Reasons to Prefer iPhone over Android

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Let me begin by way of proclaiming that I really like Android phones. I really like the kind of hardware and infinite software customization options. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and Google Pixel three are particularly compelling for folks that want the sexiest design and maximum compelling digicam, respectively. However, when maximum buddies and own family inquire from me what phone to shop for, I have a tendency to propose iPhones over Android. Be aware that I did not say “iOS over Android.” The purpose to head the Apple direction with the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max isn’t always simply the platform. it is how the software program and hardware complement every other. Which include Macs, the Apple Watch and Apple television — there is an environmental factor at play here. In this article, I’ll tell you those reasons to prefer iPhone over Android.

Reasons to Prefer iPhone over Android

1. Speed

One of the top reasons to prefer iphone over Android is speed. If you’re considering buying a more modern iPhone, realize that the A12 Bionic chip interior beats whatever from the Android camp. As an instance, the iPhone XS beat the Galaxy S10 Plus’ Snapdragon 855 chip in Geekbench four, which measures universal performance. The gap is narrower than it’s been in the past, way to the Snapdragon 855 processor so as to energy this 12 months’s leading Android phones.

We’ve also discovered that the trendy iPhones can transcode video faster in our enhancing check, with the iPhone XS taking just 39 seconds, in comparison to almost 2.5 mins for the Galaxy S10. This pace distinction additionally makes enjoying demanding augmented-reality apps a smoother enjoy.

2. Hardware, Software Integration

Over the years, there may be been plenty of examples of the gain Apple has of proudly owning the whole widget, this means that that there are positive matters that only it may pull off. Or as a minimum pull off properly earlier than all people else. The cutting-edge instance is Face identity, which securely logs you into the iPhone the use of a three-D experiment of your face through a True Depth sensor. Other groups have attempted to replicate Face id, but none have succeeded. Animoji and Memoji are distinctive examples of Apple hardware and software program running seamlessly together. Samsung’s equivalent, AR Emoji, looks like a half-baked attempt through comparison. This cutting edge is among the reasons to prefer iPhone over android

3. Comfortable in Use

Despite all the promises with the aid of Android smartphone makers to streamline their skins, the iPhone stays the easiest cellphone to apply by way of a long way. Some may additionally lament the shortage of exchange inside the look and experience of iOS over time. However, I don’t forget it a plus that it works pretty an awful lot similar to it did way back in 2007. Pick it up, flip it on, touch the app to open. The apple users claim they reason to prefer iPhone over Android is its durability.

Of route, Apple has folded in upgrades over time, together with Siri and manipulate center. With iOS 11, Apple brought the capability to edit live pics, send payments to pals within the Messages app and organize documents through a proper documents app (that is manner past due considering that Android has had files access from the start). And in iOS 12, customers were given Siri Shortcuts and tips, quicker overall performance, organization Facetime and different improvements. Anticipate the improvements to keep with iOS thirteen this autumn.

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4. Customized Operating System Update

That is going to hurt a bit, Android fanboys. As of February 2019, a whopping 83 percent of all iOS devices delivered inside the last four years were the usage of iOS 12, in step with Apple. Google hasn’t even posted adoption rate numbers for today’s Android Pie as of April 2019. And it took about 12 months for the older Android Oreo to get to simply 19 percentage penetration. The problem is this: except for natural Android smartphones like the Pixel 3, the Samsung’s S Series and LG’s of the sector have to soar through more hoops to deliver you the trendy version of Google’s iOS. Plus, smartphone makers normally drag their feet on updating older telephones. The situation is getting better, however, no longer fast enough.

If you personal a well suited iPhone, you can update to the ultra-modern version of iOS at the day it is launched (or close to it, relying on how Apple’s servers get up to the stress). This dynamic isn’t going to trade anytime soon.

5. First Priority for All Apps

Now that both iOS and Android have tens of millions of apps of their stores, the arms race is over, proper? Now not truly. The iPhone continues to be favored by builders because of the release platform of desire for the most up to date new apps.

The Google Play save is just like the Netflix of app stores; it receives the hits, but normally once they see their first run on iOS. A prime example is Fortnight, which took several months to leap from iOS to Android, and even then it became a Samsung unique. Different apps, along with superb Mario Run and the HQ trivia additionally took months to get to Android. The parade of apps that hit the iPhone earlier than Android consists of Monument Valley 2, Affinity picture, and Snap chat. The message is apparent: For folks that do not need to be treated like second-class app residents, the iPhone is still the king.

6. I Phone Pay

Between Android Pay and Samsung Pay, Apple has lots of competitors. However proper now, Apple Pay is the most popular method for making cell bills. It’s additionally useless-simple to apply. All you need to do to apply Apple Pay is to convey your iPhone near the supported charge terminal at the checkout counter after which press your finger in your phone’s touch identification sensor. With the iPhone XS and iPhone XR, you just double faucet the aspect button and then stare at your telephone to apply Face identification. If you’re not that excited by using the use of your phone to pay for stuff at the store, you can attempt some other alternative: iOS supports sending and receiving money from friends and family from inside the Messages app. Yes, there are 0.33-party apps that try this, but with the iPhone, it’s built right in.

iPhone is even rolling out its own credit score card known as Apple Card, which promises to enhance your economic lifestyles by way of making it easy to music what you are spending in which. There is additionally no hidden expenses and everyday coins back rewards.

7. After-Sale Support

If you have a hassle together with your Android smartphone. You may attempt finding a solution on on-line boards or calling your service. But with the iPhone, you could faucet right into a sizable database of beneficial help articles on Apple’s website. Get help through live chat or time table an appointment at an Apple shop Genius Bar.

Apart from the Pixel line, Google doesn’t have this form of direct courting with its clients. For other Android phones. You have to go through your carrier or the smartphone maker, and also you won’t see the equal level of service.

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