The Many Benefits of Custom Rigid Packaging

If it comes right down to custom rigid packaging, the list of customer benefits is infinite. From versatility to stackability, billboard effect, and retailer appeal, wholesale rigid boxes tick nearly all the boxes. It also meets the guiding principle for lifecycle accountability. And let’s not forget the sustainability factor as the paperboard-based packaging enables the organizations to reduce their carbon footprint.

Owing to these features, retailers and product manufacturers are equally interested in utilizing custom rigid boxes to enclose and ship their products. However, if you are still worried about whether or not paperboard-based packaging is the way to go, then here we have shed light on some unique benefits of custom rigid packaging.

Great Presentation

Custom rigid boxes give manufacturers and brand owners the capability to develop their favorite packaging in various structures. Rigid box manufacturers USA can tailor them as per your need and create a strong visual appeal that will lure the customers in the retail aisles. With high-resolution graphics, special add-ons, and two-sided print, you can further strengthen brand messaging.
It will drastically improve the appeal and enhance the potential for sales. The study suggests that customers are more inclined towards carton-like packages than other types of packaging. So, don’t hesitate to invest in quality rigid boxes.

Consumer Friendly

Custom rigid packaging also offers a wide array of benefits to consumers. Among these benefits, the most predominant one is the billboard effect of the packaging. The rigid boxes are easy to spot and comprehend amidst hundreds of retail products. These boxes can also be developed in a number of easy-to-open and re-close designs. And to serve the increasing number of environmentally-conscious buyers, paperboard-based rigid boxes prove to be a terrific alternative that is super easy to recycle. This means your prospective consumers won’t have to deal with excessive packaging waste.

Retailer Friendly

Both retailers and product manufacturers can also greatly benefit from wholesale rigid boxes. Since the ideal packaging can be easily stacked, stored, and viewed from a distance. With the use of paperboard, it becomes more space-efficient and easier to break down and recycle. On the other hand, the extensive printable area can be utilized efficiently to convey your message to the customers that will encourage them to make the purchase as buying decisions are often made in a split of a second.

Environmentally Friendly

When it comes to recycling statistics, paperboard-based custom rigid packaging charts the course—most resources, when extracted to produce a product, cannot be replaced. However, the wood fiber that is used to produce paperboard can be easily replaced. For example, trees that are cut down for paper can be re-planted. As per the American Forest & Paper Association, landowners who provide over 90% of the wood harvested in the United States plant nearly four million trees a day.
Moreover, these privately harvested forests are managed responsibly for the greater good of the environment. Study shows that the forest products industry produces more renewable energy than any other sectors in the US. Simultaneously, 90% of the water utilized in paper manufacturing is made reusable after treatment. The remaining water is consumed during the evaporation process.
Sustainability is defined as a way to meet your needs by avoiding the depletion of future generations’ natural resources to meet their needs. Custom rigid boxes make an excellent sustainable packaging solution


As a product manufacturer, your encasings should be in direct line of contact with the buyer. You need to sway them in a few milliseconds to focus on your product and throw them in their cart. Other marketing efforts will also play a role in the process. However, your packaging solution is still the key to your retail success, so play close heed to it.

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