Top 10 Best MAC Apps Uninstaller To Remove Apps In 2021

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Installing and downloading Mac apps uninstaller is a basic process. However, removing them with their accompanying files is often impossible. One of the most widely used methods of removing a Mac programme is to simply move it to the trash. However, this process does not clean out all the files and data that gets installed when set up. Since you can’t delete the programme fully, you’ll never be able to reclaim the large amount of space that these junk files occupy.

However, rest assured that you will find the most ideal and effective answers to your tech-related issues at guidbits. Our Top 10 Easy-to-Use App Uninstallers for Mac list is meant to assist you in deleting many applications at once, and will also help you remove any files related to the programme.

Popular Mac Apps Uninstaller to Delete Applications (2021)

Every programme on the list boasts robust functionality, which means they can be employed for diverse applications. However, if you would rather not read the entire post and instead need our recommendation, then you should choose Clean. It is a Mac-exclusive tool that includes a variety of tools to keep your computer clean.
One such function is its powerful uninstaller module, which enables users remove Mac apps uninstaller in a few clicks. You may also delete unnecessary, big files, malware infestations, and other clutter to keep your Mac running smoothly.

The Best Mac Apps Uninstaller For 2021

We’ve tried over 20 different removal programmes for Mac and put together a quick assessment of the best five tools that are worth your consideration. To completely remove Mac programmes, try these best MAC Apps uninstaller.

1. Advanced Uninstall Manager

The latest version is 1.15. Advanced Uninstall Manager is a simple-to-use utility for Mac OS X that can help you eliminate undesirable programmes. There’s no need to go through the process of manually gathering application files if you use Advanced Uninstall Manager. Just drag and drop the application and it will automatically gather all the necessary files.

When you’re finished using the application, it’s simple to erase the application and app cache files from your Mac. You’ll also see a record of prior applications that have been eliminated to keep track of the progress.
If you want to keep an important programme from being deleted, put it in the Favorite Apps area and protect it with the action.


  1. The budget-friendly nature of the application is advantageous.
  2. Keep the login items under control.
  3. Sends notifications whenever applications are uninstalled.
  4. Avoid accidentally removing your secure apps.

2. Macbooster 8

Mac Cleaner, Uninstaller, Startup Manager, and Privacy Protector all in one. Newest Release: 8.0.5

The name Macbooster 8 implies that it is a Mac cleaning application that comes equipped with strong features to help improve performance. A core set of options to optimise and tune up your Mac to function at optimal levels.
Macbooster 8 is a Mac utility that is efficient in uninstalling programmes, cleaning the system, and optimising boot times. Using its Uninstaller tool, you can easily search through all the apps on your system and remove the ones you don’t want.
You may also manage login items, erase huge files, garbage files, and eliminate duplicates to regain disc space on your Mac. It can also be used to prevent Macs from being tracked and scanned for viruses by clearing off browser privacy information and conducting scans.


  • Effective smart Mac applications.
  • App removal software
  • Maintains the login items.
  • Keeps viruses at bay.

3. CleanMyMac X Unique Selling Proposition

Many modules to remove useless apps, caches, logs, duplicates, and more. Most recent version: 4.6.5. CleanMyMac has established itself as a well-known and reliable software in the industry for years. It has most certainly become a key player in the market, providing excellent and functional utilities, which are mostly for Mac and completely purges the system of all files that belong to deleted programmes. It provides both paid and free removal service. You can enhance your Mac and prevent online attacks with the premium version.


  1. Has a Duplicate Finder,
  2. Keeps your Mac’s safety secure with added features.

4. Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller

Another Mac apps uninstaller to use is App Cleaner & Uninstaller, which helps people remove unwanted applications safely and efficiently. In addition, it is able to erase caches, app support files, and preference files to recover a large quantity of disc space. Removing unnecessary service files and resetting programmes back to their original settings is also possible with a Mac uninstaller app.


  1. Removes remains from uninstalled programmes from previously deleted applications.
  2. Helps you to manage extensions for browsers.
  3. Easy-to-use interface
  4. Uninstall screensavers, plugins, and widgets.

5. AppZapper

Macs have natural ways of doing things, and AppZapper takes use of that with its drag-and-drop features. It can uninstall apps and their support files at the same time. The simple drag-and-drop of unneeded apps into AppZapper will discover all the associated files and allows you to uninstall them all at once. This is not the only tool that comes with this application uninstaller. It is equipped with a Hit List feature, which enables you to browse your Mac’s installed applications.


  1. Simple, intuitive design
  2. To delete Mac apps, drag them to the trash.
  3. Can help you keep track of your bought apps.

6. IObit MacBooster 8

IObit MacBooster 8 is a one-stop solution to make your Mac run quicker and smoother. With over 20 cleaning functions, it is a dependable programme to clean over 20 different file kinds. On top of this, MacBooster delivers a wide range of antivirus software solutions to keep your Mac secure against new and old viruses, malware, and other online threats. This collection of advance functionality is contain in a streamlined user interface to ensure a seamless experience for the user.


  1. Enhance Mac processing power instantly
  2. Affordable Mac app uninstall tool
  3. Through overall cleansing, including relevant files
  4. Fully covers details about app deletion.

