Sling TV Reviews 2021 Pricing, Channels, Benefits Features And Accessibility

Sling TV is the first application-based streaming service. It allows subscribers to stream live TV broadcasts and titles over the Internet when needed. It includes lots of packages, channels, price plans, and discounts for you to take advantage of. If you are one of the many people thinking about cutting cable, Sling TV is a great choice providing you with a traditional TV viewing experience and more at a competitive price. And unlike some cable packages, you can cancel at any time. Sling TV offers three packages to choose from, with add-on premium channels and à la carte options to add more channels according to your needs. Easy to use, affordable and flexible, making it a dream knife. Read on to find out more about what Sling TV has to offer.

Sling TV Streaming Service Review 2021

Sling TV is one of the most popular live-streaming services at the cheapest price in the industry. They have abandoned the traditional universal television service model and created a highly adaptive streaming service. Sling TV’s mission is to give users complete control over the shows they watch. In other words, you can forget about paying for unwanted channels, long-term contracts, and extra fees. This move is definitely a popular solution as Sling TV is now proud of its # 1 live position for television streaming service in America. Sling TV is just one of many TV streaming options for people willing to cut the cable in their cable box. But are they right for you?

Sling TV Pricing

The advantage of using Sling TV is its affordability as it is much cheaper than other live-streaming services. It offers three packages: Sling Orange and Sling Blue each for USD 35 or the combined package Sling Orange & Blue for USD 50 per month. With Sling Orange you get more than 30 channels with a stronger focus on sports. The plans mainly cover ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3. You can also get great family-friendly content with Disney Channel and Nick Jr. Sling Blue provides you with 45+ channels, but it is focused more on entertainment and news networks. This package includes Fox News, MSNBC, and NBC. Entertainment fans will enjoy Tru-TV, US, and FX. This package is also aimed at multiple sports fans by providing the NFL Network, Fox Sports 1, and the NBC Sports Network. Confused about which Sling TV streaming package to choose? You can combine the two plans to get options for as much as $50 per month. And if you compare it to other live-streaming platforms like Hulu + Live TV, you can still save money.

Sling TV Channels

  • Sling Orange

The Sling Orange has more than 30 channels. Apart from the number of different channels, the biggest difference between the Sling TV packages is in Disney’s own network (Disney Channel, ESPN, ESPN 2, and ESPN 3) Comes with Sling Orange. Sling TV’s minor downside is that while the Orange package has some great channels, it only allows one stream at a time. Sling Blue lets you watch up to three streams at once, but that’s a lot less than some competitors like AT&T TV. AT&T TV allows up to 20 simultaneous streams at home and up to three streams from home.

From 30 channels on Sling Orange, get live national networks such as A&E, AMC, IFC, Cartoon Network, CNN, Investigation Discovery, Newsy, History Channel, and more.

  • Sling Blue

The Sling Blue has more than 50 channels. Sling Blue offers a variety of other news options such as BBC America, FOX News, MSNBC, and Vice. Even though Sling Blue doesn’t have ESPN, you can still play sports with FOX, FS1, NBC, NFL Network, and TNT. And when it comes to entertainment, you can surf between BET, FX, Tru-TV and Paramount Network, and more. What differentiates the Sling TV channel? Some well-known ones are ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, NFL, and Disney. But there are also well-known local channels in certain markets such as FOX, Uni-Más, and NBC. This article provides more information on how to navigate Sling TV’s local channels.

Sling TV Features

When you register for an account, you get many unique features such as:

  • DVR

Sling TV’s DVR service goes along with the course. You can use it to record and pause live content. However, the recording space is limited compared to other live-streaming services such as YouTube TV and Philo, each of which gives you unlimited recording space. The slings give you access to 50 hours of storage for each plan. You can only add another $5 per month to your storage for up to 200 hours.

  • Simultaneous Flow

This is an important consideration for multi-user households who want to see various things at the same time. With the Sling Orange plan, you only get one stream, whereas with the Sling Blue you get three streams at once. And if you go for the Sling Orange and Blue plan, you get four streams at once.

  • Sports

The Sling Orange & Blue plan includes NFL Network, ESPN, NBC Sports Networks, and Fox Sports One for $50 per month. And Sling TV also offers a Sports Extra package. With Sling Blue, the Extra package includes the Top Ten network, Fox Sports 2, the NFL Red Zone channel, and more for $11 per month. In Sling Orange, you can get ESPN U, NHL, SEC, and more for $11 per month. With Sling Orange & Blue you combine both additional sports packages to get 20 sports channels for USD 15 per month.

Sling TV Accessibility

In terms of accessibility, it features Sling TV with the same heading as the course. Users can customize the appearance of text, borders, backgrounds, and windows, but only on certain platforms (except for grids). You cannot make these changes directly from the playback screen. Instead, you have to go to the Settings tab. I don’t like the subtitle positions for some on-demand shows. The label appears on the screen near the speaker, not in a fixed location, and a few lines deep. This is very disturbing. In the case of a live broadcast, the subtitles are also a few seconds late. Some on-demand services offer advanced features. For example, Apple TV +, Disney +, Netflix, and Prime Video serve up content with audio descriptions or a story about a show on the screen that may not only differ from the dialogue onstage. Audio descriptions are usually only available for on-demand content.

  • Parental Control

Sling TV lets you set parental controls based on content ratings and purchases that I value. However, you cannot use these settings to restrict access to all channels or apply these restrictions to specific viewing profiles. This means that you have to enter a parental control PIN if you want to bypass this setting. In addition to the benefits they can bring to a parental control system, profiles help maintain appropriate recommendations for individual users based on their viewing history.

Final Thoughts:

With all its channels and tons of sports networks, Sling TV will almost certainly have what you want to watch (except HBO or CINEMA). However, packages are a bit of a headache, especially when it affects what you can get in a supplement pack. Trying to give consumers everything they want is a fun goal, but Sling TV needs to work on streamlining the process, so you don’t have to bother.

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