The Best RO And UV Water Purifiers In 2020 And Is It Safe To Drink RO And UV Water?

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It is very common concerned about your family’s safety. Providing safe drinking water to your family is the initial step to keep your family from harmful diseases. As we are aware that healthcare is costly, it is our responsibility to pay a particular concentration to the quality of drinking water. By drinking impure water, it could affect your immune system. About 90 percent of the diseases are waterborne. Therefore, people are getting more aware of the importance of having the Best RO and UV water purifier so as to avoid such a problem you need the best RO and UV water purifier. Before buying the best RO purifier, there are a number of things you need to know.

Why Do We Need A Water Purifier?

At the present time water may contain contaminants and undesired chemical impurities these contaminants include harmful microscopic organisms and bacteria that can cause serious illness. These contaminants can change the color of water, smell, and in order to overcome all these contaminants in water purifiers is used. Purifier helps in removing these impurities and makes the water safe to drink, and it also changes the taste of water.

The thing you need to know before buying the best RO and UV purifier

Good health of your family is the factor that you need to consider while choosing the best water purifier system. Just buying an expensive water purifier doesn’t mean you always get the best water; there are so many factors you need to consider, such as storage capacity, purification capacity, and purification technology. In addition, you also need to check the customer’s service and certificate received to ensure that you are buying a worth full product.

Different Type of Purification process

The purification process is capable of removing particular type contaminants. Basically, there are three types of water purification systems.

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO water purifier)

  • UV water purification

  • Ultrafiltration process (UF water purifier)

The next step would be to pick the best RO purifier, and it could be either electric or nonelectric. UV water purifiers required electricity as well as running water, but it doesn’t convert hard water to soft water, and it removes all the germs. RO water purifiers lacked power and running water too, and it turns hard water to soft water. The RO removes all the bacteria, viruses, and other chemical contaminants.

RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultraviolet), and UF (Ultra Filtration)

It all depends on the water supply at your home, if water supply at your home is hard then we recommend opting for Kent RO service. It isn’t hard then RO water is not required. Go for a UV water purifier if the sky contamination is high. If the water has both, then you need to purchase a RO+UV water purifier.

  • The RO system needs electricity to function, and it can remove out all the dissolved solids in the water

  • The UV water purifier also require power to function

  • The UF (Ultrafiltration) can work without using electricity; therefore, it totally removes all the bacteria, impurities, and other types of microorganisms present in the water.

Some best RO UV water purifier

There is a multitude of water purifiers available in the market which utilize UV, UF, RO, and TDS technology. In exchange, you have lots of option so it’s very challenging since you don’t know which one would suit you. Basically, all the brands use a water filter for the same technology, but they tend to minor manufactured changes when it comes to design and features.

Before buying an RO UV water purifier for your home

Currently, there are a number of water purifier available in the market, and all water purifiers have own USPs, and all water purifiers claim to provide the best water purifier, so choosing the best water purifier should be based on the water quality, primarily.

Best Gravity Based Water Purifier

Gravity based water purifier uses the force of gravity to purify water. It doesn’t require any electricity or running water to clean water. In this water passes through one membrane to another, the visible dirt and pollutants are removed. Activated carbon eliminates bacteria and other impurities and making the water drinkable.

Benefits of Gravity Based water purifier: If you don’t have time to set up RO, then you should go for a gravity-based purifier.

Here we are talking about the best RO and UV water purifier, but the main question is RO and UV water is safe to drink?

RO and UV tends to filter about 99% of natural molecules, bacteria, salts, and other harmful particles, when you drink a glass of water from RO purifier then you are drinking water in its purest form as it passes through membrane during the process, on the other hand, you are getting spotless water without impurities. Yes definitely, RO and UV water is 100% safe to drink. But there are some water purifiers in the market which purify water and also remove the essential water nutrients, minerals, salt. So always buy the best RO and UV water purifier.

The best RO and UV water purifier in India

  1. Kent Grand Water Purifier

  2. Eureka Forbes-aqua sure Smart water purifier

  3. Havells max eight water purifier

  4. Aqua guard crystal plus UV water purifier

  5. Blue star Aristo water purifier

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