Top 12 iOS 16 Features And Enhancement In 2023

In iOS 16, Apple introduced terrific updates, and settings

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In iOS 16, Apple introduced terrific updates, and settings are hidden beneath all the notable iOS 16. A few of them are pretty prominent that people love a lot, such as Lock screen modification, Customized widgets, notification settings, the option to delete emails and texts, and much more that we’ll discuss later in detail. Moreover, iOS 16 Features are essential, and you should pay attention to entirely using your iPhone.

These tips can even make your regular iPhone use more entertaining and productive. They are equally impressive as the well-known ones. In detail, I’ll go over the most useful iOS 16 features, such as password-protected photo albums and readily available Wi-Fi passwords. And while you’re here, review the Key new iOS 16 features you’ll adore and a few you might detest.

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Top 12 iOS 16 Features And Enhancement

01. iOS 16 Lock Screen

If we talk about what’s new in iOS 16, the first thing came to mind is its lock screen. Everyone loves to make mobile screens attractive as per choice. This customization was not possible in prior iOS versions, and it’s an overhaul feature in iOS 16. To check the different screen looks, swipe and press the down button to change the lock screen. You can browse a collection of several possibilities, each with a distinctive backdrop, a stylized depiction of the date and time, and details you can see quickly for ideas on how to make the Lock.

Customize lock screen options are

  • You can switch the lock screen by just touching and holding for a while and then swipe
  • Color, font style, font size anything you can customize as per your choice
  • Customize the stylish design of short and long date
  • You can also suggest or choose any photo from the gallery, which can be shown in front of time.
  • Beautiful lock screen themes are available that can be customized too
  • Now you can operate your live activities from your lock screen
  • Widget Kit Api helps you to choose the different widgets for the lock screen
  • At the Newly designed lock screen, you can see notifications. Moreover, notification animations and notification summary can be seen on your lock screen.
  • In iOS 16, Apple introduced the focus options such as a photo- or data-rich Lock Screen while utilizing the Personal Focus. To make the topic of the shot stand out, the time is dynamically displayed in front of the photo.

02. iCloud Library For Photos

The users can share iCloud photo libraries with up to five other users. Share all of your old pictures, or utilize features to plan up contributions of particular pictures based on people or starting dates. You can manually submit photographs or use clever features to make sharing simple, such as a switch in the Camera, Bluetooth proximity-based sharing, and sharing recommendations in the For You section. The ability to add, edit, favorite, caption, and delete is shared by all users. Enjoy shared pictures in the Photos widget, Featured Pictures, and Memories.

03. iOS 16 Feature: Messages

This is an incredible feature introduced in iOS 16. The users can edit the sent message within 15 minutes. It’s pretty awesome to rectify your mistake and avoid any misunderstanding. However, the edited message will be visible to the recipients. This is an incredible feature introduced in iOS 16. The users can edit the sent message within 15 minutes. It’s incredible to rectify your mistake and avoid any misunderstanding. However, the edited message will be visible to the recipients.
Beyond this, You can delete any message within two minutes of sending it. In iOS 16, other messages enhancements are:

  1. You can mark any vital message as unread for the later moments
  2. The users can recover deleted messages, even a month-old message
  3. Shareplay via message features enables you to send any multimedia message to another friend.
  4. When someone sends you a multimedia message, but you’re busy at the moment, you can easily find it the next time you open the app by looking in the Shared with You section built-in into their apps.
  5. Everyone on the thread will automatically be added to the document, spreadsheet, or project when you invite them to contribute via Messages. Compatible with third-party programs in addition to Files, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Notes, Reminders, and Safari. You may see activity updates at the top of the Messages thread whenever someone adjusts. To return to the shared project, tap the updates.

04. Mail

Mail is a vital component of communication in official terms. A correct email is an intro to your company. In iOS 16, you can correct typing errors and use synonyms for your search phrases. These two vital elements improve your results. From the minute you start searching for email messages, you will see a richer view of shared material and more. Let’s look what are the features included in the mail facility:

  1. The sender will receive a notification if he misses the critical message or forgets to make the attachment.
  2. For instance, if you mistakenly send a mail to the wrong person or any other reason you want to delete the mail, you can do it quickly. But the condition is you can do it before the mail receipt to the recipient.
  3. You can also schedule your email for a later time. Moreover, you can also set a specific time for the mail by using remind me feature.
  4. BMI Support: You can quickly recognize authenticated email messages with verified brand iconography with BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification).