7. CCleaner

A Mac cleaning utility that is both popular and reliable, which delivers plenty of optimization benefits.

Update: 5.68.780.

Even though CCleaner’s tainted security past can cause you to question the program’s efficacy, the Mac Cleaning Program has received mostly excellent evaluations to help clean up and speed up your Mac. Multiple modules are available to uninstall software, adjust startup items, remove duplicate files and clean a complete system.
Free and paid versions of CCleaner are available. You get faster operation and more useful tools with the free version of MacKeeper, but the subscription edition offers real-time monitoring, among other features.


  1. Free up Mac’s hard drive by automatically deleting unwanted information.
  2. The multiple forms of anti-malware
  3. Mac OS X’s most trusted computer hygiene programme.
  4. The premium price is in line with the price of similar software.

8. AppDelete

Free Mac Uninstaller to delete unnecessary apps, widgets, preferences, panes, plugins, etc.

The most recent version is 3.2.9.

Mac application AppDelete is a great way to remove apps. It also features an uninstaller for Mac which can be used to uninstall widgets, preference windows, plugins, and screensavers. It also helps you keep space and avoid future problems by removing the residual files of apps that have been deleted. AppDelete’s sophisticated algorithm gets your work done in no time thanks to the quick retrieval of files.


  1. Cheap Mac ɃišϺ ɡelɑmɪlər
  2. It is possible to remove programmes and save them to a Zip file.
  3. Innovative search filters that allow users to rapidly find apps
  4. Push the empty trash button to discard items that are stuck.

9. TrashMe

USP: This software is the fastest drag and drop uninstaller on the Mac market.

The latest release is version 2.1.21.

For Mac users looking to uninstall programmes, Trash Me is a great alternative to consider. The application can purge Macs of programmes, their invisible files, temporary files, caches, and preferences, reclaiming storage in few moments. The app uninstaller makes cleanup easy if you need to throw out apps. When your Trash bin is full, the app tells you, and you can empty it by tapping the notification.


  1. Smart Detection to detect and remove application and traces
  2. Drag and drop software for instant file removal
  3. Discover system problems
  4. You have a lot of free room to make use of.

10. Osx Uninstaller application

USP: a simple user interface with clear on-screen instructions to assist users in removing applications.

The latest release is It is our duty to notice the inclusion of Osx Uninstaller on our list of Best Mac Uninstallers. The MAC apps uninstaller has a convenient layout, with a simple interface and straightforward buttons. Its single scan system scan searches all of the system’s components and lists all the files associated to each application. You may eliminate default system apps and third-party software with Osx Uninstaller without any problems.


  1. The gadget provides on-screen guidance.
  2. Speediest Mac application remover delivers the Force
  3. Don’t include the option to refuse to run an app.

Frequently Ask Questions

Which is the best Mac apps uninstaller?

The following programmes are the best to Mac apps uninstaller. Take them for a spin and delete unnecessary programmes and their associated files with zero hassle. Getting rid of huge, unnecessary, and underused programmes on your Mac will result in a significant amount of extra storage space and an overall increase in the performance of your device. After analysing a number of Mac uninstallation software options, we have determined that Advanced Uninstall Manager is the most user-friendly option. Not only does it help you uninstall applications on Mac, but it also deletes associated files. The additional modules are great for boosting and improving Mac performance, as you may change the login stuff.

Are Mac App Remover and other Mac Apps uninstaller safe?

Using the best Mac apps uninstaller for Mac guarantees safe removal of apps. You could get into trouble if you do this manually since you might wind up removing the wrong files. To this end, we recommend that you utilise Macbooster 8, the greatest uninstaller tool for Mac OS. Not only does it cleanly delete the application, but it also keeps your Mac secure by erasing any privacy traces.

How can I remove an application from my Mac completely?

Utilizing the top Mac uninstaller, you can rapidly get an application entirely uninstalled. The programme also destroys the associated files of the removed programme. It can become a frustrating task if you do it by hand. Thus, we recommend using the best Mac app uninstaller to achieve optimal results.

How can I completely uninstall programmes on Mac?

To truly remove the software, you’ll need to eliminate every piece of support data for the application. Advanced Uninstaller for Mac is the greatest uninstaller, as it not only uninstalls programmes, but also deletes any files associated with the software. The following tool is user-friendly and will deliver a method to remove unused applications on Mac fully.

What do you need to know about choosing a best Mac uninstaller ?

It’s important to have a checklist of tasks when looking for a Mac uninstaller. It should be intuitive, thus the tools and functions should be obvious. It also makes it very easy to uninstall programmes totally from your Mac.
The best uninstaller for Mac should provide a streamlined removing experience, allowing you to easily remove applications. For a software uninstaller, we’d recommend Advanced Uninstall Manager because it’s the best in the business.

And, what about a free Mac uninstaller?

If you are in the market for a free Mac uninstaller application, AppDelete is one choice. It is a free Mac app remover that allows you remove software without expense. An alternative to the trial version of the Mac cleanup programme CleanMyMac is to use the full version to delete two programmes for free.

Concluding Remarks On Mac Apps Uninstaller

Advanced Uninstaller for Mac offers a top-notch uninstaller and wins our recommendation as the finest choice for Mac OS X.

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