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Smartphones and tablets have become an integral component of daily life in the current day. We obtain critical information, knowledge, and intriguing content as a result of these technologies. This is one of the reasons why mobile games have grown in popularity. You can even use the touchscreen to play contemporary AAA titles. Here are some best mobile games to pass the time on the metro.

Top 8 Best Mobile Games

Best Mobile Game: Angry Birds

Due to its simple gameplay and attractive graphics, this arcade game has become the best mobile games. The plot’s central theme is the necessity to eradicate all green pigs that pose a threat to the birds. You have a team of vibrant feathered family members ready to soar into a throng of foes and deal maximum damage. Your objective is to determine the trajectory and strength of each bird’s flight.

This game is perfect for individuals on the subway, bus, or train. By the way, there is no reason why you cannot play Angry Birds at home. If you are a student, however, you can read dozens of student reviews of unemployed professors on and choose a reputable academic helper. Then you can proceed through a few more stages without being distracted from the gameplay.

Doodle Jump

The primary aspect of arcade games is their near-limitless playtime. All that is required is agility and quickness of reaction. For instance, Doodle Jump is a game in which you control a character that is always jumping. Your objective is to navigate around obstacles and land on platforms from which you can launch yourself. The game will terminate if you fall. As you can see, understanding the regulations is as simple as locating a reputable writing service. All you need is a little time and a drive to succeed.

Fruit Ninja

Even though this game is relatively ancient, the gameplay and levels remain popular with a large number of gamers. Fruit Ninja, on the other hand, challenges users to cut fruits and veggies while avoiding explosives and other hazards. Simply slide your fingers across the screen to cut through all the pieces. The gameplay is quite fast-paced and difficult by a large number of things on-screen. If you are intelligent enough, you will have no difficulty with this arcade game.

Sonic Jump Fever

Most likely, you’re familiar with a character similar to Sonic. This blue hedgehog is incredibly fast. At each level, players must conquer obstacles and gather cash and bonuses. The gameplay is enjoyable enough that you can lose track of time for a couple of hours while oblivious to what is going on around you. The game’s attractive graphics and optimized performance show that it is accessible to the majority of smartphone consumers.


What could be more enjoyable than building your own house, gardening, or excavating a cave? Minecraft is a well-known open-world sandbox game in which players can gather materials, battle monsters, and explore new regions. Forget the plot, the rules, and the constraints. Now you may incorporate all of your concepts into a single game. All that is required is a smartphone and some spare time. Now, the metro commute will appear less lengthy and exhausting.

Call of Duty: Mobile

The majority of modern players have at least heard of Call of Duty. As a result, this is an excellent online first-person action game with an abundance of weapons. The shooter’s mobile version features stunning graphics, simple controls, and team combat. On your smartphone, you may now climb the ranks, defeat opponents, and unlock boxes containing new weaponry. The gameplay is so interesting that you’ll need to use the timer to stay on track.

Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile is a third-person action game including a battle royale mode. You are one of 60 people on the map who are engaged in combat. As the playing area steadily shrinks, you must swiftly acquire armor and weapons in order to become the map’s final hero. Battles involving real people, great graphics, and dynamic gameplay are all popular components of the game. Any gamer can sign up for free and begin playing immediately. This is why Pubg has grown in popularity.

GRID Autosport

Not everyone likes violence and combat. What about racing competitions and vehicle customization? GRID Autosport is an excellent arcade racing game for anyone seeking a taste of true speed. The game has been optimized for touch play. Additionally, you may use the built-in accelerometer to do drifting and more exact vehicle control. This game is ideal for passing the time and avoiding boredom on the metro.

Conclusion On Top 8 Best Mobile Games

As you can see, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of the best mobile games available. To pass the time on the train, you can choose from strategy games, simulated shooters, and even racing games. All that is required is one evening and the desire to evaluate a few dozen applications. Almost certainly, you’ll find at least a handful of games that appeal to you. Begin playing immediately and watch your abilities and ability to adjust to increasing difficulties develop. Now the train commute will seem less tedious.

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