05. Safari

Safari only allows 500 open tabs, so it could be challenging to locate the precise tab you’re looking for if you’re getting close to that number. Although you may scroll indefinitely, there is now a quicker method to get the precise tab you need. Pressing down on an open Safari tab allows you to select Pin Tab. This will pin that tab to the top of Safari, where it will always be visible as a tiny tab preview that you may tap to view. A tab will move to the top of your grid of open tabs if you hold down the mouse button and unpin it. et’s look what are the features included in the Safari facility:

  1. Share Tab Groups
  2. Customize Pinned Tab Groups
  3. API New Webextentions
  4. Synchronization of website setting
  5. Additional web technology support with the page image
  6. The user can add languages
  7. Wifi passwords recommendation by Safari to protect you from any cyber attack.

06. Apple Wallet

One thing that is on the tip of everyone is the digital wallet. Instead of using hard cash, many of us prefer to use online applications or digital wallets. Security and privacy is the main thing that requires much more attention. For the sake of more security and privacy, apple introduced the features of the Wallet app that will also support ID cards from more states. Additionally, you can protect or hide your identity and age. The wallet will not show your name and age if you’re 21+ using iOS 16.

In iOS 16, the different app keys keep simple and easy. It’s simple and user-friendly; even if your friend wants to add a key to your iPhone’s Wallet app, they can do it after they receive it. Apple is striving to establish shared keys as a free industry standard.

Moreover, through Apple Pay Later, you can pay the amount in four equal installments: interest and penalty-free for six weeks. Apple Pay will support this new payment feature. Further, The Wallet app helps you to schedule your payment future payments.

Apple moves one step forward than that now. You can track Apple Pay orders. Being a retailer, you must be thankful for this new feature that enables you to send the proper receipts and also help you to track the payments.

07. Car Play

For a seamless experience, the newest iteration of CarPlay integrates all of the screens used by the driver.
Deep contact with the vehicle’s systems enables radio and HVAC management and driving information on instrument cluster displays. Every vehicle can use this updated version of CarPlay, which supports various screen sizes and configurations. Drivers may now customize their gauge cluster look with brand-specific options thanks to new levels of personalization.

There are apps for driving and refueling in CarPlay. Your preferred applications for gas station assistance, route information, toll support, towing assistance, and other services can live in CarPlay. When sending messages, skip the confirmation stage. While using CarPlay, you can activate this option in the Siri settings.

08. Security And Privacy

The latest iOS 16 features, the security updates protect against cyber attacks on phones. It severely reduces the attack surface that might be used by highly targeted mercenary malware by strengthening your device’s defenses and rigorously limiting some functions.

Install these important security updates for your phone as soon as possible. These enhancements can be automatically implemented in-between regular programme upgrades on compatible iPhone models. Moreover, in the compatible iPhone models, Face ID functions also operate.

People experiencing domestic or intimate partner violence can rapidly reset the access they’ve allowed to others, thanks to this new feature in Settings. It also makes it easier to control who and which apps have access. Direct video streaming from non-AirPlay-compatible devices is possible without permission for Bluetooth or local network access.

09. Home Design

A newly designed Home app simplifies navigating, arranging, seeing, and managing your accessories. The performance, efficiency, and dependability of your smart home are improved through changes that give an exceptional experience to users.

10. iCloud Plus

You can buy a new domain, share your custom domain with your friends circle or any other sharing group, or activate catch-all aliases directly from the iCloud Mail settings. You can hide your private email address by hide my email application. Thankful for this app, which is directly incorporated into QuickType keyboard recommendations.

11. Latest Keyboard Update

Users can now enter Cantonese words and phrases using Jyutping and other phonetic techniques. What’s new in keyboard setting, is mentionning below:

  • Three new languages are now supported by autocorrect: Kazakh, English (South Africa), and English (New Zealand).
  • Shuangpin users now have access to a new layout named Changyong.
  • New emojis and keyboard is available in different languages. You can use these keyboard as per your native language or any other language you want to write.
  • Many exciting stickers and memoji in different languages are also included in latest updates with exciting features like hairs, comlection, moods and etc.

12. Apple Accessories, Accessibility And Compatebility

Apple Watch

In the iOS 16 features, it is most prominent feature that You can connect your apple watch quite easily with your iPhone. To enjoy the full functionality of the Apple Watch, use Switch Control, Voice Control, or any other assistive functions on your iPhone to fully control it.

Siri Accessible Features

  • You may end a call fully hands-free through Siri. Say, “Hey Siri, hang up” (participants on the call will hear you). This function can be made available in Settings.
  • The user can change the time Siri waits for you to complete speaking before answering your questions.
  • With Siri, users can enable or disable auto-answer for phone and FaceTime calls if he wants.

Health App Accessibility

  • You can add your weight such as audio grams into the health app available in  iPhone

Auto Deduction Mode

  • You can get detailed descriptions of your surroundings in a new Magnifier mode that includes Door Detection, human voice Detection, and Image Descriptions.
  • You can adjust auto deduction voice in your iPhone from surroundings, such as the precise ring of your doorbell, the beeping sound of a kitchen appliance, and more.




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