult than simply running an ad-blocker. If you do want to attempt this way, the custom code is available on Github, so all you have to do is copy it into the dashboard under my filters to use the config, and make the necessary changes.

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