How To Create A Skincare Routine For Your Body?

You have a facial care routine and a morning makeup routine, but are you neglecting the care of your body? Exercise and a healthy diet are very important to get the silhouette you want but do not forget to take care of the extensive skin that covers it.

Most beauty routines focus on the face, but a good beauty routine includes the entire body. Many women think that their beauty routine is something that goes from the neck up. But much of the skin on the rest of the body also needs attention. That faithful and fabulous body has to last a lifetime, so give priority to the care of your entire skin and inner health as well.

Not only does the facial skin need special attention to keep in good condition and free from premature aging, and the dermis of our body also requires proper care. Maintaining beautiful, hydrated and healthy skin is possible with simple daily care and without the need to invest in expensive cosmetic products.

Skincare is also a necessity for your body sculpting, and just as you use a cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer for your face, you should also use skin care products on the skin under your neck.

Shower with lukewarm water

There are those who enjoy a very hot shower, but too high a temperature can produce sensitivity in your skin, dehydrating it and affecting its appearance. It is best to take a shower with warm water and, in the end, give cold water blow to close the pores and stimulate circulation, you will notice the difference.

Don’t get too aggressive

When drying your skin always do it with soft towels and without rubbing aggressively, as this could dry it out or cause small injuries. Dry your skin by gently tapping, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Never forget to moisturize

It is very important to moisturize the skin every day after bathing with a cream suitable for your particular skin type. This habit will help protect the skin by creating a layer that insulates it from external factors, offering hydration and nutrients that provide softness and preventing aesthetic problems such as stretch marks or dryness.

Body creams are also sold according to skin type, with options for oily, normal or very dry dermis. In the case of sensitive skin, it is advisable to purchase products with urea, which significantly improves your health and appearance.

To start choose a soap that provides vitamins and nutrients, this way you will be able to protect your dermis even during washing. Antibacterial or very strong soaps can destroy the layer of natural fat that protects our skin, leaving it sensitive and flushed.

Occasional exfoliation is a must

Approximately every 30 days our skin is renewed by removing dead cells to show off a new layer of skin. But during the time this happens our pores can fill with grease and dirt, also accumulating dead cells that affect their appearance. For this reason, exfoliating the skin of the body is an essential step to make it look much softer and healthier.

This procedure should preferably be done once a week, either with commercial products or with homemade natural scrubs, equally effective and cheaper.

Apply sunscreen no matter the season

If you want to take care of the skin of the body, avoid sunstroke and spots and minimize premature aging, then there is only one way to act: use sunscreen whenever you are going to be exposed to the sun. Not only when you go to the beach but also when you go out for outdoor activities, sports outside the home or when you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Choosing the right protection factor according to your skin type, and using a quality product is essential to keep the body skin properly protected against harmful UV / UVA rays.

Drink enough water

Taking care of the skin of the body requires not only external attention but also internal attention. If you want your skin to look nourished and hydrated, it is essential to drink water daily in sufficient quantities. The recommended thing is always at least 2 liters or 8 glasses a day, however, if you do physical activity, work outdoors or are very active it is important to increase your intake until you offer your body all the liquid it needs.

The correct hydration is reflected in equally hydrated and beautiful skin.

Watch what you eat

In addition, you should not forget to incorporate good vitamins for your skin such as vitamins A, C or E, which provide nutrients and antioxidants necessary to prevent premature aging of the dermis.

Eating a healthy diet is essential to take care of the skin of the body and keep it in good condition, that’s why we recommend eating fruits and vegetables daily, avoiding junk food and fried foods and also controlling other habits that can affect the appearance of your dermis, like smoking or consuming a lot of alcohol.

Burn access calories

The extra fat accumulated in your body not only makes you look bulky but also poses serious health risks. Hypertension and cardiovascular diseases are caused by obesity too.

Exercising, dancing, yoga, gym or a regular sport should be part of your daily routine. Not only is exercise good for maintaining a fabulous figure but it also works wonder for our mental health.

A balanced diet is a must and it detoxifies our bodies from the harmful things that we take in but proper exercise cannot be ignored as it plays a major role in maintaining our health.


Every day our skin faces multiple aggressions; climatic changes, pollution, UV / UVA rays, the use of inappropriate products, among other factors, can make your beauty and softness be compromised. That is why it is important to take care of the skin of the body and keep it properly hydrated by incorporating these habits into your daily routine.

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